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Homage to April.
It was just a day in April,
a day to honor spring.
Forget about the wintertime
and all its icy sting.

Before the solstice comes in June,
new buds will have their say.
A day in April sows the seed
for all the blooms in May.

Despite the morning frost today,
the sun warms glen and glade.
Green grass drinks of the solar rays
to energize each blade.

Good April stays the go-between
of March and verdant May.
Deceptive though she sometimes is,
she’s warmup’s entryway.

Lest we forget those windy days
when we rolled up our sleeves,
back by the fence March huffed and puffed
to pile up the leaves.

Yet now through April’s open door
allowing one to rake,
the scene improves the picturesque
of open field and lake.

Though she is not exempt at all
from breaking climate’s rules,
she only designates the first
a day for April Fools.

In March the white caps on the lake
looked like the Arctic sea.
But April comes assuaging caps
into tranquility.

I checked the dogwood in the back
to see the buds begin.
A gentle April breeze began—
the cold of winter thin.

In tribute to this noble month,
I felt it was a must.
All this began one April day;
the recognition just.

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