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An adult story based on the B- rated sci-fi horror movie Night of the Creeps.
Orbiting above the blue and emerald jewel that was the planet earth was a lone large craft, not of earth design.

It’s continents and crew unknown as well as it’s purpose as one of the hatches on broad side opened up and shot out a large cylinder object that hurdled towards the earth.

The object pick up speed as it got caught within earth’s gravity, generating flames that licked at it’s smooth surface that retained it’s unblemished body.

Meanwhile in night time streets of Colorado, a young blonde teen was walking home from the grave yard shift at his part time job, he walked hunched forward, exhaustion from working non-stop hours after hours in a job that pays less then he’s worth but enough to keep him around.

John breathed out heavily from his displeasure from his weak job that has him doing nothing more then standing in front of the register all night in a gas station.

“I wish, something exciting would happen in my life.” He muttered out.

But little did he know that his wish was about to come true as he looked up in the sky and spotted just passing over him a shooting star that was no less 50 ft in the air above him, he watched as it pass over many of the residential houses and into the outskirts of the woods surrounding his city.

There it disappeared before in an explosion it crashed landed deep into the forest.

Curious as well as excited to see what it was, John made a bee line through the homes and their gardens, running straight into the woods in the direction of the smouldering pillar of smoke.

The limbs of the trees and bushes nicked and pinched at his being as he charged through them, after a while he finally made it to the clearing where he saw it.

Impaled deep into a small smouldering crater was a large metal cylinder that stood up from the ground, it’s smooth and undented body was silicon black in colour, it’s body was by 2 feet taller then him and ending at a pointed head.

Curious fuelled by excitement and intrigue pushed him to move closer towards it “oh. My. God!” he breathed out in awe of the space object before him.

The hot air waving off of it hit him as he got closer to it, standing just a few inches apart from it.

John marvelled the great alien object in all it’s glory.

All those so called sightings of alien’s and their space craft by sci-fi loons and hoaxers got nothing on this.

The hot air simmered down to manageable temperatures, allowing him the moment to risk getting right up to it.

With his hand pointed towards it and with shaky breathing, he inched himself closer and closer to it till he was touching the surprisingly cold metal, a great amount of air left him with awe before he moved it’s other hand on it and began touching the space object.

He moved around it, tracing and feeling it all up and down, taking it into great detail till he was back where he started. As he moved his hands up and down on it, felt a cut in the metal near the top of the object, curious he traced the cut to follow it in a square pattern and understood that it was a latch or panel.

He dug his fingers into it in hopes of finding some sort of alien weapon or item of great power like those in the comics or TV.

However as it managed to pry it open, he was hit with a burst of hot gas that slapped him in the face, the violent spray of hot gas hit him in the eye’s blinding him and enveloping his form. He was deaf and blind to see another hatch directly at his feet open.

And from out of it a swarm of pale worm like creatures slithered out, passing from under his legs and slithering away, the hot steam of gas died down enough for John to turn around and wipe away wet residue from his face and eye’s that tried to see through but couldn’t as his vision was blurred but he still saw white blotches move away from him and towards the forest from whence he came.

Dread and guilt gnawed at him as he watched whatever it was disappear into the thick brush before him “oh John, what have you done?” he asked himself as he began to regret his decision in playing around with the strange object.

Meanwhile with the strange creatures, they moved through the thick brush and canopy of the forest like silent white ghosts, all 5 of them slithered together in a group.

They were pale white and as long and large as an arm with a slimly coating emanating from their bodies that left a trail in their wake. Except for one that appeared to be bigger then them to look about the size of a small boa but about the length of man’s arm, it’s thick body ended in a bulbous ball that was it’s tail where sharp bumps protruded from the skin around it but at the end of it sat a slit that looked like a vagina.

They looked to be a cross breed between snakes with their long slim forms and a leech as their heads lacked any form of sight or teeth in it’s gapping maw that revealed an open ever silent roaring mouth with pink inner walls inside.

They slithered on head with purpose, using their senses to direct them straight towards the populated city but most importantly, their female prey.

