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Rated: 18+ · Draft · Fantasy · #2218811
Some of my chapters from a deleted interactive story found on an old hard drive.
Betty’s Butt Buddy

You knew from past experience that being caught between a hand and another body part was a recipe for disaster that usually left you flattened and stuck in its wake. Sometimes you ended up stuck to the hand instead, but that in itself was usually far from pleasant. In the past you’d been stuck for days in circumstances like this, so every instinct in your body compelled you to move, to get away from the imminent danger of your aunt’s rapidly approaching palm.

Propelled into action you rolled yourself to the left, away from the hand and towards the centre of Betty’s butt. Though you were aware of the danger of falling into the crack you felt, naively, that you would be able to stop your momentum before that happened, your hands sliding across the smooth skin of the giant woman’s flesh as you attempted to get a good grip. Then the hand hit.

In your rush to get away, you’d failed to realise that Betty’s strike posed a threat beyond the risk of directly crushing you. The force of the slap sent ripples racing through her meaty cheeks, which not only provided extra momentum to your roll but made the already difficult task of stopping yourself completely impossible. Desperate, you attempted to stop in any way possible, but there was nothing you could do as you tipped over the edge, and straight into your aunt’s waiting buttcrack.

If there was any salvation to be had in this situation, it was that Betty’s prone form ensured that her cheeks were not spread apart, and your movement came to a stop just a couple of inches into the seemingly endless abyss, crammed deep between your aunt’s massive buttocks. The smell here was toxic, assaulting your nostrils with the atrocious scent of dried sweat and stale gas, and your immediate reaction was to desperately attempt to claw your way back to the surface.

Unfortunately for you, your attempts to escape made no progress against the squishy flesh that surrounded you, serving only to cause a slight itch between Betty’s cheeks which your aunt responded to by unconsciously grinding her cheeks together, slightly lifting her bare ass into the air as she wiggled it around. Soon enough the itch was gone and the sleeping brunette relaxed back into her original position, sighing happily to herself as she continued to sleep peacefully, unaware of the unfortunate fate she had inflicted upon her defenceless nephew.

Completely unable to defend yourself, the sudden movement of your aunt’s cheeks had crushed you completely between the massive mounds of her posterior, reducing you to little more than a tan smear hidden deep within the confines of her equally tanned rear. Though you couldn’t see it yourself, you wouldn’t have been surprised to find that you blended in almost perfectly with Betty’s own flesh, a faint vaguely human-shaped outline the only sign you were there at all. The situation only became worse as the massive brunette rolled onto her side, causing the full weight of her left cheek to fall upon you, pressing you ever deeper into the warm embrace of its neighbour.

The sad thing was that today was far from the first time you’d had these kinds of experiences with Betty’s ass. For whatever reason, your aunt’s butt had always seemed to function like some kind of massive booty magnet around you, or like some sort of Ben-seeking missile, constantly zeroing in on your squishy body and sucking you into its torturous embrace.

When you were a small child Betty had seemed to sit on you every time she visited, somehow unable to enter the same room as you without dropping her ass upon your form. Sometimes you’d be discovered soon after, but other times you’d spend hours beneath her, or even get carried home as a tiny addition to her rear, suffering for days at a time before finally being saved. On one family vacation between your family and Betty’s you’d spent both the flight over and the flight back buried beneath your aunt, and at least half of the vacation itself smeared across her ass, whether it be as part of her yoga pants, a bikini, or just stuck to her bare ass itself. Even worse, she’d never retrieved you after the return flight, and you’d spent another two weeks as her booty prisoner before a stroke of luck had seen you found by Sarah and finally returned to your mother.

Each of the occurrences had been hell for you, but Betty had always been apologetic and you knew she never meant to do it on purpose. If anyone’s reaction bothered you it was your mother’s, who seemed to find the whole situation vaguely humorous, often joking that her sister’s butt was like your second home. This was why she had laughed when first seeing you on the other woman’s ass that morning, and the nonchalance of her response concerned you greatly.

