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The Sixth Commandment Outline
Outline - This week's Goal

Subject to Change - PRN

Stacy Hawks - CC of story. A Police Detective who is next in line to be Chief Investigator. Getting too close to solving her assigned murder case, the higher ups put pressure on her to take an early retirement. Having no choice, she becomes an PI and continues the case. Dtr. Of a retired PI and sister of a priest, she hunts, with the intent to kill, the wrong man. The man she believes is responsible for the disappearance of her 12 year-old dtr. 3 years earlier.

Colton Franks - A CIA agent who is working undercover. Approximately 3 years ago, he gained employment with the Russian organization known for its affiliations with overseas Black Market trade in money, drugs and girls. His objective was obtain the evidence needed to bring down the top people responsible for its protection and support in the US. He was also responsible for stopping, by any means, Stacy from endangering the case.

Skelly - Is a friend of Stacy’s father, 10 years his junior and a Special Agent (Green Beret), specialized in Killing. He is brought in by the Federals to act as Colton’s outside contact. Stacy is unaware of his relationship with Colton. He befriends Stacy and becomes her confidant. He wants to be more than just a friend, but his assigned role in her life makes a problem.

Tom Stone - Stacy’s assigned detective partner.

Those that don’t need profiles:


Plot: (What story is about)

Conflict that characters are contributing:

CC’s major conflict:

What prerequisites/skills doe the CC need to accomplish goal:

What happens if CC fails:

Possible Conclusion:





Act One:

Stacy is lured to Ocean Beach in SF because of a phone call promising information on her daughter. She is shot and saved by a mysterious figure. She passes out before she can make any sense of the matter.

Set-up - Introduce hero and ordinary world

1. Introduction: (set-up) - Introduce hero and ordinary world, establish WND, some background, setting
A. Stacy is a Police Detective and works for the SF Police Dept
B. A mother of a missing 12 year old daughter
C.Sister of a Catholic Priest
D. Daughter of a retired PI
E. Setting: San Francisco, CA
F. Next in line to be promoted to Chief Investigator at the end of the year
G. Stacy is aware of the heightened activity of the Russian Syndicate due to many of the top leaders being set free by the courts on mistrials.
H. She is also aware of Colton’s connection and holds him responsible for her daughter’s disappearance.
I. Stacy and Skelly meet. He comes over for Christmas dinner. Stacy feels attracted to him but senses a feeling of an eerie familiarity with him, but can’t place it.
J. Tom her ex-lover and partner shows up to call her out on a murder scene at the Chief’s insistence. Before leaving, he places a small wrapped jewelry box on the counter, giving no further explaination.

2. Inciting incident: (conflict) what happens that leads her toward (s a LCE
A. Night time with a full pink moon in the sky) Stacy meets Tom on The Ocean Beach by the pier. Claiming it is at the Chief’s insistence because she covered two similar cases, one 1 yr ago and the other in Kern County 6 months ago. All three carrying characteristics of the same MO, however this one is the worst by far. Both hands and feet had been sawed off, a blow torched used on her face and her tongue cut out.
B. Stacy is worried that the victim is her daughter
C. Stacy learns that she has been passed over for the promotion and can either accept it, quit or take an early retirement (there had gossip from the female workers on how women are not qualified to hold top positions)
D. She also learns that Tom has been offered and accept the promotion
E. Introduce Skelly in more depth.

3. Immediate reaction (resolution) What does she do? Realization of something
A. Sure that the Russians are behind all 3 murders, Stacy begins to question “just what message they are trying to send and to whom?”
B. Unable to get confirmation whether or not it’s Chrystal
C. Confronts Chief about not getting the promotion. She knows that this is a “do or die” promotion for her. It would put her at the bargaining table with the CIA and allow her access to the Russian Files.
D. Lets emotion rule her judgment, she quits job, leaving her gun and badge on the desk.
E. Later Alicia, the ME, confirms that it is not Chrystal
F. Both frustrated and relieved she goes to Rico’s Cocktail lounge, meets up with Joe Rico, an old friend, talks about Chrystal and gets drunk. Joe takes her home and puts her to bed.
G. Before leaving, he takes out his pocket watch, opens it and smiles at the picture of Stacy and Chrystal together.