They cleared through the brush into sight of the local residential houses, they did not separated but travelled as one body towards one house amongst the other’s around it.

They slithered pasted the fence and into the garden a light appeared in the window overlooking the garden but the glass was warped and wasn’t designed for seeing through which helped the creatures stay undetected as they split up and went in through different parts of the house with the main one of the creatures slithering through into one of the drain pipes sticking out form the side of the house with many smaller pipes leading into it.

Inside we find ourselves with a small bathroom, classic white walls with a sink and mirror on one side and a long single bath in the other with a toilet not too far away.

Inside was a beautiful older woman of middle years, her brunette hair was tied in a bun and she wore a see through velvet night gown that showed her unblemished soft skin and C-cups, a matching velvet thong sat nicely into her ample large ass as it’s limbs hugged around her large hips.

She was pale but remarkably beautiful for her age, giving her diamond shaped face a mature exotic look especially with the choice of clothing she was currently wearing.

Finishing up with last minute touches, she decided to quickly spend a penny as she walked over to her toilet, dropping her underwear down to her ground and sitting her ass down upon the ceramic seat.

She remained blissfully unaware of what’s coming right from underneath her as traveling right through the pipes, the first of the creatures made it in.

It’s large sightless head peered up at her derriere and saw the gapping point of entry it was aiming for.

Mrs Smit sat upon her toilet, content and relaxed with no worries or fear.

However as she sat relaxed and all ready to unload, she was suddenly and unexpectedly thrown forward onto her face on the floor, a sharp penetrating feeling of pleasure shot her spine from her anus.

She naturally moaned out at the euphoric sensation racking through her body from her rear, her mind numbing and giving away to the blissful joy of these sensation till she turned her head to look back and then all enjoyment and everything else stopped as she saw the white flailing tail sticking out from her rear.

Immediately she was filled with horror that numbed the sensations of pleasure hitting her body, she reached her hands out towards the creature digging into her ass, her moans replaced with cries of pleasure that ran up her spine to her brain. The numbing and aphrodisiac feeling sensations nearly had her mind boggled and inconceivable of thought for a brief second before she remember the cause of it and fear push down that intoxicating rush waving from her anus.

She tried to reach back, her fingers clinching fast as to catch the flailing tail that wacked and withered around but the slimily and slippery boneless form of the alien worm squeezed through her grip at every chance she thought she had it, further slipping in with each second and increasing in its pace and coating that escaped from its form.

The slimily layer emanating from it’s body rubbed against the walls of her asshole, soaking into the vulnerableflesh where the toxin’s within stimulated the hormones and nerves of the body to produce indescribable pleasure as it lubricates the creature further in.

The woman tried to fight for control over her body and the creatures she could feel slipping further in but her body betrayed her as did her mouth that let out the cries and moans of ecstasy racking through her. That fear that was buried under the persisting pleasure exploded back out as with her head turned to look at the withering tail saw with horror more of the worms creature’s springing in.

Coming out of the pipes from her sink, The bath and shower heads, The toilet and even the open crack in her window as a large swarm of the huge pale alien worms slithered in. with new found energy fuelled by the fear of these unknown creatures the woman crawled fast up to her feet, forgetting about the one sticking out from her cheeks by only a small length of its tail as she ran from the bathroom, her thong dangling from her ankle as her feet padded against the carpet through the hall, not once looking back as she ran right into her room, throwing her back against the closed door as she locked it, panting and completely neglectful of the one threat that slipped between her cheeks that moment.

Mrs Smit heaved and panted as she pressed her back against the door in hope of stopping those monsters from coming into her room but she failed to notice the huge 6 month looking bump stretching from her stomach. But then she got a reminder, a spasm of pain and euphoria exploded within her gut, causing her to cultch her stomach tightly and fall to the floor as the creature within withered and wracked within her colleen to her stomach, intent on weakening her resolve as it’s body produced the aphrodisiac toxin’s in great length that burned within her being.

