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a recording of my thoughts and happenings in daily life

I hate to love and agonize
For the love and life of mine
As I fail to say a few words
That's the key to my fulfillment

I hate to lie and lie again
As my shyness betrays my conscience
And my true self diminishes
With the hidden truth in heart

My hearts want to say a word
But my mouth fails me again
As it fails to say ``I love you``
Three words taboo to my lips

I hate to say I fails to love
Just becoz of the shyness in me
That makes me a dole to many
Who thinks I have no feelings

It betrays of my love and hate
The failure to differentiate the two
Just becoz my lips can't do the two
The sacred job of pronouncing facts

My love life is a total darkness
Just because my tongue failed me
To say that I needed loving
From the love of my dreams

It's a shame as I waste my fluid
As I wet my cloths with sweat
With a longing heart full of desires
Without courage and will to accept

LIFE!          LIFE! LIFE!

Life! Life! life! Life!
What's a game of hide and seek
With the all the wonders
And the surprises of the world

Lord you give life to man
And all what it entails
Just cox of your love
But me! All thanks granted

God the world is wonderful
With the blessing of life
That you granted the world
Just as you liked it to be

Men you have to know
That life like a flower
It blooms and brings beauty
But dries up with its glory

HER          AND HER SON          
How would you know
That you were a terrible mistake
Since the day you saw the light
That brightens your birthday

You came with a hell of curses
As the people you call yours fight
All the hell that they could
As they never wanted her to ever

She gave birth with all a courage
Earth having turned her upside
With the hell cursing and calling her
The execution that the hell never witnessed

On her repentance the heavens opened
The doors to the holy kingdom of holiest
And the earth was ashamed of itself
With the people fighting for her fruits

Only the hell was sad and sorry
That the one he welcomed never turned up
To her rightful place due to intervention
Of her divine Father and everlasting King

The people claimed how they contributed her success
Of her and her son whom they had disowned
Calling her and her sons all the names
That they had invented for their kind

The earth in fear of another curse
Had turned her life more of a nightmare
That she prayed only a minute of peace
That the heart refused to grant

With thee divine intervention of God
All the others followed suit with praise
Without remembering the past
What a glorious place for her and her son

And so now her birthday is sacred
It heals the misery and nightmares
Of many souls out of darkness
Out of repentance before justice

HE          AND THE DARKNESS          

It's a sad story to tell of him
With such a personality and respect
That many had come to admire
He was such a rare personality in the land

The land of our beloved forefathers
Who blessed the land with drops of beer!
The tradition that was passed on to us
The learned generation that have no respect for it

He was a man loved and cherished by many
When he came back to the land of his people
Who thought he was their savior and light
As they had waited for the light to come

His light was short lived and more darkness came
This time with vigor and determination to destroy
What who they had thought to be the light had done
With the birth of wonders and many wanderers

The wanderers went to search for their dreams
Which the land of ancestors had failed to fulfil
Only to come back and help their light with destruction
With the celebration of the darkness and his comrades

The light show destruction come to destroy him
At last the destruction of light was due
And the light never resisted his destruction
Instead he helped darkness do it

But the light always failed them when the fruits come
The light never allows to gather harvest
The cherished man has turned a laughing stock
As the people pray for the light to fulfil their dreams

What a glorious day when the people enjoy the fruit
With the light celebrating the defeat of darkness
That had turned him to a living statue of faith
Whom the people expected to help overcome

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