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How a celebrated woman figures prominently in one's life ....
Moon Of Many

You speak to me from your immediate orbit,
of how your fashions remain eclectic in style,
the most electric moments of your beauty reaching out,
as you hug me close with your undeniable, tidal pull,
as now I feel my blood surging ... surging up from
those telling places of the heart. For it is true -
Time wanes or waxes, or even when you're a New Moon,
a fashionista for new clothes while in the nude ...
I see your nakedness, and bring to you soft wool
that reminds me of when you first found me there -
o Moon of mine, taking pity upon my deepening despair
in your soft Light, and surrounded me with soft
blue-silver arms of the lightest touch, alighting on
both shoulders then gently you reached down before
I discarded the lessons at hand, and like woolen
strands wrapping our eyes met and you gave me the
sensation of the purest, sweetest Love as one feels
your fingertips roam around the roots of my hair
silvered by the times of Life and living. One by one
my fibers began to intimately relent - and gave way
with certain, warmest consent as now I feel our breaths
fall and rise as I rapidly surmise that I ... I was
full well within your gravitational pull which began
so lightly - like a cherub let fly with the tiniest
signs that I chose to align within my deepest of joys.
Though I was not deterred in a sense, it was by being
earnest as the two-a-day-tides that you now cast
around my soul, o Moon of mine, you sweep away all
those hurts profound I had felt in my youth and in
their place you removed disgrace, and further you
found the means to displace them into darkest space -
kicking and screaming those demons were flailed apace
and cast outwards yonder and away. And at that instant
your fingers now leave my scalp as you cast more of
your magical Light upon mine eyes which were clouded
over with hatred and pain together, claiming somehow
now theysee(!!)

You rove over my muscles and bones, pushing aside the
defensive, cold emotional stone that is my heart and of
what I know to be a part of my personality. You are not
chagrined but rather remove the stifling things that
inhibit your Light from discerning what or where it was
that I ceased all learning ... and began from there.
I feel the celestial cashmere now surrounding us both
together, O Moon of mine, and I bask in your reflected
Light and accept it now as my own, I tuck it around my
shoulders for it was Light that bounced off of those
huge gorgeous smoulders from a glorious Sun above.
I grasp so lightly at your being, around those flat places,
your tummy like the mare of invisible seas that
used to flow plentifully in a different era - but no longer.
Obeying the laws of good thoughts and illumining my deeds
allows us to be betrothed - we two together - the Sun god
deeming us as One. It is thought that I circle the Sun,
that you circle 'round me - but that isn't most important:
what is most important is that I have thee. Let your precious
fluid touch my lips of a different kind, o moon shine in sweet

You wear a new outfit only "once in a blue Moon". and
with your signature obligatory spin stirs desires within
not a few...Oh, what to call you? Some days you wear the
cornucopia from which all good things come, gifted to us by
the powerful Sun, and you become that Harvest Moon to so
many. Or those dark, onyx nights where in the pitch blackness
of the void, again you are... new and nude ... upon the bed
as I rush to you carrying cashmere and a warm heart - a new
Moon so you are! Then there are the styles of so many other
Moons past, the super clothing of a retrograde Time, so striking
and heart stopping all at once ... you have us all at hello!
You venture further away from me at times, you become the true
satellite that you are, and fly to places far away and exotic
entrances are made; I miss you more now than ever. When you
are gone, the absence of your laughter is replaced with an
empty coldness that falls flat upon the walls and floors,
even the dogs are dispirited and dispatch to the outer fields
at night, barking into the distance as their ancestors did
so long ago. In your absence I do things clever, and accept
that the one most important thing is Time. In your seeking deeper
meaning in the Revolutions you admire: after all, you say to them
that hear, I am their only Home.

Oh Ms. Moon - celebrated Lady, come home!!
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