Mrs Smit mind struggled fought to keep intact against such pleasures that she was defenceless against as a foreign presence pushed and prodded at her mental walls that broke down. Mrs Smit couldn’t deny the ecstasy that was beyond what she had felt, no amount of self-pleasure or sex could produce this level of unearthly rapture that she was experiencing.

She gave in the moment that her hands travelled down below to her wet and saturating pussy and pounded her fingers into her snatch, now mindless and at the control of the otherworldly parasite that dominated her mind. Like a puppet on string’s Mrs smit now influenced by the anal invader slowly picked herself up, her face twisted into an ever eternal expression of mindless euphoria as her tongue hanged out of her mouth where laboured and excited pants breathed out.

She turned around and undid the lock before throwing the door wide open where waiting for her was the entire swarm of the rest staring up at her, she looked down upon these creatures no longer with fear but drone like worship and delightment as her pleasure flooded mind warped brain recognised these creatures as beings of divine grace before her.

“Glory be to you masters!” she drooled out as she quiver with glee at offering her body as a temple to these aliens who would use her for their purposes that she now would happily submit to.

Falling to her knees before them she pulled up the bottom of her velvet gown, exposing the naked and wet regions of her body to them “Come. Let me temple your glorious beings~.” She begged. Seeing their new vessel submissive and acceptance of them, the rest of the invaders sprang forward like a tide of slime that rushed between her legs and penetrated in large mass swarms of her ass in great numbers as to stretch it wide but still slip through.

Mrs smit cried out in glorious joy, fully embracing the feeling of these creatures invading her body with her stomach further inflating to the great numbers of the large worm like creatures that enter her in three’s, pushing their way through into her.

Her carpet became soaked in slime and juices from her saturating snatch that she happily fingered while her stomach stretched and inflated to great prepositions as to resemble a bean bag that stretched from her abdomen, her velvet gown became wet from the lactating of her nipples and the combined substances of her lower wet regions.

Finally with the last of them nearly within her, Mrs smit stood up with quivering legs that managed to sustain ground with the large weight of her enormous withering and shaking belly full of other worldly creatures that shifted and moved within her, causing great sensations as they moved.

Mrs smit now under the direct influence of the invaders stood there with one finally trace of the last whacking it’s tail between her naked cheeks as it slipped in, the invaders were an experiment created and unintentionally released into this world by other beings formerly orbiting outside the planet.

A race of worm like creatures purely female in race, designed to invade other female creatures of a designed species coded on a spray on the chosen male species. They would enter and cause the female species to enter into prolonged stage of heat and mate with the marked male in order to reproduce in an endless circle of reproduction for both the female host and the alpha parasite.

The hazing and fuzzed mind set of Mrs smit was like a computer to the alien’s so when a command was given, she gave a dopy smile and said “Yes Masters~” she breathed out in a purr and walked or rather waddled down the stairs, breathing and sighing sheer thrill with each step and movement of her bouncing bean bag sized belly where unnatural bumps and shifting protruded from her bulging mass.

Mrs smit left the warm comfort of her house, the cold nightly air bit her naked skin that her thin see through gown didn’t shelter but she was unfazed by the chilly wind blowing through her as her body radiated it’s own heat from her enraptured state.

She looked blanked into the night sky where her head tilted up and she started to sniff the air, taking in deep inhales through her nose while exhaling melodically through her mouth. She did this for while, leaning and tip toeing in all angles and directions as she sniffed the air like an animal trying to find a scent in fresh clear air around her before she stopped in one direction and began to inhale a lot more like she caught what she was looking for.

And it appeared to be the right one as her stomach started to bounce more franticly then ever before, Mrs smit opened her eye’s, staring down the road in what looked like a love-struck daze “He’s this way.” She whispered before she began her journey, following the orders of her master’s as well as being pulled by them as he abnormally enormous pregnant belly stretched forward with such force as to hurry her in her step.

She would go on to walking down the lone winding streets, her bare feet gracing the cold slab pavement while in her wake she left a trail of substance that dripped from both lower regions.

-later with John-

John was at home, cleaning the dishes after eating left over pizza.