Right now though a part of you felt like your mother may have had a point, as your second home welcomed you back with a warm bath of fresh sweat and a distant grumble that soon turned into a steady release of gas as your aunt casually relieved the pressure of her bowels. Betty cooed with pleasure as the building cramps in her abdomen subsided, while you found yourself facing a whole new definition of suffering as the warm and horrid air relentlessly washed over you, filling your noise with the processed stench of the giant brunette’s last few meals. The increased warmth from the farts only made the sweating worse, and the force of it was enough to propel Betty back into movement, her legs and cheeks shifting as she continued to moan in pleasurable relief.

You would remain in this hell for nearly two hours, trapped in a world of constant pressure and heat broken only by the periodic erupting of your aunt’s gas and the occasional shifts in the cheeks above. At some point Betty had rolled onto her right side, but you remained equally trapped until your mother wandered into the room in search of her sister, raising an eyebrow at Betty’s lack of clothing and waving a hand to dispel the unpleasant smell that now permeated the room.

Mary sighed as she looked down at her sleeping sister, reaching down to shake the slightly older woman awake. “Betty... Betty! Wake up girl.” She allowed a small smile as sleepy brown eyes met her own. “Good morning sleepy head. Where’s Ben?”

Taking a moment to consider the question, Betty groaned as she rose to a sitting position, unconsciously grinding her amble posterior against the bed as she pondered what may have happened to her squishy little nephew. But does your aunt remember what she’d asked you to do, and if so will she be able to find you buried within her ass?

- Betty doesn’t remember where you are and goes about her day normally

Travelling in the Booty

“Hmm…” Betty paused for a moment as she tried to remember when she’d last seen you, still grinding her butt around as she worked to scratch a persistent itch deep between her buttocks. A nagging thought at the back of her mind told her she was forgetting something but for the life of her she couldn’t remember. “I’m not sure. He was here before but I think he wandered off.”

Your mother sighed at the response, wondering just what kind of trouble her son had gotten into now. “Did you check your butt? Nine times out of ten that’s where he is. Remember last Christmas, when he became an unintentional part of that ‘Naughty Santa’ outfit you rented. The outfit you returned the next day.” She pinched the bridge of her nose. “It took us weeks to get him back.” That had been an annoying experience for her, though an infinitely worse one for you.

Laughing at the memory and ignoring the slight glare from her sister, Betty turned and shook her bare butt at Mary, slapping one of the meaty cheeks and battering you from all sides within their crushing embrace. “Take a look for yourself. No lacy panties for little Benny to get stuck to this time. And it doesn’t feel like he’s on my cheeks either.” To prove her point she grabbed her rear with both hands and ran her palms around, unknowingly squishing her tortured nephew worse than ever.

Mary tried to maintain her stern expression but couldn’t help but giggle herself at Betty’s display, shaking her head as she waved off the booty-assault. “Okay okay, I get it. He’s probably hanging out with Claire.” A part of her was still concerned, but with no obvious sign of you she let the thought slip her mind, failing to even consider that you could be trapped within her sister’s rear.

Just barely able to hear the conversation through the insulating walls of your aunt’s posterior, you wanted to scream out in protest, struggling to move your smeared body enough to get her attention, but succeeding only in aggravating the itch you had caused. Grinding down harder, Betty released a slight moan, the irritation in her butt becoming almost pleasurable as she shifted her cheeks. The sweaty masses moved on either side of you, squelching your defenceless body as you were soaked to the bone with Betty’s noxious sweat and the warm remnants of her plentiful gas.

Though she would have liked to focus a little longer on the pleasant little itch, Mary’s expectant look was enough to compel your aunt into action, hopping up and reaching for her discarded yoga pants. She laughed softly as she remembered your earlier experience beneath these very pants, a small part of her almost wishing you were still there and enjoying the idea of crushing a little man beneath her greatest asset. However, she shook that thought off, remembering that the little man she was thinking of was her own precious nephew and that he’d already suffered enough beneath her booty. Still, she’d be lying if she said the memories of the times she’d found you stuck to her ass after days or weeks of searching didn’t sometimes come back to her when she was… alone.

