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The sound of a heart beat. The sound of a heart beat.
They sustain the lives of everyone. They are a simple symbol of love.
Some come perfect as can be, others struggle and do not know the direction
The sound of a heart beat could be the sound of new life or the sound of a flat line
They could carry blood to the body or they could carry rich chocolate for another
Some flutter and float, some are like drums, and others fly off the lips of ladies
The sound of a heart beat oh what a wonderful sound to fill the air around it
They glow in the dark and shine through to lead those who are weary
Some just stop with no warning the owner drops to their knees
The sound of a heart beat can sooth the worst beast easily
They are a simple idea, and many say to fallow them
Some find it difficult to blindly fallow their hearts
The sound of a heart beat beats with love
They are beautifully time less
Some will stay forever
The sound
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