Conflict - A problem disrupts hero’s life

4. Reaction (Rebel): (set-up)
A. The next morning Stacy goes to Ma Belle’s Coffee on The Ocean Beach shore for a cup of what Ma Belle called her family home brew. Ma Belle would never disclose what was in it, only that it would cure most anything and in most cases it did. She would serve this brew to people she knew well. (Describe Ma Belle and give some background - what she is seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, , flashbacks) Clearing her head from the night before, she rethinks her situation
B. Stacy met Ma Belle several years ago, became good friends. She was always someone that she could confide in, and in most cases Ma Belle would treat Stacy as a daughter.
B. Ma Belle helped to see she has cut off all her abilities of gaining information about the syndicate, and she needed to try and get her job back. She decides to make plans to go and see Chief Bronson.
C. Tom walks into the precinct and sees her talking to the Chief. He walks into the Chief’s office and inquires about what is happening. The Chief tells him. Tom stays silent, giving the Chief a warning glance. Excuse: neither can afford her having any access to files and/or information regarding the syndicate
D. Chief Bronson refuses to rehire Stacy
F. Leaving, she stops at her desk that was directly across from Tom’s and gathers what few personal items she had. Reaching into her purse, she withdraws the small jewelry box and places it on Tom’s desk with a note.
G. Ma Belle advises her that for the type of help she needs, Joe Rico is the man she should be talking to.

5. Action: (conflict) Protag- Characters can do things to others instead having things done to t hem
A. Knowing that Ma Belle has a point, Stacy views it as cowing down and asking for help - something that she isn’t ready to do yet.
B. Sitting at the coffee shop, she begins to put some thoughts together.
1. What is the Chief worried about her finding out?
2. During the past year and a half, three Russian Syndicate officials were arrested and all three walked due to a mis-trial call by Judges Marks, (failure of disclosure of evidence by the prosecutor) Anderson (unable to produce key witnesses by the prosecutor) and Peterson (failure to produce confidential informant) - why?
3. Why was she really passed over for the promotion?
C. Decides to break into the file room where these files are kept - and find out.
D. Breaks in and almost gets caught (tension needed here) makes copies.
E. Makes up her mind to infiltrate the syndicate for proof to back up files, find out more information about Chrystal, expose the US involvement.
A. Decides she has no choice but to contact Joe Rico, the son of the competitive Italian Mafia Syndicate DON and next in line for that position.
B. She goes to his Rico’s Cocktail Lounge, they meet and reminisce about their relationship while in college.
C. Stacy tells Joe about Chrystal’s disappearance, her job status, and her plans. She also tells him that she needs help to a non-traceable gun off the Black Market.
D. Joe tries to talk her out of it and calls it nonsense. They argue, Joe finally agrees only if she’ll agree to let his inside contact help her and notify him if she needs help. Stacy agrees and leaves.
D. Joe picks up his cell and calls Colton Franks

6. Consequence: (Resolution)
A. Joe makes contact with his gun seller and sets up a meet in two days.
B. Calls Stacy to tell where and when and cautions her to be careful because it is a one-time meet and there are no rules.
C. Stacy goes, she and Cooks almost get caught, but get away. (**excuse meeting boss**)
D. Cooks sends her to Banducchi’s Guns, telling her that he will help her - for a price.

Resolution - Hero’s life has changed direction

7. Pressure: (set-up)
A. Stacy arrives at Banducchi’s and finds the gun she needs
B. Banducchi refuses because of legalities until he sees the $5,000 that she brought
C. Stacy knows that once she has bought the gun, she has crossed the line of the law.
D. Stacy buys the gun
E. 2 AM Stacy leaves for the precinct, the field officers would be out, leaving a skeleton crew on duty. The Duty Officer would just have made his rounds of the building and wouldn’t start them again for another 2 hours.
F. Makes her way to the locked file room, picks lock and enters.
G. Misjudges time, DO makes round early. Stacy leaves her small flashlight on counter and file drawer slightly ajar. Hears DO fumbling with keys, she silently takes flashlight and hides. DO enters, and notices nothing and leaves.
H. Panicking that she will get caught, instead of coping the files, she stuffs them in her bag and slips out, again leaving the file drawers slightly ajar and forgetting to lock the door.
F. Skelly shows up at her apartment that night, ends up staying all night
G. Introduce Skelly in more depth

