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It is about a time which I miss and will always miss.
As you go on with your life you realize alot of changes with it. Things start to be different with the times. You grow up from a child who rides a cycle on the street to someone who rides a car. You grow up with your school friends to losing them at certain stage. You miss many things when your life grows when you grow. You change your mindset when you grow because of the lessons you learnt. You miss many things , many memories , many people , many friends , many emotions , many moments and you start to miss your old life.

I miss someone very badly. Someone I wish can comeback. Someone I will always miss my entire life. That someone is the TIME. I really miss the times when I was much different from the today I am. When I used to have a mind to be very calm and peaceful. I miss the times when I was so small and didn't have any worries about what to do with my life. I miss when all I cared about was my zebra printed cycle and it's basket. When all I wanted were beautiful autograph diaries so I can take the autographs from my favourite people around me. I miss how my evening was all about riding my cycle with my cousins. I just miss my childhood days when I was in a world of wonders.

I miss my childhood because the small things always made me happy and being a 19 year old now i cannot do those small things like riding on a cycle with my friends and all the things i used to do. It is just because at that time life haven't showed me the reality of people and the world. It was so simple no worries. Now it is much different because now I am being older and thinking of future and many other stuff in my head which were not a part of me when I was a child.

I just wish that my life ahead can be as beautiful as the days back before no worries just a world full of peace and wonders.
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