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by Olga
Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2218723
A small empirical investigation on the reviving qualities of Fashion. (The beginning)
A Small Empirical Investigation On The Reviving Qualities Of Fashion, or Beauty Will Save The World

Part I. Chapter 1. About The Sublime Relationship Between The Greedy Ogre And The Toothless Servant

On a remote and gloomy hill
There lived an Ogre who didn’t want to pay his bills!
He lived in a first-class and comfortable castle,
But all the splendid halls were messy,
Because this brutal lazy beast
Was greedy to the over-sky degrees!
He had the only one committed Servant
Who could his antics tolerate
Without preaching daily sermons
To make his master well behaved.
The other candidates for this position
Who hadn’t met requirements of the desired job
Had made his more or less filling nutrition
Served as a sausage or a chop.
The current Servant suited best
The Ogre’s particular request:
He hardly ever spoke and ate tiny amounts.
In fact, he wasn’t so good tempered as it sounds…
He would undoubtedly ask for more
But he unfortunately had the only tooth in store…
And this regrettable misfortune
His vigor accurately tortured, −
His weakness made him rather slow;
This fact provoked the noisy rows,
In which the Servant couldn’t just pronounce a word −
He forcelessly let fall his head as if to nod;
And actually this gesture helped to cease the fire
Being the main condition to be hired –
This work suggested a toothless true conformist;
And his behavior so agreeable and earnest
Made even Ogre’s somewhat of a “heart” forbearing
And stopped him short from violent tearing…
The situation reflects well
That there is no entire Evil,
No definitive Black and White, Heaven and Hell,
That all stereotypes can be misleading!
Our weaknesses can do us good,
And we must learn positive thinking,
And see beyond the prejudice and need for food
And recognize how everything is truly interlinking!
It all proclaims the Sacred Balance,
The Divine Order in the Universe:
The things that are at first sight malice
Are truly blessings, not a curse!!!
Here one can witness Perfect Divine Logic
As if one takes their time to think
Who would this servant be without being pathologic?
An unemployed, consumer of strong drinks…
It’s tough with working places in this region
And having any kind of job
Deserves worship as much as does religion
Regardless of it is humane and suitable or not!
And if to think even a little further,
With admiration one can understand,
That the Ogre’s strategy was merciful, well-chosen,
Provided benefits to the fullest extent.
Imagine that the Toothless Servant gets a proper wage –
Then he will save up enough money
To see the dentist, then will his diet rearrange…
The consequences will not be so funny!
What’s next? Oh, God forbid, he’ll feel the power in himself to argue
And to produce some useless and defensive words!
Inevitably, he will end up in a human fondue,
With flavors of domestic herbs.
So let’s again give glory to the Divine Balance
And highly praise the Sacred Wisdom of the World,
Where tyranny is merciful and handicaps are blessings,
And stand in awe of this insightful thought…
…OK, I hope I outlined enough
The ties that this tandem had bound,
So let’s proceed to other stuff,
See what this faithful story is about.

