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A young woman comes face to face and befriends a creature out of legend
Skyeboltar & Jessy

Chapter One

Jessy walked up the steep grassy rise to the top of the hill. By the time she reached the top she felt breathless. She sat on the damp grass her long fair hair blowing in the wind around her shoulders. Jessy made the trip up mount Magar every morning the view from the top was stunning; she could see far across Lensifar. Jessy believed she could just make out the gleaming spires of the Citadel. Whether it was the Citadel or not, she wasn't sure, but she liked to believe it was for she hoped to go there someday. Having rested and got her breath back. Jessy rose to smooth out the creases of her beige dress. She would need to return soon; there were chores to do, and her parents would be wondering where she was. Jessy walked along the high meadow just a while longer to admire the view then she would return.

Suddenly far of she heard a strange sound, unlike anything she ever heard before. The sound seemed to be calling to her. Jessy stopped to look around she could see no one. Again she heard it this time nearer. The sound resonated deep inside her very being. A dark shadow passed overhead. Jessy looked up to see a creature unlike any she had seen before. So large and terrifying with a long barbed tail and broad leathery wings. A massive head with short bony horns and maw large enough to swallow a sheep or goat whole. Jessy stood rooted to the spot in terror she tried to turn and run but couldn't make her legs move they trembled so much. Finally, she made her body move, turning she ran as fast as her legs would carry her. The creature swooped down coming to land ahead of her; the ground shaking as it landed. Jessy fell on her rear she tried back away with her hands. The beast roared its deep blue eyes transfixed Jessy She couldn't help but stare at the creature. She remembered reading a book on myths and legends in her childhood; the beast now facing her was something right out of one those books – A dragon.

As the dragon crouched unmoving in front of her, she heard that strange harmonious sound again, and it came from the dragon. Gradually her terror subsided as she stared at the dragon listening to the dragon sing to her. That's the only way she could describe what she felt.

"Be at ease human child I mean you no harm my name is Skyeboltar,” the dragon said.

Jessy's mouth dropped open the dragon could speak, “You can talk!”

“Of course I can talk I mastered the human tongue long ago,” Skyeboltar answered his voice weighty yet mellow.

Jessy still felt afraid, but she stopped trembling somehow she felt an attraction to the enormous beast crouched in front of her. “Wha... What are you doing here?” She dared to ask.

The dragon regarded the young woman in front of him tiny and frail she may be to him like all humans, but there was steel in her. Brave, she was to face him now and dare to ask. “You called to me, and I answered.”

“Called to you? I don’t recall doing such a thing,” Jessy said, confused, she shook her head.

“But you did maybe not consciously, but you did. Come closer don’t be afraid,” the dragon said.

Jessy tentatively edged closer, to the dragon. Skyeboltar’s hide was thick and scaly with ridge spines along the back. She could smell a pungent, spicy aroma coming from him. “What is your name child?” The dragon asked.

Jessy still couldn’t get used to talking with a dragon. It was strange and unbelievable enough to see one stood in front of her that alone talk with one. “What, Oh! erm Jessy, Jessy Melgin.”

“Nice to meet you Jessy Melgin. I hear someone call you until tomorrow Jessy.” The dragon suddenly disappeared as Jessy stood dumbfounded she looked up hearing a flap of wings and a gust of wind pass overhead but no sign of the dragon.

The next morning Jessy made her way to the top of mount Magar as usual. Today the air was still not the slightest sign of a breeze, and already quite warm. “It's going to be hot today.” Jessy sat down on the grass; near the edge, looking out over the vista below. The sun had already burned the dew off, so the ground no longer felt damp under her. “Well, where are you dragon?” Jessy called out loud she shielded her eyes as she glanced skyward scouring the horizon. “Or were you just a dream after all.” She turned to look in all directions, finally bringing her gaze back forward and about to give up. From far off seemingly from out of the sun, the dragon came. Jessy could just make out the shape of the dragon at first then she heard what she decided to call the dragon’s song. The dragon approached rapidly filling her vision and once again making her tremble in fear. She was not as afraid as the first time, however, and resolved to meet the dragon unflinchingly.

