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Some of my chapters from a deleted interactive story found on an old hard drive.
A Mile in Kim’s Shoe

As Kim’s foot was pulled from the shoe, you looked up in hope, desperately eager to see your new friend’s eyes peering in at you. But all you saw was darkness and the lingering shadow of the Asian girl’s foot as she took a moment to rub out the irritation on her sole with long delicate fingers. With a soft hum of relief she began to return her foot to the shoe, heedless of your defenceless form.

If she’d given you just a bit longer your lungs may have inflated enough to call out, to maybe get her attention. If she waited just a bit longer again your limbs may have reformed enough to crawl towards the edge of her sneakers, to wave your arms and hopefully draw her gaze. Really, a lot of things could have happened if Kim had waited just a bit longer. But she wanted to run the mile, and the gym teacher was already calling everyone to gather up, so she quickly shoved her foot back into her shoe, pushing it in all the way and tying to laces before springing back to her feet.

You of course were trapped once again between the heavily worn insole and the already moist sock wrapped around Kim’s heavy foot. As she strode back towards the starting line the majority of your body was flattened beneath the ball of her foot, reduced almost instantaneously to a two-dimensional smear, while your head had the misfortune of being crammed into the gap between her foot and toes, mercilessly ground together with the sock fabric beneath the massive digits. After just a few steps you were already crushed worse than you had been before Kim removed her shoe, though apparently not so much as to be completely undetectable.

High above, your housemate frowned at the lingering irritation beneath her right foot, wondering if she had missed something in her shoe the first time. It was too late for her to check again now though, so, much to your misfortune, she decided that the best course of action would be to stomp it out. At first the feeling of her foot rising seemed like just another step but the sensation lasted longer than usual and the usual feeling of being carried forward was absent. Then you and the foot above accelerated towards the ground with shocking speed and force, leading to an impact that felt like your body was going to explode under the pressure. Worse the toes around your head clamped down with the impact, nearly fusing your face to the sweaty fabric of the socks. This process repeated several more times, each time flattening you even more, before the giant Asian finally felt you had been flattened enough and lined up for the big race.

If there was any power left in your body you would have moved, twitched, bitten, anything to convince Kim to take a second look at the irritation in her shoe. But it was all for naught as a loud whistle pierced the ear, audible even to your tiny ears and the foot above you exploded into motion, moving quickly through the air and coming down with greater force than an ordinary footstep. The pressure on your body only multiplied as all of your captor’s weight pressed down on the ball of her foot, and you, as she pushed herself forward, only to repeat the process all over again.

Kim picked up speed quickly as she hurtled down the track, keen to test herself against her new classmates as she swiftly moved to join the leading runners. Any lingering irritation under her feet was far from her mind as she focused all her attention on the path ahead, her powerful strides crushing you over and over again and she reached the first corner. The sudden exertion was only making the heat and smell in her shoe worse, as her pores opened and released a fresh torrent of sweat. By the time she had run a quarter-mile you were basically drowning in sweat and surrounded with the noxious fumes of her foot stench. Each footfall ironed the sweat and the stench directly into your body, to the extent you were no longer sure if you’d ever be clean again.

At the half-way point the pounding became even faster as Kim picked up the pace, seeking to claim first place as she started to close the gap between herself and the few girls that remained in front. You could now feel your flattened body really starting to stick to the sweaty fabric of the giant girl’s socks. Yet simultaneously you could feel yourself adhering to the insole of the sneaker, the small gap between the foot and sole at the height of Kim’s stride seeing your squished body stretched painfully between both surfaces. On more than a few occasions it felt like you were going to peel off from one surface or the other only to have the foot slam back down in the next instant and send you back to square one.

Still completely unaware of your torment, Kim rounded the last corner in second place, panting with exhaustion and staggering slightly at the point of collapse as she pushed her body forward. One final burst of speed saw her pass her opponent at the last possible moment and clinch the victory, and left her with just enough energy to stumble over to the nearest bench and collapse. She was sweating like a pig and her feet were killing her in the too tight sneakers, but she had won.

For you, the end of the run brought equal parts relief and terror. On the one hand you were happy beyond belief that the endless torment of being crushed had finally ended. But on the other that last sprint had done nothing to alleviate your current situation of being stuck both to a sock and an insole, soaked in sweat and stench and innumerable terrible things. It felt as if you would be stuck here forever, never again to see the sun or your family, or your girlfriend, or anything other than Kim’s foot. As the foot above you began to shift you knew that the next few moments would determine the course of your life from here on, at least for the foreseeable future.

