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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Occult · #2218295
April 6 Entry. GloPoWriMo 2020
Babano Xanthar, no one from nowhere;
Yesterday, I heard him call out to her.
She didn't respond because she couldn't.
A nonexistent entity can't speak.

Outside my window, I felt his splendor
as he burned through our false realities,
burrowed deep past these planar creations,
and licked the inanimate back to life.

This supreme being envies mortality
as we covet his enlivened power.
He once fell for a clergyman's sister,
but love escapes eternal nobodies.

When darkness descends, he beckons to her,
though, after her first death, she refused him.
Another unliving monstrosity
birthed by Babano's alien magic.

Babano Xanthar, magnum animus;
Melancholy artisan of spirit!
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