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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
A Moment

“This is your last chance.”

Sara looked at her mother, mentally calculating the situation. She was definitely serious. But how serious? Serious enough to yell at her? Or just serious enough for a talking to?

Mom stood there, stock still, arms folded, glaring at her. But there weren’t any wisps of heat radiating off her body. She was not in a shaking rage, that was good.

Her eyes however where practically drilling holes in Sara’s head. This was obviously serious, but not dangerously serious. On a scale of one to ten, probably a six or seven. In the past Sara had babbled her way out of sixes and sevens, but there was also that glint in those eyes. Something was different, something new. Was it the things on these shelves?

Sara had learned already that some things were more important than other things. Some things didn’t really matter, other things were not for children to touch. She couldn’t tell why, because usually the not for children things were out of her reach so it didn’t matter.

Lately however, Sara had learned to climb. Suddenly she realized it might not be the things after all, it might be that she was half way up the shelves in the living room. Maybe this was something she was not supposed to climb...

All these thoughts flew through Sara’s two year old brain in seconds. At the conclusion, she unconsciously decided the best course of action and immediately put it into play. She froze, looked scared, and burst into tears.

“Oh Honey, I’m so sorry! Mummy will help you!” her mother said, rushing to get Sara off the shelf and cuddling her close.

Another lesson filed itself away in Sara’s brain, ready to come out a million times in her future life.
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