The man who let loose an unknown plague upon this world returned home with dread in his stomach that continued to eat at him as he washed whatever it was that was sprayed on him and then ate some food he had left. Not bothering or even having the energy to cook himself a proper meal after feeling like a complete idiot that he’s seen in those old B-movies who unleashes doom upon his whole town.

Sighing as he knew that trouble would begin soon but accepted the reality that he could do nothing to prevent it or stop it, He could run out of this house and start screaming that the end is neigh but that would only end with him in the Looney bin.

So accepting that what might happen will happen in those horror movies involving alien’s and zombies, he dried the last dish and put it away before leaving the kitchen, turning off the light in the process that swallowed the room in darkness and behind him standing outside and watching from the window was Mrs Smit.

The woman currently hosting the entire swarm of the alien creatures he released, she leered from behind the glass, her eye’s boring into John’s back who was unaware that he was being watched as he walked out of sight and up the stairs to his bedroom.

Her heated breath fogged up the screen as she pressed her face against the glass, the frequency of slime and juices increased and made a pool under her heat as she frantically rubbed her thighs together quell the never ending heat between them that demanded to be satiated by the very man she was commanded to find.

Mrs Smit was intoxicated by lust, becoming addicted to the ravaging spasms of pleasure quaking though her being due to the frantic and demanding movement of the creatures within that roared for John. Sensing him through the unique pheromone he emitted like distinctive favourite sent that Mrs Smit now possessed the ability to smell that came to her like a sweet aroma, she was like a bee on a flower.

Attracted to the sweet pollen that he had within him to fill her burning and aching for his dick as much as her guests were including the main one giving orders to her “Yes master~” she moaned out as she quivered with delight at the sudden movement that had her pressed against the back of the house.

Sliding across the wall to the back door she stood there against the painted doorframe, her hand gracing down the hard solid surface of the door as it dropped to the latched only to feel the handled blocked and unable to descend down any further as she juggled the latched. The door was obviously locked to both her and the parasites that silently roared in frustration but due to the alpha’s connection to her; it understood what needed to be done.

Mrs smit gasped as her stomached did flips, the quantity of slime leaking from her ass increased to being a near flowing tap before a long pale limb slid out from between her cheeks, descending down to the ground but the alien worm that came out was not alone nor separated from her as attached to it by its tail was another worm who’s toothless mouth engulf the tail with another on its own tail.

The smaller worms formed a chain, becoming a pale rope that unravelled from her in a continuous stream as they flopped onto the ground trying to get onto their right side before slither in through the cat flap. Pushing the open small entrance open and then lifting up to the door lock where the first worm’s mouth engulfed over the simple turn lock, tightening around it till the head squeezed and collapsed to mould into the lock shape.

From there the worm and it’s chain linked body twisted around with Mrs smit gasping at feel of them spinning before the locked popped open and she collapsed forward with the door pushing open from her weight but she remained standing. With the door unlocked and opened she advanced inside, waddling on shaky legs with chain linked body of worms sticking out from behind her, slowly slipping back in as she zombie walked into the house, her breathing becoming heavy and short with her eye’s glazing over as she searched around the dark and empty room that was the living room where the front door to the house was closed at the end and the stair case was to her left leading up to the next floor.

With John out of sight she robotically turned her head towards the staircase and to the next floor that was obscured out of sight due to the ceiling, she continued on, walking up the stairs while dragging the last bits of the worms hanging from her as she transcends up and begins her search. Opening door after door slowly, searching for who she came for all the while the last of the worms re-entered back in and resettle where they were, Mrs Smit sniffed the air trying to find him but the house was heavy in his musk.

After looking through nearly all the room she came to the last one not yet opened where the scent she sniffed was heaviest, with shaky hands and laboured breath she gripped the handle and pushed down on the latch knob, silently opening the door where here zombie gaze lit up with excitement.

John was asleep, oblivious to the presence of the intruder in his home and in his room as he laid atop the sheets half naked with only his boxers covering his pelvis.

