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Memories of Santa

We all get it, its called the Church doldrums, the adversary cooks it up and it gives you a kinda flu that effecr your spirtual eyes, and makes you church appear to be a kind of cage

, We continue to go to church like its a hospital, because weve noticed that when we dont go our out look get s gloomier and gloomier and we really know that if we stop the gloominess and worldlines will overcome us, We pray that the message is good and if we pay attention we will break free of the doldrums and if we do so it disappears as quickly as it came, it works!

, It appears to be gone, and then you say something to be social and somone contradicts you with scripture and you see some of the flu is still lingering, because you meekly acqiesce to them, but you secret;y want them to stop this endless game that is hidden by the ways of church

. Thankfully u repent, as quickly as it appears it goes away and like Christan in Bunyans
Pilgrims progress by the light of day u can see the snares traps and pitfalls by day that the adversary placed in the night , we realize that it is only by the grace of God that we didnt say or do thing that were not really who we were yet if we were not lead by his spirit we wouldve suffered greatly for them

. Once when the flu or doldrums were paricularly bad my wife sugested that I have a bible study with a man named Mr Dowd, AKA santa, I told her adamently that I was not going to study With Santa,

Stan Dowd was sometimes asked by the police to serve as santa for children of disinfranchised families that they were serving, as Santa, as he looked like him, Its strange but it makes you aware of the nature of the adversarys wiles, cause I said no study cause I didnt want to appear to be a child , but because of the flu that affected my spiritual vision i was acting just like one, "his craft and power is Great" but remember too "one little word will fell him"

I believe that without church, weekly meetings, and sharing with non believers is very important to keep the flu away and without it the christian will get ill and eventually not be able to see jesus or the kingdom of God,so later when I heard Mr dowd was having a weekly meeting at his house, he called it "Harbor House" as he was a navy man and wanted his house to be a ministry for people.who need to see the light on the worlds dark seas,

Quite frankly the meetings went through a revolution of evolution, the ships or members were not running into rocks but they were ramming into each other, like most church meetings people were saying what they thought without listening to scripture, some guys thought it was just a bunch of guys saying what they thought without heeding the word of God and was a waste of time, the flu or doldrums made it a appear to be so . however, Jesus apparently disagreed, sometimes jesus and his spirit and leading just sort of showed up, as truth botherhood and suddenly no more wrecked boats,

Stan was calming and though not scholarly, was intuitive listening to the spirit and led us to agree to disagree so that we can move on , also its important to realize that whether u like it or not people have a personal relationship with jesus so if you do not agree with them fully and if its not radically wrong or heresy, its okay, u dont have to ram your vessel into them, It was only with Jesus that this peace and untiy was possible, only by santas deep personal realtionship with Jesus were we able to get to this place,

There was one last amazing thing that happened with Mr Dowd before he passed int eterintiy, He went to his final resting place after he succumbed to leukemia in late october of 2019 one of the members of the meeting had posted piectures of him, and in one of them he was dressed as a pirate galavanting around at a halloween party as a pirate, replete with silk pirates cumberbunn and cutlass to boot, I chanced to look at the date of the Picture and I was amazed that it was the day before he was taken into eterntiy I couldnt help but think "what was he doing gallavanting around like that the day befor he died?" then thought about it a little and thuoght again " well I guess he just being who he really is,,,Jesus knows and love him personally , so why not go to a halloween party?, if hes there, hes there for the kids", In closing Ive been to my share of funerals of people ive know, and u just hope for them, with stan I knew.

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