Not bothering with her underwear in fear that it would smother that delightful feeling in her booty, Betty tugged on her tight yoga pants, jumping slightly in place to get them over her monstrous curves and crushing her cheeks within their tight confines. From your perspective the pressure from all sides increased tenfold as the jiggling rear was crammed into the skin-tight pants, any chance you ever had of being heard or felt being instantly smothered within your aunt’s massive behind. Worse, a muffled apology, most likely directed at your mother, was the only warning you got before a blast of warm air struck you in the face, the atrocious smell of Betty’s gas assaulting you once again and made all the worse as it was now trapped within the absorbent yoga pants.

High above, Mary laughed at her sister’s usual flatulence, waving it off without a thought for the torment being inflicted on her middle child and only son. “Just hurry up and put a shirt on alright. I don’t care if you go commando but I’m not going outside with you looking like that.” She sighed at the quizzical look she received. “Did you forget already? We’re going to the…”

- Movies (Betty’s butt crammed into the narrow seats)

A Movie Under Betty

“Did you forget already? We’re going to the movies.” Mary checked her watch. “And if you don’t hurry up we’ll be late. Sarah’s already waiting in the car.” She sighed as her sister gasped in recognition and finally started getting dressed in earnest, her jiggling booty bouncing around as she struggled into her top and slammed her ass down on the bed again to pull on some socks and shoes. “Seriously? This was the whole reason you came over today.”

Mary and her sister, together with Sarah, had been planning this for a week. The movie they were seeing was rated NC-17 so Brittany had been brought over to stay with Claire while the older girls went out. Kim was technically old enough to come, but it wasn’t the kind of movie you took your exchange student to see. So instead, while your bodacious aunt bounced down the steps and battered you once again within the already far too warm embrace of her sweaty cheeks, your mother simply called out to Claire and, to her mind, yourself with a simple request to take care. Any response that your younger sister may have given was cut off as the front door slammed shut.

Oblivious to your torment, Betty hopped into the passenger seat, shooting a quick smile at Sarah in the back as she happily ground her ass against the cushioned surface, once again enjoying the feeling of that pleasurable little itch deep between her cheeks. You of course took far less pleasure from her actions, your already thoroughly smeared body squished all the more as you were crushed between her mountainous buttocks. It only became worse as your mother hopped in and started the car, the rumbling vibrations ensuring Betty’s rear was in constant motion even if she herself was still.

Finally looking up from her phone, Sarah leant forward to talk to her older relatives. “I was just reading some reviews. Seems like things get a bit steamy.” She laughed at the thought, considering just what kind of movie they were going to see. “Let’s just remember not to tell Ben.”

The comment produced a laugh from both women, Betty literally bouncing in her seat as she thought about just what kind of movie they were going to see. The Oblivious Life of Tiny Tim. The story of a man reduced to one inch in height by a lab accident and forced to survive in an oblivious world. The similarities to yourself were obvious, which was why the three hadn’t shared with you the content of the movie they were going to see, not wanting you to think they were getting ideas. Well that had been your mother and aunt’s justification, Sarah just wanted things to be a surprise.

Smashed and smeared within Betty’s booty you could hear only some of the conversation going on above, but what little you could hear made you concerned as to just what these three were thinking, joking back and forth about your endlessly bad luck when it came to being crushed. You continued to stew over this turn of events even as your aunt exited the car and headed into the cinemas, her long strides shifting your tortured body up and down her crack as her buttocks rolled across you.