Chapter 2. The Unsolved Riddle. About Importance Of Kind And Timely Assistance And Divine Interaction Between Digestion and Faith
Who is it crawling on all fours,
No powers, falling on his stomach, newly rising?
He barely moves his limbs, his cloths are torn;
His last vital drop of life seems so surprising!
He crawls throughout the country, pops in every village,
And terrifies the local women by his image!
(As certainly he manages no pillage!)
He brings on chaos, cries, confusion
With his unwarranted intrusion.
Everyone banishes the unwanted stranger
And beats him soundly to surely avoid the danger!
The stranger has to fight all the misfortunes on his way:
Vicissitudes of people’s vicious and distrustful nature,
Those of the weather − winds and rains,
And he has nothing to protect him…
He is hungry, thirsty, out of strength…
…But… wait a minute, my good Friends…
Let’s have a closer look at the unlucky stranger
Perhaps, something familiar there is in this lone ranger…
The bare feet, the rags, that can’t conceal
Those skinny arms and legs of his; his eyes with desperate appeal
Protruding bones, the one protruding tooth…
Oh my good Friends! I guess I know the truth!!!!
Well, if it isn’t our fellow Servant!
But what’s he doing in this place?
What reason made him so determined
To leave his Master and to undertake this miserable race?
What is he searching for so thoroughly in these unfriendly lands,
Checking up every house and hoping for a chance?
But all in vain so far, a waste of effort, useless…
And weaker he becomes, and farther seems the purpose…
Is it his last unhappy journey?
And will we have to say goodbye?
Oh, no! My good Friends, it’s too early –
As in the second chapter it is so absurd to die!!!
To his tremendous fortune
The poor figure of himself
Was finally lavishly nurtured
And offered a life-saving help.
The world is small as we are told,
But there are people with hearts of gold:
In one small village a kind-hearted girl
Brought him a giant sausage swirl
Which he had trouble to chew well,
So he just sucked it… “What the hell?” –
The girl observed him in true stupefaction,
But momentarily she figured out her next actions.
The girl herself was rather sturdy and a hearty eater,
And so she felt so much with him, − and out of pity
She cooked him a king-sized bowl of soup,
On seeing which the Servant whooped.
With pleasant warmth that coursed into his body −
He felt his thoughts no longer muddy.
And insight dawned in Servant’s face
He sees the light again and he regains the faith.
A fresh and bright idea visited his despondent mind
And his new routes are now defined.
…Here we leave our fellow in good spirits
As chapter two has its own limits…
I promise you to do my best
To solve the riddles in the chapter that comes next!
Don’t walk too far away and be around
As soon the truth will leave the clouds…

Chapter 3. About The Hardships Of The Greedy Ogre’s Life. Zooming Into The Greedy Ogre’s Personality.
We’re going back to the abandoned Master,
Who’s left alone in his neglected home.
He’s sitting in his spacious dusty room, crying at the cadaster,
He asks the Heavens who on Earth invented the damned thing and what for?!
It’s time to look a little closer
At this brutal greedy lazy beast,
Whose second name did not pop up from nowhere,
And surely describes what is distinct.
His Greediness given by Nature
Provoked his rather lazy mind
To doubt fairness of legislature
By which his private castle must be fined!!
In fact, he did not want at all
To part with any of his money
So he was trying to brainstorm,
But as at laws he was a dummy,
He couldn’t draw up any tax evasion schemes
And used traditional and safest methods:
He just devoured whole the valets of regime,
Whether it was a team or individual collectors…
Soon the collectors were in short supply
And the authorities gave the alarm and had to take some measures:
They sent him now officials strongly fortified,
Their arms invincible and striking terror!
The most unpleasant types were sent,
Least likely to be eaten readily and to water the Ogre’s mouth…
And as a vital supplement
They had with them a bag of moths!!
They took mosquitos, ants as well
As they had learned by ruse that the Ogre
Was ticklish, he would hit the ground, he would yell
And pray in plaintive voice that it was over!
Thus the Ogre was compelled to pay by this sophisticated tactic.
He yielded every time and situation drove him frantic!
He needed urgently a solution, a way out!
It was the only thing that he could think about…
…Suddenly a blissful thought
Hit his one-eyed furrowed forehead!
He thanked the Heavens for support,
Tears dwelling in his eyes, and nothing left of torment!
He needs a WIFE! She’ll take on all his duties!
She must be small and thin, he doesn’t care for beauty…
To feed her properly is not Ogre’s intention,
The only thing he needs from her – her credit card, −
And then she’s in detention!
How simple, salutary, smart!!!
So he cries out for his Servant and barks him the instructions:
To catch the skinniest and richest girl
And bring her to the castle to his Master;
There is not much time left for him to discern,
As the collectors time comes soon! He’d better hurry! FASTER!!
The wise, experienced and toothless Servant knew:
Resistance is futile, obedience is safer;
The very next day he shook off the morning dew,
Set off for the unchancy track, showing exemplary behavior…
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