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by Alma
Rated: E · Script/Play · Action/Adventure · #2218489
Romance and mystery
Fate brings people together and also rips them apart.
A girl is falling into a steep valley.With every second a single drop of blood and tears are dropping into the waters beneath her as she falls and in her last moments (as she thinks she is about to die )she remarks :
In a big villa the same girl is seen on a big bed with the sakura falling outside and some into her room ,the girl is covered with all the kinds of bandages and pipes coming out of her nose. It is not a pleasant scene for the readers but we will go into more detail in the later parts of the play .A middle aged man is seen in the room with doctors and nurses all around the room .He is seen coming out of the room and announces something in front of a group of people:
" Her past shall be buried deep and soon she will live with an anonymous identity for the people are dark and deceptive. They will always be 'THE FORGOTTEN MEMORIES . '
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