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Self Reflection of one's Lifetime.
The fluidity of time in one’s life can be seen, as if it’s either racing away or standing still. Some will see this early on, while others are too consumed by pettiness and won't be notice until decades have passed. Feeling bitter.

In navigating these currents of time, it will lead many of us to our destiny or fate, good or bad, as it intersects across the path of many other’s time current.

Destiny and fate is in our hands if we are paying attention, making the wise decisions, we as humans need to make.

Time is fluid as it rolls across the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millennium’s and eons.

For we are just a blip in the cosmic sense of time within the universe.

Time has a life of its own and will wait for no one, in which time has its own schedule of moving with the currents, being impervious to all living things.

Enjoy your moments of time. For as those moments pass and you're not being attentive to that passage of time; You'll find yourself looking back and wondering in bewilderment, of what happened to the time that has passed by you, which is now forever lost.

You can never reclaim or dwell on the time that has passed or been lost. For you will deprive yourself of the future and the fluidity of time within one’s life will rage forward at an ever more alarming rate, leaving you in its wake.
Do not fear time but embrace it, for it’s all you’ll have to keep track of your life’s accomplishments or failures. Learning from both or neither.

If not, you’ll be swallowed within time being forever forgotten.

Take each moment as it comes and embrace it as if it were your last.
Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come. Live in the present with a fullness of life which was given to us as a gift. You will not receive another one, that which we call life.

The fluidity of time will follow its current, until time finally stops.


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