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honestly I do wear a mask however I do that to protect the ones I love.
Behind the mask

is nothing but fear

nothing but hurt

You say that i am brave

that I am fine

behind the mask

is nothing, but sadness

nothing but tears

you say that I am happy

that you cant see them

the mask hides everything

from my fears to my tears

the reason you are blind

is because you only

look at the surface

not behind

the mask is a disguise

I hide behind

the truth is far worse

then the lie

the mask is my lie

that hides my truth

I will wear it until I die

its the only thing

that is protecting you

the mask is more then this

its is my key to Pandora's box

only open if you dare,

the mask was there to protect you

only remove it

if you will stay

otherwise don't try

my mask is my life

my mask is my lie

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