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With a Stay-at-home order for April, I can't Passover the chance to watch your weight now
It is Passover Friday today and Easter next Sunday at peak of COVID-19. At this time of year in Spring one is usually preparing for family gatherings but not this year. Unfortunately, this month in Michigan is just as bad or worse than last month ditto. What I'm going to be experiencing is home alone with me and my special sought after groceries during this time.

Just because we have to with caution obtain our food somehow--we value it more--and we eat it more. It is food for thought and don't make it your only thoughts though. We all in Michigan now have to be resourceful with both our current money situation and staples and supplies as needed to try and run a household. But, too, if only we can go outside for exercise and food mainly--we can't however go overboard here.

It is tempting to have time on your hands to think about your kitchen and food to consume more than usual. And, too, to go out to drive thru or order in for pizza delivery on a recurring behavior will make you gain. I'm at a loss of words how important watching your weight is now as there are tempting times to eat more food.

Some have less food while others have stocked up like me. I'm fortunate I have the resources and means to provide for myself. But, there are so many that are struggling through this outbreak because of bad economic situations or lack of resources or both. It is important that if you are one of the fortunate ones to give to food banks and charities like the Salvation Army donations. There is the needy during these uncertain and tested times. With food or lack of food--we have to adjust to new situations and reach out to even out this coronavirus crisis.
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