Grabbing a large drink and tub of popcorn, Betty remained blissfully oblivious to your fate as she squeezed herself into one of the cinema’s narrow seats, barely fitting her substantial backside between the armrests, and cramming it between the overflowing posteriors of her sister and niece. If you thought the pressure before was terrible than you weren’t sure how to even describe this. With the seat behind, her body above, and your mother and sister to either side, there was nowhere for Betty’s ass to go, its contents squished inwards as her cheeks did their level best to crush you into nothing. And that wasn’t even considering the quickly rising heat as your aunt began to sweat.

What was torment to you was only mild discomfort to your aunt, necessitating just a few shifts as she continued to enjoy her little itch while focusing most of her attention on the movie. She could feel the sweat building between her cheeks but figured her pants would soak it up before it became an issue, and even added to it with a few more silent farts as she munched down on her popcorn. Soon enough she’d forgotten all about the persistent itch, the shaking of her booty now fuelled entirely by laughter as she watched the titular Tim being crushed over and over again by the oblivious woman who were making his life hell. Just like her own little nephew.

A scene half-way in as Tim found himself trapped within the butt of his unaware wife had all three girls bursting into hysterics, drawing confused gazes in their direction as they tried unsuccessfully to muffle their mirth. Sarah in particular found the idea utterly hilarious, wondering if this was a premonition of her little brother’s own fate if he ended up marrying the often clumsy Victoria. “It’s like they’re copying Ben’s life you know. He seems to like butts too.” She did love you, but she also really enjoyed the idea of you getting obliviously squished by the people closest to you, just as long as you still managed to make it back home when all was said and done.

Your mother was in hysterics as well, made all the worse by her oldest child’s comment. She knew these thoughts were wrong, but it really was hilarious how often Ben got stuck to women’s butts, not to mention feet, breasts and any number of other body parts. She’d fret terribly while you were gone, constantly worried that she’d never see you again, but with hindsight she couldn’t help but see the funny side of your numerous misadventures. Like that time your primary school principal had mistaken you for her personal stress toy, or the weeks you’d spent ironed to Sarah’s sports bra. And of course, there were always those times he got stuck to her sister. “Yeah, especially Betty’s ass. That thing is like a magnet, drawing him in over and over again.” It was incredible really, just how often her son was crushed beneath that jiggling booty. “Remember that trip to France? I’m pretty sure he spent more time under your butt than he did seeing the sights.”

“Stop. Stop it. Please.” Betty was nearly doubled over now, her laughter was so great. There was no stopping the jiggling of her ass, the meaty cheeks bouncing all over the place as she shook with unconstrained mirth. Just thinking of all the times she’d obliviously crushed you was enough to bring tears to her eyes, unaware that she was experiencing one of those scenarios right now, the sauna of sweat and stale farts between her buttocks squelching around the smear that was your body. “It was an accident. It was just like every time I sat down he was there. God he felt so good back there.” She said the last part quietly, blushing and hoping her sister didn’t hear, though the smirk she received from her niece told her that at least one of the other women had heard her quiet admission.

As your relatives struggled to contain their laughter, the moment was interrupted as Betty…

- Suggested that they follow the movie with a full body massage

Changing Room Opportunity

Forcing down her laughter enough to speak, Betty smiled as Tim’s wife finally discovered her crushed husband, and the two reunited with a sweet kiss, remembering her own feelings of relief whenever she’d find you safe and sound after an extended absence, even if where she found you was far too often the abyss of her own buttocks. “Tell you what, let’s give Benny a little longer to enjoy having the three of us out of the house and go get a massage after this. My treat.” She smirked at Sarah as she finished, well aware of the girl’s penchant for causing you trouble.

Mary seemed somewhat confused as to why she had been included in that statement, forever oblivious to the damage that had been done to you by her own mishaps but was happy enough to accept the invitation. “That sounds great Betts. It’s been way too long since I’ve gotten the chance to just relax.” She chuckled as onscreen Tim was nearly swallowed by his overall enthusiastic partner, only to be spat across the room and straight onto a chair moments before his oblivious daughter claimed it for her own. “A day without having to worry about Ben would be welcome.” She had never once regretted having you, and loved you very much, but it was admittedly emotionally exhausting to spend so much of each day wondering where you had gone.

