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by Intuey
Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #2218707
I can't believe that's you hiding behind that mask!

Peas, Carrots, Beans. Worry not about these. The hoarders don't care for metal.
They're all about the paper. T.P. that is; U.S Gold, movie stars, bidets.

Working people take care of food, mortgage, and bills.
While T.V personas are in a tiff over nannies, tanners, and hair.

Fashion statements have made a change, with face masks medical or homemade!
Our mouth and nose are tightly hidden to keep us safe from this COVID demon!

As we pass each other in the aisle, our eyelashes flutter above the elastic.
The past flooded in like a tidal wave, with images of our youthful days.

When I realized I was holding my breath, I let it escape, with a loud sigh.
Then when I turned and lifted my head, there he was beside me, not up ahead.

His soulful eyes are still the same, and with such gentleness, he took my hand.

I can't believe it's you! I've looked for years without the tiniest clue.

His voice had changed quite a bit, but after all this time, what could I expect?
With a flutter in my stomach, my face lit up and glowed with joy.

It's so nice to see you! Who knew social distancing could bridge such a gap?

His fingers caressed the back of my hand. I felt like that teenage girl once again.
We continued to talk, just for a while, then we decided to meet up, right outside.
We parted our ways for a short time and all too quickly the shopping was done—

Thoughts ran rampant within my mind, as a thing called giddiness enveloped my being.
A few conflicting thoughts started to arise, but I rapidly pushed them to the side,
blaming it all on the years gone by.

Groceries paid, I hurried outside, and there he was with his sexy eyes.
We talked some more, then waltzed away,
to find a spot where others were not.

I admit six-feet-apart, we did not follow, more like six inches, and barely at that.
We were like two kids up to no good. After all, our masks we were about to take off.

On the count of three, we whipped them away, ready to embrace COVID or not!
I tried to conceal my blush and giggle, as two naked faces finally sparkled.

The cool breeze came to a halt, and the world stood still; For the man before me, I knew not from hell!
His expression completely mirrored my own. I was not the girl. Not the one he had known.

We stood paralyzed as we tried to understand,
just how this had happened and reeled out-of-hand.
We tried to gently let each other go.
Although our sadness and disappointment thoroughly shown.

Then as we started backing away, laughter, though nervous, started to flow.
Before we knew it, we were both in hysterics,
our masks, grasped by our hands, were flopping about.

So, to all of you who see an old flame, the lesson to be learned is really simple and sane:

While you're both wearing masks staying safe at the store,
don't jump too quickly toward the one you adored.

(40 lines)
Written for 4/11/20 "The Writer's Cramp [13+]
© Copyright 2020 Intuey (intuey at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2218707