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Needs some cleaning up but boy I felt this one.
You can't claim you have standards when any smile will do
You cannot claim you run through my mind when any course is for you
I am not a person who requires much
I like to be alone
I dont like to be touched
You can't claim you held my hand
If we never land
I chain smoke
I cuss all day
You claim that you love me insome particular way
I'm not here to muse and
I'm not here to cry
I am here to acknowledge and I am
Here to pry
I want to know why
Why in all the thousands of demands
The miles of lands
You chose me to entice and me to house
In your land of transparent relaxation
Me in your ego you douse
I too am sick of these times
I've left once before
Shoot maybe twice
That numbers list could go on
So many storm outs I have tried
It's codependency at it's finest
I can't even say the slightest
I'll apologize now and I'll apologize again
It's within you too
This constant comment thread
Yet here we are
On the couch another night
Looking for nother show to binge instead of another fight
Some call that progress
I call this losing the fight
Two numb souls
Only one even trying
We'll keep this up more until you end up doing what I say
You'll leave me for greener grass and still
Find me to blame.
Another night
Another loss
No more intimacy just frost.

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