8. Pinch #1: (conflict)
A.Stacy is beginning to like Skelly a lot even though he is 10 yrs. Her senior
(??)B. Skelly begins to question Stacy on her recent activities, she didn’t know that he has been following her since she quit. (??)
C. Skelly tells her that he knows about her meeting with Rico (**Shows some jealousy**)
D. Skelly tells her that they are also aware that Chrystal is Rico’s biological daughter. The word on the streets is The Russian Syndicate is holding her hostage for the territorial rights of the entire West Coast because it brings in higher profits, and they can’t afford Stacy to get caught in the middle and blow the whole case.
E. Stacy becomes furious and feels betrayed. She breaks down and cries, not knowing what to do or who to turn to. She feels like she has too many questions and not enough answers. At the same time she feels that he is holding something back, but it is too late for her to turn back now because she has opened the door of crime.
F. Stacy chooses not to divulge her plans.
G. On his way out, Skelly notices the files in her bag.

9. Push #1: (resolution)
A. Stacy goes to a poorer community of SF and rents an apartment.
B. Places any ID of her life and her past life as a cop in a storage unit for safe keeping.
C. Gathers her undercover wigs, contacts and goes shopping for a wild style and high sophisticated clothes and jewelry and takes them to her undercover apartment.
D. On her way home, she stops at the bank and requests access to her safe deposit box (**fake documents**)
F. Julie calls and tells her that she got a tip and the top Syndicate thugs will be at the Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner and drinks.
G. At 7 that night, she returns to her new apartment and gets ready to make an appearance at the Wharf. She plans her arrival at 9, wearing black, form-fitting satin dress with a plunging neck-line forming a V to her waist.
3 wigs. A Brunette A-line short-cut, a blond wavy style that fell to her shoulders and a black thick, long, and straight falling to her waist. Going about her personal business she dresses in bluejeans, tank tops, sweaters, sweat shirts.
2 pair of contacts, 1 to make her eyes appear blue and 1 to make her eyes appear emerald green.
H. Gets dressed, apply make-up, fixes hair and leaves for the wharf.
I. Enters (make sexy - remember she trying catch Colton’s attention)
J. Colton and Stacy meet
K. Use all five senses to describe what is going on inside of her

Act Two:

Set-up - Hero explores new world -

10. New World (set-up) - cover introduction to new world
A. Stacy’s introduction to the Russian Syndicate top people (need names)
1. She accompanies Colton on board a private yacht.
2. She is viewed as Colton’s girlfriend allowing her to come and go as she pleases
3. Stacy gains their trust and she uses that trust to pass between her old world and her new world looking for Chrystal.
4. (use all 5 senses) to describe her mingling within the group
11. Fun & Games (event/conflict) possible romantic connection
A. Stacy meets up with Skelly again. Her feelings for him are growing stronger, but she holds back sharing her activities as of late, bringing about feelings of guilt.
B. Skelly wants her go with him to his cabin in the mountains for a weekend, Stacy can’t because she going to be tied up with Colton

12. Old World contrast (resolution)

Conflict - Hero encounters crisis of new world

13. Build up (set-up)
14. Midpoint (conflict)
15. Reversal (resolution)

Resolution - hero dedicates to finding solution

16. Reaction (set-up)
17. Action (conflict)
18. Dedication (resolution)

Act Three: -

Set-up - Hero faces defeat - Victory seems impossible

19. Trials (set-up)
20. Pinch pt. # 2 (Event/conflict) - Possible love connection, lovers getting to know each other but may have conflicting opinions on something.
21. Darkest moment (resolution)

Conflict - Hero must find power and take action

22. Power within (set-up)
23. Action (conflict)
24.Converge (resolution) - plot must converge and gather

Resolution - Hero fights and wins, resolving quest

25. Final battle (set-up)
26. Climax
27. Resolution (resolution
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