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A prequel to a story that I really want to finish soon, but I gotta finish this soon.
Chapter 1: An unexpected voyage
In the peaceful land of Whiteheart, there lived a man named Vath. Vath was known to many as a peculiar man. He kept to himself (he almost never left his house unless it was related to business, and even then he wore a cloak and hood.) and did not talk to anyone ever. No one really knew why this was, but there were many theories (some said that he was a murderer hiding the bodies of his victims, others that he was horribly disfigured and wanted no one to ever see his face.) however all these theories were wrong. In truth, Vath was as regular a man as anyone else. He simply had a secret. A very dark secret that no one else could ever know, lest he be exiled. There was a legend, carved deep in the walls of the greatest temple in all of Whiteheart, that the descendant of King Mieros (a king who had brought upon an age of famine and civil war, and was generally the most hated person in all of history as he concerned only for himself and his riches, not the well-being of his people.) would take over Whiteheart by force and become the king again. Vath was Mieros’s direct descendant, and, according to the legend, would be king after killing the current king, King Saramas, and would have to rule the nation. Vath had no wish to rule over anything. He was an extraordinarily humble man (he donated almost every last cent he made to charity, while only giving himself enough to afford food, water, and heat.) and also had very low self-esteem. If you asked him who the weakest man in the world was, his answer would likely be himself. Until one day, when a knock on Vath’s door surprised him from his rest on his bed.
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