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This is a letter from me in 2320 to you in 2020. It depends on you whether it is fiction.


My name is Daisy.

I was born in 2302. In other words, I'm 18 years old.

We're family of four.

We lives in the town named “Li×××eh×pe Town”.

How is your life in 2020?

I don't know what 21th century was like.

Such old books almost gone in this age.

I used to know some old songs for example “We Are The World”.

It's so nice. I like this song, but I don't know its rhythm.

So I can't sing this song :_(

《How Lovely》

That aside, the main subject of this story is my daily life.

My life is......How can I say it's......


I wake up every morning at 5 and go for a walk soon.

Then I come back and have breakfast and......go for a walk soon.

And then I usually play with “EGGN”.

You say “Who is EGGN”?


I'll tell you about EGGN later, but you'll never know more about them.

This is because I don't wanna talk about them.

......And after that, it's time to eat dinner.

Why don't I have lunch?

No duh B^D

Why can I afford such luxury?


Anyway, my daily life is so lovely!!

《How Lovely My》

By the way, I'd like to talk about my family whom I love so much.

As I said before, there're for people in my family.

I have Father, Mother, and one younger brother.

Father whose name is Jay is good at fixing various things. It has been 2 months since he died.

Mother whose name is Samantha is so attractive and smart. About two weeks passed since she has gone missing.

My brother whose name is Mikie loves stories about Science Fiction. He has become dog food, or rather “egg food” too easily.

Who killed my familly?

Of course, it's EGGN. Detestable EGGN did it.

I'm sorry. I don't wanna remember about it any more.

......I got really tired so I'll write more later.

《How Lovely My Daily》

Let me see......

Okay, let's talk about something else.

I......I like writing very much!

Although this world I live in is cruel and sanguinary, I don't stop writing now and forever.

So what is your hobby?

Since when? Until when?

I just heard that “Continuity is the father of success”.

This proverb is quite old.

I know it because “he” taught me.

《How Lovely My Daily Life》

Oh, sorry!

He is my friend.

He is a obscure writer.


You might not believe it, but he seems to be The Time Reaper.

Thanks to him this daily I'm writing now can be a letter for you live in 2020.

And he translated my sentence in my language to that you can understand.

If you find some typographical errors, please let him know.

Maybe I should have said earlier...... (:|

I wonder what he is doing now.

《How Lovely My Daily Life Is》

I have one more friend.

He's name is Diane.

I think it has become 3 years since we first became acquainted, but I could be wrong.

He is deaf.

Although at first, I confused about it, I was able to communicate soon with my ingenuity for example making conversation by means of writing.


He was a good boy, but now he is a dead man.

He found “it” in the cave.

It means “The Evil Gate”.

Of all things───He touched it.

Diane touched a contraindication.

It was......It was so......

It was soooooo beautiful......

You think “why you know it?”?

This is because I was there too.

We saw a crack which was so cool...

I have never seen such a mysterious thing.

the small eggs like stones rolled around there.

And then......

I'm so sorry.

I never wanna remember it for the life of me.

I leave it to your imagination what happened to him after that.

《H×× Lone×y ×y D×××× Li×e ×× !!! ;)》

You really wanna know about EGGN, don't you?

Hold on, please.

I just gonna look for the note written about them......

Yes! I found.

It is me named them “EGGN”.

There is no special meaning.

However, I think a little why they look like a egg.

I wonder it's some metaphor.

Something new nobody knows may start some years later.

Suddenly, EGGN which are new predators were born.

Maybe this event means the beginning of the new world.

The times mankind can be arrogant is over.

I said I don't wanna tell, but I don't knows about them in detail anyways.

......By the way, I wanna talk about planning from now on, but......

Apparently the visitor came to my house.

Then, see you again if......

If I still alive at that time......

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