“Count me in.” Sarah smiled widely at her aunt, perfectly aware why she had been included. “Though there’s no need to worry so much about Ben, he’s tougher than he looks. Like that.” She drew her older relatives’ attentions back to the screen, where Tim’s daughter had joined his wife in searching for her tiny father, the camera zeroing in on her shifting ass as the unfortunate protagonist was drawn inexorably into the void between the teenager’s bulbous buttocks. “At the end of the movie Tim’s going to be fine, just like Ben always comes out on top in the end.”

If you’d been able to hear the conversation above, you would have stringently objected to your sister’s comment. Your return was never a sure thing, and you’d very much rather avoid getting crushed in the first place thank you very much. But like Tim you were buried far too deeply in your relative’s ass to do anything but hope for salvation, though you were significantly worse off than him since you were inside of Betty’s pants, and it was doubtful that the girl on screen was anywhere near as sweaty or flatulent as your aunt. And unlike you by the time the credits rolled Tim had been freed from the clutches of his relatives and friends, and was happily riding in her wife’s cleavage, whereas you remained trapped within Betty’s shifting cheeks as she peeled her sweaty ass from the seat.

As the three women walked towards the local massage parlour, the brunette’s cheeks slid together, further ironing your tortured body into her warm flesh. At this point you were so badly flattened you could barely even feel it, and you weren’t sure if you should be happy about that or terrified. On the one hand less pain was always good, but on the other less pain generally meant you were so badly crushed that there was just no friction anymore, and it had been awhile since you were crushed that badly. Previous occasions had seen you escape by chance only, and you were worried that this time you may not make it out, becoming little more than a tattoo for your aunt’s marvellous booty.

Happy to have the chance to do something nice for her sister’s family, Betty stepped into the parlour and paid for three full body massages, quickly moving to the changing rooms and stripping down. She had to struggle slightly to remove her sweat-soaked yoga pants, the copious fluids that had built up adhering the pants to her skin. Bouncing on her heels and shifting her cheeks side-to-side she gradually worked her way free from the tight clothing, heedless of the way the motion clapped her buttocks together and ensured that her nephew remained as flat as physically possible.

Once she finally managed to get them off her top soon followed and she bent down to scoop them up, her cheeks parting enough to temporarily expose you to the outside world. Light reached your eyes for the first time in what seemed like days, and you got the chance to see just how badly squashed your body had become, a thin smear of flesh spread out across the greasy surface of Betty’s ass that was so badly twisted even you couldn’t recognise it any more. Not wanting to look a moment longer, you shifted your gaze to the outside world, your blurry vision focusing on…

- Your sister’s thoughtful expression (recognises you but may not help)

Spotted by Sarah

As Sarah reached around to unclip her bra she caught something out of the corner of her eye, and turned to see her aunt’s swaying ass on full display as the older woman gathered the clothes at her feet. Rolling her eyes at the not uncommon sight, the black-haired girl went to turn away when her eyes suddenly locked onto a familiar smear spread across Betty’s inner buttocks. And it took less than a second for her well-trained gaze to identify that smear as her own little brother.

Seeing your sister’s thoughtful expression, you tried unsuccessfully to wriggle your flattened body, blinking furiously in an attempt to advise her of your location. You were well aware that Sarah was not your most likely rescuer these days, but you hoped that she wouldn’t be so cruel as to leave you stuck after hours of being subjected to Betty’s sweaty, flatulent rear. For a moment you though she was going to save her, her foot lifting to carry her to your rescue, but then the cheeks were closing in again and you could nothing but release another silent scream as you were smashed once more.

