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People are gearing up for Christmas. Alongside, an unusual prepping up is on the way.
The day was wintry and the streets were pouring with festive folks. Christmas is approaching. People are prepping up for the much awaited fun time ahead. But they will hardly agree with the fact that waiting for christmas is more fun than the day itself. Nopes. No one would agree to it. At Least not right now!

Nonetheless, amid this bustling street of eateries, inconspicuous to most of the gleeful eyes, a convention is being held. Though a convention sounds mundane and odd during such a festive moment, yet the participants are intrigued about it. They arrived right on time.

The folks gathered after years. After nearly a decade of suppression, the leader has finally managed to muster up all of them. The speech must be robust enough to win them over, for a fresh start.

The supreme leader takes the center stage and without much fanfare begins the speech that was prepared, edited and re-edited for months or may be years. It is the only weapon to motivate. And in this world, motivation sparks the transformation.

“Who are we all? The bonafide owners of this land. We are the builders of everything magnificent. Yet this world has been perilous to us every time we tried to bring about a change, let alone giving us a dime of credit. Years of torments didn’t break our spirits, it rather helped us evolve. Believe me folks, don't suspect your intrinsic rejuvenated self. Believe me! We are tougher than before. They have stolen our air to breath. They have thwarted our children from thriving. We have witnessed our fellow friends collapsing in numbers more than we can count. Food - a simple right to sustainability is now our dream. But nothing can perish us as a race. We will battle all odds that tightens the noose around our neck. We shall still breath hope and courage. Look at yourself. Each one of you. Pain has given us endurance to survive in hell and strength to ignore starvation. We are now an improved race. So let's begin from where our ancestors left off. Godspeed to everyone.”

A thunderous cheer ended the speech and the crowd peeled away bunch by bunch. The leader looked a little pensive while the eyes glinted a spark of pride. It was time for the final goodbye and the leader murmured alone with a chuckle. “It's just an ornamented word in their dictionary. Stupid humans will never know what resilience means. Good for us - they will never learn to speak virus.”

After a month of this unnamed convention, Wuhan reported its first COVID-19 case. And the battle is still on. A 0.125 micron sized organism is wrecking the global population of “so called” the most intelligent beings on earth. It's time we honour stupidity and use less of our ceremonious brain. There is no shame in sitting at home, and paying heed to all the messages of hygiene.

FYI we are not the toughest species on earth.

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