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Rated: E · Poetry · Children's · #2218714
Careful what you wish for.
Doy liked candy,
But mommy always told him
That too much candy
Would make him a fatty.

Mommy was scared of dragons,
So Doy wished to turn into one
And eternally escape mother's nagging.
He went to the wise wizard of Gwaka,
Who said,"Little Doy, be careful what you wish for."

He squeaked,"Turn me! Turn me!"
So the wizard cried,"Smoosh! Boosh! Woosh!"
And when he did, he had all the candy,
For seven days straight, he only ate candy.

But suddenly he wanted mommy more than anything.
So again he went to the old man in Gwaka,
And cried," Turn me back! I beg! Turn me back!
I miss mommy so much, her scolding and nagging.
And more than anything, my tummy sounds bad!"

The old wizard said,"I simply can't, honey.
Only when your mother looks at you with love
You can ever become normal again."

So Doy flew home landed before her mommy,
Who was frightened out of her wits and dropped all the laundry!
"Mommy, it's me! I'm a bad Doy!
I'm really sorry! Would you please forgive me?"

"Doy, my baby! Is that really you!
What have you turned into, honey?
Where have you been?"
"Sorry, mommy! I'm a bad Doy!",
said the little Doy as he started to shrink.

He shrunk until he became
the little Doy his mommy loved.
"I'll give you all the candy, baby,
Just promise that you'll never run away from me!"
"I don't want candy, mommy,
I only want you."

And that was the legend of the greedy, bad Doy!

Line count: 37
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