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by Paul
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Purely simple words. This was writtten when I was still in my 8th grade in JHS.
There was once a girl,
Searching for a guy that could be her pearl.
She searched and searched until one day,
She saw 'him' right away.
There was the guy standing infront of her-
So she never lose any chance but stare.
The guy was then never knew,
That the girl's feelings for him was never low.
Months passed and the girl tried to make a move,
So her feelings for the guy will be proved.
She started a conversation with him using chat,
But it never lasted, yeah, just like that.

After for about years,
Her feelings can't be measured just like tears.
She fell for the guy more deeply,
And never minded the result of it she's now crazy-
Yeah, so crazy inlove for the guy,
That when she saw him feels like she's in high sky fly.
She's just contented admiring from afar,
Coz she knows she has no chance even in war.
For the guy likes other girl,
He has his own precious pearl.
That is why the girl now has lost its spirit,
To fight and prove to the guy that she deserves more than a notice.
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