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by Seuzz
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While training Miles Morales, Spider-Man must avoid being captured by Kraven the Hunter.
Characters: Peter Parker/Spider-Man; Miles Morales; Kraven; Norman Osborne.

Open with SPIDER-MAN and SPIDER-MILES fighting a criminal gang. The two teens banter as they fight, revealing that after the battle with Mendel Stromm and his spider-bots, Spidey has taken Miles under his wing and is going to help him train to be a crime-fighter using the new tech he has created that helps him to mimic Spider-Man's powers. The two are so busy bantering that they don't notice that the gang has led them into a busy square, where they interrupted by a broadcast on a jumbo TV screen: KRAVEN, host of the TV show "Kraven's Amazing Hunt" has come to town to hunt Spider-Man.

Act I
Kraven begins to chase them on live TV—recorded by drone-cameras—interspersing his narration with boasts and commercials; he is interrupted at one point by a phone call, which reveals he is working for an unseen employer. (In a later cutaway the employer is revealed to be NORMAN OSBORNE.) Meanwhile the two spider-guys try escaping, but trip various traps set earlier by Kraven, who has studied their habits ahead of time. After they realize this, they realize that they need to be more unpredictable, and so take to the sewer instead of the sky. But too late they discover that Kraven also tries to anticipate his preys' backup plans, and they walk right into a trap. Kraven appears and gloats over them.

Act II
The two spider-guys manage to unlock their cages and web Kraven to a wall. But after they've left the sewer and congratulated themselves, Kraven bursts out, blasts the cameras, and swears that he will take them down in the worst way. (In his tower, Osborne is angered by the interrupted signal, and wonders aloud what Kraven is up to.) Kraven pins Spider-Man to a wall with a boomerang, then shoots Spider-Miles with a fear dart, causing him to run away. Spider-Man escapes, knocks Kraven aside, and follows Miles. In his panicked state, Miles interprets Spider-Man as a monster, and the only way he snap him out of it is by unmasking and revealing who he is.

An unmasked Peter calms Miles and tells him to remain behind to recover while he returns to find Kraven; he is lured to the zoo by a scream, and has to dive into a lion pit to save a woman placed there as bait by Kraven. He manages to trap the lions and waits for Kraven to come down for a hand-to-hand fight, but Kraven is knocked out by an octo-bot. Spider-Man is amazed to see Norman Osborne on hand to save him, until an octo-bot knocks him out.

Spider-Man wakes up in an Oscorp facility, where he and Kraven are both bound in chairs. Osborne appears and tries getting Spider-Man to confess that he is the vanguard of a "spider army", then dismisses his denials and promises to dissect him. He is interrupted by the appearance of Spider-Miles. In the subsequent fight, involving the spider-men and octo-bots, some vital machinery is damaged, leading Osborne to flee. Spider-Man stays behind to rescue Kraven, who runs off.

At the end Miles thanks Peter for being a good teacher and friend, and for trusting him (Miles) with his (Peter's) secret.

The above with only minor modifications is derived from "Kraven's Amazing Hunt" by Chris Cox and Kevin Shinick.

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