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A story of how Hinata finds her inner sexual awakening.
Chapter 1 - Introduction

by: Jessethefootguy22

         Calm. This was the mood of the evening in the Hidden Leaf Village. The dusk has just arrived, the night lights of the village was illuminating, and the night life was soon to begin.
         This is the story and journey of a young woman named Hinata Hyuuga.
         At a normal glance, she seemed like a shy, but powerful shinobi of the Leaf. However, she and many others would learn that there would be much more to her than she could ever think, and then live the life she never thought that she would have wanted.
         That morning and day Hinata didn't really do much of anything. Mainly just stayed in the house and got a few chores done and relaxed. With the village being at peace with the other villaged, there wasn't much to do these days except small minor tasks that were mainly given to the Genin. She hadn't seen Naruto in a while because he was off training to get ready to become Hokage. "Ugh! What is a girl to do!" Hinata shouted to herself as she plopped back down on her bed.
         Then, a couple seconds later, there was a knock on her bedroom door. "Who is it?!" Hinata asked. "It's me." Her father replied. "Oh, come in!" Hinata replied.
         Hinata sat up on her bed as her father entered the room and took a seat down next to her. "What's wrong dear? Everything ok?" He asked curious.
         "Oh nothing father, I'm just bored is all." Hinata pouted. "Well why don't you go out tonight, its suppose to feel nice outside and plus theres a festival or something going on tonight, so you could do that?" Hinata's father suggested.
         She thought about it for a moment and nodded. "Alright I'll go." Hinata said. Her dad was right, maybe going out for a few hours might help ease her boredom.
         Hinata jumped off the bed and then headed out the door into town to try and have a good time.
         The festival wasn't much of anything special, just a bunch of shops, fun little carnival games and different foods and drinks. Hinata walked around for a little bit just looking around. She did have to admit though, the scenary was nice and the weather did feel quite nice.
         A few hours she left the festival. She tried a few new drinks and foods that she enjoyed and was going to have to remember the recipes too, and other resturants that she definitely would be visiting again. The breeze was cool and calm and Hinata walked the quiet streets of the Hidden Leaf Village back to her place. As she walked she came across a fork in the road, one that took her back to her place quickly, and then one that was a longer way, but more scenic.
         Hinata decided to take the scenic route.
         While walking, she was admiring the trees and the shrubbery that made the Hidden Leaf Village's beauty stick out. Hinata also began thinking of her life as much as she could remember. She's had a pretty good life as she thought about it. However though, Hinata felt like she was missing something. Something fulfilling, but she didn't know what it was.
         Several minute laters into her walk home, she happened to look up and noticed that one of the lights was one upstairs. "Oh. Sakura must still be up!" Hinata thought to herself. " I wonder what she's up to at this time of hour."
         Now, Hinata wasn't the one to be snoopy or curious. However, she just wanted to know, this sudden wave of curiosity took over her. Making a few hand signs, she teleported besides Sakura's upstairs window on the balcony and peeked in.
         What she saw she couldn't believe.
- Inside Sakura's House -

         Sakura and Ino just got home from the festival and headed upstairs and turned on the lights. "Whew! That was so much fun Ino! I'm glad we went!" Sakura said taking a seat on the bed. "Hehe I'm glad we went to." Ino replied as she turned on the light and shut the door, locking it afterwards.
         "I know all the foods and drinks were so amazing!" Sakura said. "However though," she began seductively, "You know all that walking made my feet hurt soooo much." Sakura teased. "Oh really Mistress?" Ino replied instantly, unable to control herself, falling into her submissive nature naturally. "Yes kitten and you know what would really make me feel better?" Sakura teasingly said as she kissed Ino's cheek. "W.What would that be Mistress?" Ino said with a slight purr in her tone. "I'd like you to take my boots off and give me a nice foot massage." Sakura said. "Y.Yes Mistress." Ino replied.
         Sakura sat on the side of the bed and placed her boots in Ino's lap. As Ino began to unzip Sakura's boots, she was quickly cut off. "Oh wait, hehe." Sakura giggled. She turned around and then placed a pair of cat ears on Ino's head and put a purple collar around Ino's neck, connecting the purple leash to it, the other end firmly in Sakura's hand. Sakura winked at Ino, "You can continue." Ino looked back and smiled as she unzipped Sakura's boots one at a time.
         After taking Sakura's boots off, Ino placed them on the ground and looked up at Sakura with pleading eyes, as if her eyes were begging with permission. Sakura giggled. "Go ahead pet you can smell them." Sakura teased. "Thank you Mistress!" Ino replied as she grabbed Sakura's ankles and placed Sakura's feet on her face, inhaling the smell of the deeply.
         Ino loved the smell of Sakura's feet. They had the right combination of flowers, sweat, leather boot, everything. Ino couldn't help but moan and she inhaled every part of Sakura's feet. She smelled the soles, between the toes, even the archeds. "Hehe how do the smell kitten?" Sakura teased. "Mmmmm... they smell wonderful Mistress." Ino replied. "Haha good. Don't forget to massage them." Sakura winked. Ino nodded and knew what was required of her.
         Ino placed one of Sakura's feet in her lap, and took the other into her hands and began to press her thumbs into Sakura's sole, but again was cut off. "Uh uh uh I don't want your hands tonight. I want that mouth and tongue of yours." Sakura teased wiggling her toes as she pressed them against Ino's lips. Ino nodded and took Sakura's big toe into her mouth.
         Ino sucked on Sakura's toe slowly, sliding her tongue along Sakura's big toe as well. After she bobbed her head up and down slowly, she would slide her tongue in between Sakura's toes, then began sucking the next toe as well. While she did this, she would look up at Sakura, making Sakura bite her lip. "Mmmm. Fuck you look so sexy like this, under my feet sucking my toes." Sakura moaned. "Keep going."
         Ino continued sucking Sakura's toes one at a time until all 10 of Sakura's toes were sucked. Then she continued onto her soles.
- Outside the window-

