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Bio for one of the main three antagonists- George Stephenson
Disclaimer: All of these men were real, historical figures. This bio is for my own, fictionalised versions. It should not be taken as an accurate depiction of these men.

George Stephenson is a British civil and mechanical engineer, founder of many early railways and the Patriarch of the Stephenson Dynasty, one of the two ruling Railway Gangs in the United Kingdom. He is the father of Robert, and was instrumental in developing steam locomotive technology to its current level.

George was born on the 9th of June, 1781 in Wylam, Northumberland to parents Robert and Mabel. He grew up in relative poverty and squalor, with no money for proper schooling, remaining illiterate until he was 18. After working several laborious jobs, George raised money to attend night school, for reading, writing and maths, which eventually led him into running stationary engines. He speaks with a very thick Northumberland accent, which creates a great divide between himself and Parliament, something he would face throughout his whole life.

After a visit from Richard Threvithick to a Tyneside mine, George was inspired to build his own locomotives. Because of his background with stationary engines, and his mechanical aptitude, George quickly built up a reputation as a skilled railwayman. In the mid 1830s, after the successes of the S&DR and the L&MR, the United Kingdom was in a frenzy for railways, and George was at the forefront. With his son Robert, he was a leading force in the construction of nearly 30,000 Miles of new railways.

In this quest for railway supremacy, George established the Stephenson Dynasty, a powerful network of high ranking businessmen, bankers, politicians and railwaymen. Together, they help maintain the Stephensons dominance over the British Railway network, through the use of lower level gangs and mercenaries to undertake various criminal activities towards their competitors. This gang holds vast sway over the government, blackmailing and bribing them into authorising new lines and crushing any challenge to their power. They are one of the two main Railway Gangs, the other being Brunel's Great Western Syndicate.

George is a very proud northerner, very set in his ways and keen to hold onto the traditions that helped him build his empire. As a self made man who faced much discrimination from the upper class, he shows great disdain for posh boys, born with silver spoons in their mouths. He is a bitter and angry old man, who seeks recognition from those who dismissed him.

His main relationship is with his son Robert. Robert is younger, more modern and liberal than George, who was educated at the finest schools and taught to speak the “proper way”, something George never had. Because of this, George feels his son had a head start in life, and has yet to show any gratitude or respect to him. He is also unsatisfied with the new direction the gang is heading. George is too old for the majority of his duties as the leader, so Robert runs it as a Dynast Regent, But his more liberal and experimental ideas are driving the family apart. George's second main relationship is with the RedBoots gang. He views the young girls as a scourge on his goals, a group of Cocky Upstarts who need to be taught a lesson and learn not to mess with forces they can't control. As he grows more senile, he begins to suspect they are Brunel Spies.

In his younger days, George was a man of absolutely commanding presence, but his current appearance at the ripe old age of 84 is significantly less imposing. He is a short, withered and grey man, notably aged and growing ever more decrepit. His clothing is suitably conservative, a simple black overcoat, grey shirt and maroon trousers. His hair is dusty and thinning, and he is always equipped with his grand cane.

George's Personal goals relate to his relationship with Robert and maintaining his control over the railways. My ideological goals with the Stephensons is to discuss ideas about tradition, generations and family.

The Real Man:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Stephenson
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