Skyeboltar landed on the far side of the meadow the ground again shaking with his sheer size and weight. He started lumbering towards Jessy as she slowly and cautiously walked to him. They both stopped this time closer than the first time. Jessy held her nerve and tried not looking at the dragon’s jaw but at his eyes. “Hel... Hello again.”

“Hello Jessy Melgin nice to see you again,” Skyeboltar said in his booming voice

“Erm... You can call me Jess,” Jessy said hesitantly.

The dragon ponderously nodded his head. “Very well Jess you may call me Skye or Boltar if you so wish.”

Jessy began to relax a little more even though she still found it hard to believe she was facing a dragon out of legend; that alone talking with one. “I think Boltar suits you better if you don’t mind.”

“Of course I don't mind Jess. Would you like to touch me?” Boltar lowered his head, stretching his neck forward so that Jess could touch him.

Cautiously Jess reached out with a hand and touched the side of his face. She jumped withdrawing her hand fear and nerves getting the better of her. She took a deep breath and held her hand out to Boltar once more. This time she did not withdraw her hand but stroked his scaly face. Although the dragon’s skin was leathery, it felt warm and smooth to touch not cold and rough as she imagined it to be. Jess grew more confident, and at ease, with the dragon, her fear finally vanished even before she realised it. A soft rumble emitted from the dragon as Jess stroked him.

“Rub under my chin would you Jess I have an itch,” Boltar said.

Jess, without thinking, got closer and reached under Boltar’s jaw to scratch him. “How is that?” She gave a nervous titter.

“Wonderful thank you, Jess. You trust me now and are no longer afraid right.” Boltar said.

Jess nodded surprised that Boltar was right she longer feared him incredible as it seemed. “I believe I do trust and fear you not . We are friends now, yes?”

Boltar cast his eyes over the young woman before him. “Time will tell that we are much more than friends.” He said mysteriously.

Chapter Two

The following morning Jess met with Skyeboltar, as usual, they talked about many things. Jess learnt that there were few dragons left in the world and that they were solitary and secretive beings preferring not to get involved with humans. “Can you really breathe fire,” Jess asked.

“Yes, and No,” Boltar answered.

Jess frowned, “What do you mean yes and no?”

Boltar stirred restlessly, “dragons have two stomachs because of their size food is digested in one stomach and all the digestive gases held in the second. Dragons can control the release of these gases.” He paused, looking down at Jess, who was intently listening. “In fact, the gas needs to be released every so often controlled or not. Anyway when the gas is expelled into the air...”

“Whoosh Fire!” Jess interrupted.

Boltar bobbed his head, “You are an intelligent young woman Jess.”

Jess pursed her lips thinking a moment, “Hmm not really, it seemed apparent that's what you were leading up to. There is one thing puzzling me, though.”

Boltar’s tail swished, and he raised his head moving from side to side before resting his eyes back on Jess again. “What is puzzling you, Jess?”

Jess scratched her head, “The first time we met after we talked, you suddenly vanished. I felt the draft of your wings pass over me, but I couldn’t see you?”

“Ah, yes one of my magic tricks, “ Boltar said.

Jess's eyes narrowed with interest, the more she learnt about dragons, the more fascinated she became. “Magic tricks?”

“I can become invisible just for a short time, perhaps for a few minutes at most,” Boltar explained.

Again Jess was amazed her mouth dropped open as she regarded the dragon. “Invisible... Wow! That’s a neat trick. Is there anything else you can do I mean magic and such like?”

Skyeboltar fell silent a moment leaving Jess’s question unanswered, “Would you like to ride on my back sometime? You would be perfectly safe. I won't let anything happen to you, and you may enjoy the experience.”

Jess felt excited at the possibility of riding on the dragon’s back that she forgot about all else. Still, she hesitated for she felt afraid of the prospect as well. “Well, It would be amazing... but can you give some time to think about it.”

Skyeboltar nodded his head sagely, “Of course you can take all the time you want to consider it. I won't ask again just tell when you are ready or if you prefer not to I will understand.”
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