Sarah’s first instinct had, in fact, been to alert the brunette to your presence, and she had indeed taken a single step forward to carry out that aim. But then, in the next instant, Betty had stood back up and her cheeks had once again squeezed you in a vice as she stretched her arms high above her head, groaning in satisfaction as she released the tension in her back. The experience was hell for you, the suddenly rock-hard buttocks pressing together with a truly ungodly amount of force as you were crushed face-first against the opposing cheek. While you suffered, however, your sister felt an involuntary shudder run down her spine, licking her lips as she watches her aunt’s booty shift.

Sure, she could save you, and in the long run she would. Or at least that’s what she told herself to ease the quiet voice of her conscious. But right now, there was no need to be hasty. Betty had made it very clear already how much she enjoyed the feeling of having you buried in her ass, spoiled only by the guilt of doing such horrible things to her own precious nephew. So why should Sarah ruin her curvaceous aunt’s fun when she had the chance to experience the pleasure of your presence in her substantial booty without the accompanying guilt. For now she’d just watch and wait. And if she had a little fun of her own while watching, than it was only her fair compensation for helping Betty relax.

You of course knew none of this, though really you were unsurprised that Sarah was leaving you to rot. It would be wrong to say the two of you hated each other, you could get along well most of the time, but whereas your sister had once been very protective of her little brother when the two of you were young her teenage years had brought about a distressing change. You still remembered vividly that time you’d gotten stuck in the cup of your mother’s black bra and Sarah had discovered you in the wash, only to smirk and cover you up with marker, blending you in perfectly. Or the time Claire had asked her to check if you were on the bottom of her dirty feet as she went for a run, and you knew she had seen you before giving your little sister the okay to make your life hell.

As high above Betty began to move once again, her butt cheeks sliding back and forth as they smeared you all over the place, you wondered if Sarah would have left you like this if it was a total stranger who had sucked you into their rear, if she’d be just as cruel no matter who it was. If she would prioritise her own pleasure over your safety only when she was sure she could get you back, or if she’d take the risk of losing you forever just to satisfy herself. As another blast of flatulence struck you in the face, you felt that you really didn’t want to know the answer to that question.

Still blissfully unaware of your presence, Betty chuckled as the towel she had tied around her body fluttered visibly in her own personal wind, shivering in open pleasure as her cheeks rippled. As soon as the breeze died down she took a moment to shift her buttocks side to side, thoroughly enjoying the pleasurable sensation as her cheeks slid effortlessly against one another, oblivious to the special, and very much alive, lubricant that was making such a feat possible. Releasing a couple more toots for good measure, she turned to smile at her sister and niece, receiving an exasperated eye roll in response from the former, while the latter shot her a small smirk and an oddly knowing look.

“Well, should we go then?” Receiving nods in response, Betty spun on the spot and strode towards the main massage room, rolling her ass side to side with more force than was necessary, partially just to annoy her sister, and partially because she was still savouring that pleasurable little itch. For you each stride crushed you painfully against one cheek, only for the next to crush you just as badly against the other in a seemingly endless cycle of pain. It seemed like it took forever to reach the massage room, but in reality it took less than a minute for your aunt to cross that distance and briefly speak to the masseuse before lying down to reach her treatment.

- Sarah finds a way to make things even worse for you

Full Booty Massage

As much pleasure as she got from watching Betty’s ass shift around you, Sarah just couldn’t resist taking an active part in your torment. As soon as she entered the room she went straight to the manager and enquired as to whether there were any add-ons to the treatment she could treat her hardworking aunt to. The conversation took place completely outside of your range of hearing, but you were inevitably going to experience its effects first hand as your sister purchased a number of add-ons that were all squarely aimed at making sure you had the ‘fullest’ experience possible.

Sure, the cost of adding hot rocks to relieve tension (and facilitate copious booty sweat), the deluxe (extra thick and hot) massage oil, and a deep gluteus-focused massage wasn’t cheap, but to Sarah it was money well spent, and she didn’t even try to mask her smirk as she received Betty’s thanks. You heard none of this of course, but the excited quivering of your aunt’s booty filled you with dread all the same, your instincts telling you that nothing good could possibly come of this.