Mrs Smit looked enthralled by the sight of John who looked like an average joe with normal physic but to her thrall mind he might as well be a god as her master’s reacted to his presence with frantic shifting “I found him~” she whispered dropping to the floor on hands and knees like a worshipper before crawling towards him in a silent prowl.

She stalked towards the bed, her mouth hanging open with salvia gathering in her bottom jaw as she drooled with anticipation that grew as she neared.

She reached the end the of the bed and climbed onto it from there, crawling over his legs and up to his waist where the object of her desire laid, with her fingers slipping in she pulled the article of clothing down, freeing his penis from its confines as it laid limp and half erected.

Mrs Smit beheld his member like it was a holy relic, marvelling at it in awe “Finally!” she swore as though she was searching for it in a long time, with one hand resting on the bed supporting her and her large girth, the other lifted and touched his dick that responded to her gentle touch, lengthening to it’s full height and growing within her grip.

John moaned in his sleep at the pleasing touch he was feeling down below.

Mrs smit looked at the large headed dick, staring at it before her necked started to bulge from the bottom to her head and she opened her mouth from slithering into her maw was another mouth taking its place in hers.

It push out a bit as she descended her head down to his body where it took a hold of his dick from the head to the base, engulfing it before her own mouth sealed around them both and she began to bob it up and down slowly with her lips closed in around his member.

John moaned and groaned, his body shifting at the blow job he was getting, his body heating up as an indescribable sensation of pleasure burned around his cock as a tight hold engulfed it and his member was massaged within warm walls that wrapped around it.

John continued to let loose earnest sounds that fuelled Mrs smit’s resolve to milk out the precious substance she needed from him, quickening her bobbing that she revealed the second mouth swallowing his cock as her lips slid over it multiple times. She was feeling rewarded from her masters as she experienced an orgasm the likes of which made her feel like she went to heaven from the long and painful restraint imposed upon her from the prolonged built up sexual ecstasy that exploded though from her pussy like a volcano.

Her cries were muffled in her throat and mouth because of the alien currently in place within her mouth as well as the cock she was giving head to. The sound and gasps of John was like music to her ears as his short inhales and low moans picked up with his fists clinching unconsciously on the sheets that rested in before she felt the tightening of his balls and the slight stiffening of his cock before he cried out and his hot semen exploded from his member, shooting into the mouth of the creature engulfing his dick that happily sucked and messaged his member, milking all that it can from his male organ that shot it’s first load.

John breathed out in satisfaction, feeling the great weight and pent up burden suddenly release before he groggily started to wake up from the greatest wet dream he had. His mind slowly waking up to the reality that he had cummed in his sleep, wetting his underwear with his semen that he needs to take off and put a new pair on before going back to sleep but there was a problem.

Before he opened his eye’s he felt his boxers further down his legs then he remembered having them that way when he went to sleep and a warm air surrounded his cock along with good tightness that engulfed it before he felt it slip off.

Opening his eye’s slowly, he saw his room in a clear vision due to his adjusted sight, everything was still dark, and not a single light was on except for the light of the moon that shined in through the window.

But there was one oddity amongst everything there is in his untouched room.

Upon his bed, standing over him was a woman, beautiful as she was as she pulled her mouth off of his dick followed by a pale long tongue that slithered back into her mouth as she sat up. His mind not fully woken to register what had happened as he watched in a zombie daze as she pulled herself more forward, her enormous large belly bouncing over his chest as her dripping wet pussy hovered over his still erect dick that failed to stand down as it pointed directly to her awaiting snatch.

With a swift slam she impaled herself upon his dick, a universal groan and cry went out with John feeling the ultimate experience as his tender cock was now deep inside the warm and tight walls of the woman who now had him fully awake and sexed up but oddly curious as to her presence and the large girth sitting atop his stomach where he could faintly feel movements that he mistaken for kicks.

But the inquiries as to who she is and what she was doing here was trapped in the burning flames of lust that had control over him as he decided to enjoy the moment of losing his virginity to a hot woman shifting and slamming herself upon him.

He threw his hands to her hips, aiding in herself impalement with him thrust his hips up to meet in the middle where his large head bashed against the entrance to her womb.

