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Mock Epic created for English.
Kelly Johnson is a normal middle-schooler at Donnie Middle School who has a gamer side in her. Every day and every night she would be sitting at her computer desk not doing homework but playing video games to her heart’s content. On the day before May 16, 2023, a notification popped on her Fire 360 phone. The notification was to tell her that the game Fire Storm 2 which is limited edition was coming in stores on May 6. Fire Storm 2 is a game where players get to be challenged to duels by the fire creatures with different powers, which the player has to use the mind to figure out ways to defeat the creatures.
Before the blink of Kelly’s eyes, the school day had ended and she was walking to her father’s truck. Once she had gotten in the truck and on her way home, she had told her father about Fire Storm 2 coming out and how she wanted the game really badly. Her dad agreed to take her to the nearest game store tomorrow morning. Once she had gotten home she went straight to her room to play Minecraft on her computer, even though other children didn’t realize such a game exist but if not for Kelly’s mother neither would she. Soon night rolled by and Kelly decides to get to bed. While Kelly was in REM sleep, she had a dream in which she was in a maze with hedges as tall as a six-foot and four-inch basket ballplayer. Kelly hates mazes but out of curiosity, she decides to venture further into the maze. After some time, she has found the exit but what floated in front of her shocked her to the core. Fire Storm 2 as big as a two-story house and as wide as a school bus floated before her. On top of the game was a number floating above it the number one in a bold white color. As she was about to reach for the game in a blink of an eye, she woke up in fright with sweat falling from her forehead and breathing heavily. Once she got her bearing and realized she was in her room she then looked over to her nightstand on the left side of the bed and on her clock read six-thirty in the morning. The gaming store five streets down would be open in an hour so a fast as the flash she zoomed to her bathroom and closet to get ready for the day.
GamingWorld is a gaming store where kelly’s father is taking her to get the game. When Kelly opened the door she looked around and saw children, teenagers, and adults walking around the store buying counsels, games, and controls. Kelly ran to where Fire Storm 2 would be in the store, once she got there she saw that only one Fire Storm 2 remend. As she was reaching for the game another kid’s hand was reaching for it as well. That kid’s name was Ethan Rain who was a major spoiled brat who got everything he wanted with a flick of his hand. Since Ethan was taller the Kelly he had gotten the game in his hand with no problem. Kelly thought Ethan was helping her get the game off the middle shelf because of her five-foot-tall frame. Instead of helping her, Ethan walked away with the game in hand. Kelly was shocked, to say the least, so she walked up to Ethan and said: “ I saw that game first,” she said calmly.
Ethan in response to her voice had turned around to the annoying voice who dared talk to him. He was shocked to see Kelly so small compared to his five foot and ten-inch frame.
In response to what she said he responded “ And what is a shrimp-like you going to do about it. I have the game in my hand so it basically belongs to me” he said in a snotty way.
“ A shrimp-like me is going to get the game back, long neck”, Kelly said with determination in her voice and jumped up to where the game was hanging over her head out of reach and snagged it from his hand landing perfectly on the tips of her toes to the heels of her feet. ‘ Wow, I guess taking years of karate and volleyball really did come to use then’ Kelly thought. Kelly looked down at her hand to see Fire Storm 2 in her grasp and looked up at Ethan with a triumph smile and turned around to the counter where her dad was waiting for her to check out the game. As she was walking away Ethan yelled: “ I duel you to a battle for that game, the winner leaves with the game.”
Kelly turns around and said to Ethan “ I accept your challenge”. In their minds the scene has changed they were no longer in a gaming store, they were now in a coliseum where gladiators fought with tigers and other gladiators for entertainment. In their armor, you would think it would be heavy on them but it was to complete opposite the armor felt like air to them, just another skin to their body. The amour was flexible to move around in to get into complex fighting stances to make critical hits on the opponent. They could hear the clicking on the keys of one of the employees at the store which sounded like horses running into battle. The talking of other customers in the store turned into roars of men screaming they charged at each other. That encourages them to run at each other with their weapons drawn. Ethan had a magic staff while Kelly had a synth like the grim reapers but hers could also turn into a gun. Both weapons came from the game Galvatron a battle strategy game where you fight hideous creatures to get exp to buy upgrades for your weapon. Ethan said a spell under his breath while charging at Kelly which he used the power of Hecate the goddess of magic and witchcraft which sent Kelly’s mind into the same maze in her dream. Hecate is the goddess of magic made the maze with traps and ghosts to get Kelly to struggle to get out of the maze. The maze in Kelly’s eyes represented hell to her that if she would have entered a maze again she would get lost for years and never be able to find the exit. Even though Hecate made the traps she made sure that if Kelly were to get trapped in them that she wouldn’t get hurt by them. Ethan thought he had won the battle but what he didn’t realize is that Kelly sees patterns in games and illusions, so with her talents, she bypassed all the ways that lead to dead ends and traps and she had found the exit easily and when she walked out of that maze she had broken his spell and gave him a critical hit while doing so. Since Ethan took a critical hit and didn’t what the battle to end him getting slashed by kelly’s synth he surrendered to her.
Their minds soon turned into reality and they both realized that they were just staring at each other and getting weird looks from the people around them. Kelly smirked and said, “ Looks like I win, that means the game gets to come with me.”
Ethan looked down in disappointment that he was beaten by a girl but he was more upset that he wouldn’t have the Fire Storm 2 like the rest of his friends. Kelly saw the sadness in his eyes, so being the person she really is walked up to Ethan and gave him the game. Kellly then walked back to her father and the walked out of the GameWorld and called over her shoulder to Ethan, “ I hope you enjoy the game, Ethan”.
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