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this is one of my first poem that I ever did.
Is there a reason why I struggle in vain

a reason why I go through the pain?

Can someone please tell me why?

Why do I have to feel things?

Why do I see myself alone?

can't I have both love and happiness?

Why do I struggle?

I know there is hope.

I have to believe

there is more to me than pain.

I need to see the light,

Someone please tell me why?

why did I go through a hard past?

Why am I scared to fight?

Can I do what my family says I can?

Or am I meant to be like HER?

Why do i struggle?

These are answers I may never know.

holes I may never fill,

However I will continue to struggle.

If i dont then i lose who i am

I will always ask why?

However I will always fight.

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