A passionate battle of flesh and lusts occurred in that room with the calls and cries of pure euphoria echoing throughout the empty house.

John feeling great… No. not just great, absolutely happy that what he was experiencing wasn’t simply a wet dream but reality. A woman currently fucking herself silly on him and he didn’t ask why or who but what comes next after he unleashes his load into her, the bouncing and slapping of her lactating wet breasts was a hypnotic sight to behold.

The juggling enticing large orbs of flesh bounced up and down, landing upon the rounded surface of her pregnant belly, the sight fuelled the burning flames of his lust ever more, causing his dick to further twitch and hard along with clear signs of His balls starting to tighten.

Finally the time came, the squeezing of his balls and the electrifying explosion in John’s swallowed member before he came. John let a cry of ecstasy, similar to the unknown woman whose eye’s rolled into the back of her head as she whipped her head back into the air and let out a wide open mouthed scream where unseen by you revealed the large alien head sitting within her mouth joining in on the cry.

The sudden rush of energy quickly left john just as the semen did and pooled into her womb, John collapsed back onto the bed, unable to keep his eyes open as he drifted into unconsciousness with a pleased smile upon his face.

Had he stayed awake any longer he would’ve seen Mrs Smit’s head come back down with her eye stilled rolled back showing nothing but whiteness and her mouth still open exposing the worm like creature in her mouth as they stared at you.

“The consummation is complete.” Her voice hissed out in an unnatural union between her voice and an alien hiss that went with it as she stared down on him before looking down upon her own near naked form “This one’s body will serve it’s purpose to bear more for the nest.”

It was no longer Mrs Smit whose body and mind was now given over to the main invader now piloting her body completely. “More must be acquired for the nest to brood with our Male.” She pulled herself off from John, his half limp dick slipping out from her wet fold as she climbed off of him.

She got off from the bed and moved to the end where she grasped and leaned heavily on the bottom frame for support with her face twisted in focused grunts, her large stomach did flips and bounces as it writhed with unnatural life that fought to escape from within.

A gurgling hissing escaped from her bottom cheeks as wet dribble leaked down to the floor followed the first brood that slithered out and dropped from her ass, slapping onto the floor in a pool of it’s own juices closely followed behind by it’s kin that exited out of her all except for the alpha that remained in control of it’s host whose belly shrunk to a natural large human bulge of five month baby bump.

All four out of five of the alien worms reared upon on their bodies before their alpha that turned to face them “Go! Find and acquire more females for the nest!” She commanded as they all slithered away and out of the house where they split of from there.

Mrs Smit turned back to john who slept soundly asleep unaware of the events happening or the possessed woman looking at him with rolled back blank white eye’s “Must prepare the nest for Broodmates and Alpha mate.”

-Colorado. Sometime before Mid-night-

As the city of Colorado slept in a peaceful they were oblivious to the pale horrifying creatures slithering down their streets, slipping into every crevice, every hole and tight spot as they navigated through the urban concrete jungle of the city of

Each one chasing after their chosen targets through streets, park’s, pathways and slithering into homes where they strike at their unsuspecting or frightened targets.

Yelps and screams echoing in the night as their shadowy silhouettes show their feminine forms standing or otherwise on their knee’s, and backs with trashing long tails slowly slipping into their rears.

Soon afterwards those same deserted streets and paths become alive with women in various clothes but all walking in the same slow zombie like strut with quivering legs squeezed together as they moved in a slow awkward fashion.

Each and every one of these women faces were twisted in eternal euphoria with breathless smiles and glassed eye’s, notable large bulges protruded from their abdomen. a combination of juices trailed down their legs from the ass and the crotch as pants were eaten away in a large open patch that showed their bare naked asses while those in skirts and dresses were able to hid their rears but not the loose underwear hanging or otherwise lost in their universal waddling in one coordinated location.

This will be a night no one will forget.

A night where invader’s from unknown reaches of space took the night of quiet city and turned it into something no one would predict.

This was the Night Of The Anal Invaders.

And it was just getting Started.
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