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What happened to us is like a short story that is based on a real-life hurting
What happened to us? There was so much trust than of a sudden it was washed down the drain and you were gone. is it wrong to say that I still have questions to ask? I want to know what I did wrong, we had this huge castle in the sky and then all of a sudden we just ended it leaving the castle to never be built again. But you forgot to count how many times I let you back in, I didn't want to lose you. I watched you walk away from me, I let you get distant. I never questioned your problems, I never questioned you. I never stopped you so why'd you stop me. I never intended to hurt you, I caused more problems then I probably should have. whenever I started to care for myself it was a problem. we don't always get what we want, I was forced to move on. I watched you become happier with everyone else. I've given up now, I'm sick and tired of watching it rain. every single time you throw words at me I apologize, maybe things will be better now that I'm no longer in your life. ill never understand why you always have to win. how am I supposed to go on, you throw me under and expect me not to fight back and did you not see where my heart had already been cracked. I just wanted to be good enough; I just wanted you to see me for me.
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