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Rated: E · Poetry · Gothic · #2218630
A special castle.
Outré realms have been calling for many a night;
in the Castle of Knowledge I gain special sight.
It’s a wisdom that lets me gaze into obscure
knowing mystery bodes while the seeking is sure.

It sets high on a bluff overlooking Black Sea,
and was built when the Visigoths happened to be.
Any access appears to be hidden from view
save the underground passages known to a few.

Ah, how lucky I am to know my way inside!
When I go I am sure it will always provide.
Thus I go with the mindset of an open door
to the Castle of Knowledge on wonderment’s shore.

Torches glow on the stone casting shadows of gray
on maroon cobblestones in out-worldly array.
In the long of the corridors where darkness calls,
I sense some of the wisdom within castle walls.

First from secretive niche in this fortress of know,
some humility rises from spaces below.
A long bridge o’er the moat is a pleasure to draw
as is pleasure in feeling the beauty of awe.

Then emerging from parts of the castle unseen,
I feel patience abide, unperturbed and serene.
There is nothing to make me feel it has to rule,
but I do get the sense it is one special tool.

O dark castle, how is it you pose like a grave?
Yet the wisdom you offer is something I crave.
Minus light in your stronghold I always see clear,
like the sight to discern the unknown without fear.

Yours a legacy lasting for us common folk;
having heard you up close, how impressive you spoke.
Through a forest of ignorance we put behind
all the dark timid thoughts that inhabit the mind.

In a castle where knowledge remains everything,
with the sovereign of mystery I am a king.
Among flickering torchlight I bask in the glow,
and rejoice in the fact there is much more to know.

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