As Betty’s movements finally stilled somewhat, the masseuse started by placing the heated rocks along the line of her spine, with a couple more placed on her lower back for good measure, then moved to massage her upper body and legs. The initial effect of this was that you were momentarily given some peace as your aunt focused on the pleasurable sensation in her upper body. Soon enough however, the rising heat on her back saw a sympathetic outpouring of sweat from her ass, even as the overflowing sweat from her back began to pour in from above, turning your prison into a rank and sticky swamp that blurred your vision with tears as the vile mixture seeped into your body. This was far from your first experience with Betty’s sweaty behind, but you weren’t sure you’d ever experienced it quite like this before, even if she had exercised with you inside of it.

Struggling to draw even a single breath without feeling the overwhelming urge to retch, you tried desperately to at least turn your head to the side enough that you would no longer be forced to lick the cheek before you every time you opened your mouth. Unable to tell up from down through the fog on your senses, you succeeded only in turning yourself slightly more towards the inner depths of Betty’s booty just in time to catch a warm breeze to the face as your aunt released another SBD.

Retching as the blast was forced straight down your tiny throat, you had no warning as the walls around you suddenly constricted, cramming you and the lingering scent of the fart between the moist cheeks as high above the masseuse had finally moved on to the main part of Betty’s massage.

Squeezing the brunette’s ass a few times to gauge what she was dealing with, the younger woman quickly grabbed the massage oil and poured a liberal quantity all over her latest target, heedless of what she was doing to you as the warm liquid poured down into the crack, mixing with your aunt’s sweat and burying you within its sticky confines. The oil didn’t even have the chance to settle before the masseuse began rhythmically forcing the cheeks together over and over again as she started to work Betty’s massive rear, swinging herself up onto the table and placing a leg on either side of your aunt as she put all of her strength into servicing her client’s booty, heedless of the torture she was inflicting on the woman’s tiny nephew as she kneaded him between the now gooey orbs.

You could barely even manage to groan in pain as your body was smashed worse and worse between Betty’s powerful buttocks, her own muscles beginning to clench in time with the masseuse’s ministrations to ensure that you were subjected to the maximum force possible. Above, your aunt was now openly moaning in pleasure at the sensation of your torment, while your mother laughed softly and your sister smirked evilly at the display. The oil and the sweat was everywhere now, covering you and everything else as it all mixed together into a solid mass of nauseating movement, added to periodically by the quiet farts that continued to slip from Betty’s behind.

This torment continued for a good twenty minutes as the masseuse ensured Betty really got her money’s worth, or more accurately Sarah’s money’s worth, for her special treatment. As the minutes dragged on you felt like you were starting to melt away under the unrelenting heat, and it became increasingly difficult to tell where you ended and the oil began, or even more worryingly where the divide was between your skin and your aunt’s. Your features were so smeared that you could barely make sense of your surroundings any more, and any identifying details were all but gone.

With the service reaching its end the dedicated masseuse put in one last burst of effort, leaning all of her weight into Betty’s rear as she worked the muscles deep beneath the skin. Unknowingly, she smeared you worse than ever as she relentlessly ground you between the unrelenting buttocks, and buried you beneath a veritable ocean of oil, sweat and the stale scent of your aunt’s gas.

Finally satisfied, the masseuse declared that she had finished and carefully dismounted your now blissfully dozing aunt, shooting the brunette a small smile as she grabbed a nearby cloth and quickly wiped off the excess oil from her moist skin. Noting the sheer quantity of oil that had slipped between the cheeks, she quickly ran the cloth between them as well, scooping up a descent percentage of the gunk while pushing more of it out onto the bed and the floor below. Quickly rubbing the cloth between her hands she noted that some of the oil had soaked into its surface, but merely shrugged before slinging it over a nearby rack, ready for the next customer.

While the masseuse put away her supplies your mother and Sarah, who had finished earlier, headed over to rouse Betty, trampling over some of the excess oil as they shook the other woman awake.
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