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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2218090
Anime magic girl.
Write a 1000 word story in the fantasy genre. It's about an envious sister and should include a wooden stake. Also use the sentence 'Do you enjoy hurting people?' Bonus prompt: Winter is long and extremely cold.

A dull aura throbbed against a girl's hand, which instantly numbed her fingertips and knuckles. She clenched her fingers and squeezed.

"I suppose you were waiting for this..."

She glanced at the duo a yard above her, then she smiled. "Well. I won't miss you."

She slung her arm forward and uttered a grunt, and a transparent green light beam appeared from the glowing mist. The emerald teenager pulled back to observe her aiming, when her green projectile dissapeared into a cloud of dust.

Loud sounds followed, consisting of shocked human noises and building grievances, and soon after the dust settled into a comfy setting, silence occupied the school.

"AHAHAHA! Have I done it? Have I killed the legendary brother of Teal Princess?"

Emerald Princess stopped laughing when two silhouettes rose from the school rooftop. One of the shadows crouched low, and she said, "Oh my. What did you do?! You almost hurt us!"

"I'm afraid I can't hear you!" Emerald said, pulling a rubber mask from her skirt. She roughly peels it into her eyes. "But it makes no difference. HAH."

A beam of green light grew longer as it shot up towards the two lovebirds. The female silhouette yelped and they both fell backward.

Emerald Princess hissed. "Note to self. Improve my aim."

She straightened her neck as she advanced into the school entrance, blasting the doors open with a machine strength. She shot another beam of fast light at a shocked looking administrator at the other side of the glass wall, where sounds of electrical sounds birthed after the light attack. Blasting her way through the surveillance gate, she marched and shot her way forward.

"Halt!" Said a voice. It was an armed policeman, and his heavy lip twitched in sync with his brows.

"Sorry, but you're in my way. Again."

A green beam blasted through the security's stomach. Once the green dissipated into nothingness, blood spattered everywhere, and he fell on his face with the gun still in his hands.

A radio announcement amplified the noise in Emerald's location, "This is not a drill. Everyone follow through procedure, code green. This is not a drill."

Emerald Princess frowned at a young girl. She had asked Emerald a rhetorical question, so she shot her. That student won't be recovering from that head blast.

Disaster struck. Emerald Princess did not hear the sound of a gun clicking, but the pain shocked her. She turned her head, with curiousity drawn on her mouth. Behind her was a man with a gun, and blood accentuated his paws.

"DIIIE!" The balding hero screamed as he shot three bullets in total, each of them landing compactly on her chest. One, two, three.

He clicked for a fourth time. Then a fifth. But there was no more bullets for fourth or fifth. Looking up from his gun, his eyes widened when Emerald Princess's fist punched him into unconsciousness.

"Don't hurt him!" Yelled someone else.

Emerald Princess gasped in shock and pain as other humans revealed themselves to her in the lobby. They have been background pieces just recently, but now they were hurting her like animals.

"Uh, uh!" Stuttered the masked woman as she shot beam after beam at random points in the air, making holes everywhere. A crowd of unified survivors pinned the Princess on her back, and pain began to increase intensity as her bullet wounds began to notify her awareness.

"You killed my sister!" Said a boy she recognized. He was staring directly down at her now. "You were her HERO!"

"Ah!" The masked woman's temple felt something and pain escalated into excruciating levels. Blood shot out of her mouth.

"Do you enjoy hurting others?" Someone touched the Emerald Princess's mask. "You have showed us only a sliver, but I wonder whose color you belong too."

"You are shameful."
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