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by R.King
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A mothers letter to her kids after he has passed on
Hi kids,

Sorry to have this delivered to you after I’ve passed on but I’m hoping that you will gain some small comfort from these words. Share it with every one you feel might need it. If dad is still around talk to him every day, see him as often as you would want to be seen by your kids. As I write this Luca has just had his first Christmas and I’m not planning on going anywhere for a very long time but the following words were in my heart and I wanted to get them down before I forget them. They are meant to make your grief a little easier to go through.

You mustn’t be sad at my going away,
You may not see me or feel me but know I’ll be with you every moment from now on.
Grieve as you must, but don’t hang on to your emptiness because of me, miss me as I know you will,
but don’t be sad for I’m still here in your heart.
Remember me fondly, even though you see my faults. My love for you all cannot be put into words, each of you has a special place with me.
I can not prepare you for today and I know that each of you will be hurting but keep me in your heart and I will help you through the toughest of all your heart aches.
Know that you all have been loved, like no other love. A Mother and Father hates to hurt their children but my leaving is just time passing as it is for everyone.
I love you all.
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