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A thought someone had while they were in isolation and asked me to write this for them.
Knowledge is not important enough, we have been saturated by computers. We have been stated what were supposed to think, what is important in there own way. In other words we are isolated and not worth the money we cost.

In the past the old taught the young, we have done that for many generations and thanks to that, the knowledge has survived and we have evolved.

Today we have to comfort the young and to agree with them in everything even if we don't agree. But we didn't loose our marbles and without pity we can say. I call it the cleansing virus, it is tidying up society in the most brutal way possible, liberating housing and the N.H.S.

It is a cruel way of doing it, we are a burden to the country and to society, we have lived too long. The pensions are too costly and although the science has advanced we lived too long, with the cost to the N.H.S. It is sad and discomforting for most of us, but is reality and the law of life.

I do not know where my life has gone; I have been a person who always looked young. I've never worried about it, now it is all gone, I am old. The're are many things I should have done, but I didn't and there is nothing I can do, my life is spent.

It is depressing, but it is reality and I just have to wait for my date. The problem is that the so called corona virus don't allow us to get near our loved ones and economically we are not going to be able to help.
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