         Hinata couldn't believe what she was seeing! Ino was on her knees, in cat ears, and a collar, sucking Sakura's toes! What in the world! Hinata was so confused and her faced was blushed a deep red. Part of her wanted to jump in and save Ino, saving her from whatever torture she was enduring! "This can't be Sakura!" Hinata thought.
         However though... she didn't. She continued to watch. Hinata made a few hand signs. "Byakugan!" She said quietly. She looked at the two chakras that were of Sakura and Ino and she determined that they were both the normal versions of themselves. Not under any type of genjutsu or anything. "Well.. they're both completely normal... so why..." Hinata said to herself as she turned her Byakugan off and continued to watch.
- Back in Sakura's House -

         Ino then began licking Sakura's soles slowly, starting from the bottom to the top. Licking all the way from the heel to the top of her toes. Ino took her tongue and made sure she licked every inch of Sakura's feet. Ocassionally, Ino would nibble on Sakura's arches and at the balls of her feet, making Sakura moan.
         This continued for a good while, and Sakura was enjoying every second of this. "Mmmm... you're such a good girl, this is why I love you." Sakura moaned as Ino nibbled on her arches again. "She... she loves me?" Ino blushed and said her self. She instantly felt butterflies in her stomach as she continued to worship Sakura's feet.
- Outside the window -

         Hinata couldn't help but continued to watch. The more she watched... the more curious she got. She couldn't help but watch Ino. Then, she started getting feelings. Feelings of what? Excitement? Jealously? She hadn't felt these feelings in a long time. Hinata was getting more and more curious. She wanted to be in Ino's position. She blushed the more she thought about it. "Why do I want that!" Hinata screamed to herself, then quickly covered her mouth hiding again.
         "Someone is outside." Hinata heard Sakura say. "I knew it. I felt it to." Ino said. "Shit!" Hinata said to herself. "I gotta get out of here fast."
         Hinata jumped down from the window and then instantly started running home. Then all of a sudden 2 clouds of smoke appeared in front of and behind her. Ino behind her and Sakura in front of her.
         "Oh h.h.hey you two." Hinata said trying to fakely laugh, "How are you two?" "Don't play stupid Hinata, we knew we felt that someone was watching us!" Sakura said pointing a finger at her. Hinata blushed a deep red and put her hands up. "N.N.No it's not like that." Hinata tried to explain.
         Sakura smirked. She knew Hinata was there for a long time. She could sense her curiosity, thanks to her extreme chakra controlling abilities of course. Sakura walked over to Hinata and put her hand on Hinata's shoulder and whispered into her ear. "You know it's ok to be curious." Hinata froze and blushed a deep red. "I sensed it when you were peeking in. You were curious, you wanted to know the feeling. It's ok. I think you and me need to have a chat back at my place. Come spend the night, we girls haven't had a sleep over in forever." Sakura teased and cooed into Hinata's ear.
         Hinata couldn't help it. She shuddered and hung onto every word Sakura said. She didn't know why, but she felt a sudden urge of desire to take a chance. An urge of courage. "Well..let's see where this goes." Hinata said to herself.
         She looked up at Sakura. "O.Okay I'll come sleep over and chat." Hinata said. "Oh yay! A sleep over!" Ino said in delight, still in her cat ears and collar.
         Sakura smiled. "All right then, let's head back to my place."
         The three shinobi walked back to Sakura's house.

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