Finally having caught her breath, Kim was now reaching down to remove her sneakers and give her steaming feet a much needed chance to breath, and a well-deserved massage to remove the lingering soreness. But as she pulls her soaking wet feet from the tortured shoes, what happens to your thoroughly squished body?

- You are stuck face first to Kim’s socks and ready for your massage

Hot Foot Massage

As Kim slowly withdrew her right foot from the soaked shoe your pliable body was stretched painfully between the sneaker’s insole and the rising sock. For what seemed an eternity to you but in reality was little more than a second, the pressure threatened to tear your body in two, before, with an agonising burst of motion, your back ripped free from the insole and ricocheted back to the retreating foot, striking with enough force to drive your already flattened face deeper into your housemate’s sweaty sock. For you the impact was incredibly jarring, but Kim didn’t even feel it as she raised her foot up in front of her and descended upon it with dexterous fingers.

Oblivious to the pain she was inflicting on her new friend, Kim started to massage her aching soles, mercilessly dragging her fingers across her worn socks and pressing the fabric deeply into her moist soles. If she were at home she would have taken off the socks as well, but she wasn’t sure if her new classmates would appreciate dealing with the undoubtedly pungent odor of her feet right now. The smell of the socks alone was bad enough, and the feeling of the soaked fabric wasn’t exactly pleasant, but she pushed through it to relieve the soreness of her soles.

You were plunged into a new world of torment as Kim’s fingers mercilessly ground against you, pushing your face deep into the socks and dragging both you and the filthy fabric all over the ball of her foot. The increased pressure forced the sweat which had accumulated in the sodden fabric to pour out into your body, even as it prompted a fresh wave of sweat to emerge from the sole above. To make matters worse her grasping toes began to drag the stretched out sock fabric into their embrace, quickly pulling your head into their depths and squeezing it with wild abandon. You were unable to do anything to defend yourself as the Asian girls dexterous toes closed around your head, the already horrendous scent becoming a million times worse as sweat flowed freely around you.

Above, Kim had identified your location as a particular sore spot, and gradually focused her full attention on relieving the ache surrounding your body. Sighing in relief she dragged her fingers all over your flattened from, rubbing it across the sweaty ball of her foot even as her relentless toes continued to rhythmically squeeze your head. If she’d had any idea what she was doing to you she would have stopped immediately, but as it was the young Asian happily increased your torment for her own pleasure as the physical relief flooding her system induced a pleased moan from her throat.

The more the giant girl scrubbed your body, the more the grime of the socks was soaked into you, forced down your throat and coating your skin. You wanted desperately to vomit but found yourself unable to even manage the simple action as your hellish fate continued unabated. The horrendous scent that surrounded you was an almost physical presence at this point, imprinting itself upon you in such a way that you were quite sure that you would never smell the same ever again.

After a few seconds for your housemate that seemed to last an eternity for yourself, Kim finally decided to switch her attention to her left foot, setting her right flat against the hard surface of the bench, and burying you beneath the warm weight of her sweaty sole. For a moment the worse you had to deal with was the pressure and you had a small hope that your head might be freed as the toes relaxed, but in the next instance the foot burst into motion once more as your capture began to rub her still sore sole against the hard bench, a low moan escaping as she stimulated both feet at once. The heat and pressure felt like it was going to tear you apart or melt you into nothing and there was no longer anywhere for the sweat to escape, moulding around you in a wet and disgusting seal. If anything the grip of the toes only got tighter as the individual toes began to shift back and forth and grasp at the edges of the bench, driving the sock and your face ever deeper into their folds.

If she’d had any choice in the matter Kim could have continued this for hours, especially focusing on that sweat spot on her right foot, which was still aching slightly even now. However, the gym coach was calling for the girls to gather back in the centre of the field for cool down stretches, and the exchange student didn’t want to make a bad impression on her first day. Reluctantly she reached for her shoes, sliding her left foot back into its home as she momentarily lent forward and pushed more of her weight down on her right foot, still unaware of the torment she was inflicting on you.

Stomping her left foot to make sure it was secure, Kim shifted her attention to her right, grabbing the waiting sneaker with one hand and finally lifted her right sole from the bench. Turning the foot to the side for a moment, her eyes briefly fell on your prison and for a fleeting moment you had a small hope that she would see you. But her eyes held no recognition as she frowned and said…

- “Oh, that makes sense. This one is inside out.”

Between a Foot and a Soaked Place

Kim frowned as she looked down at the inverted words on the side of her sock, her eyes passing over your crushed body without recognition. If the words were like that then that meant… “Oh, that makes sense. This one is inside out.” Now she understood where the irritation on her right foot had come from. She’d put the sock on inside out so the seams that should have been on the outside must have been rubbing against her foot as she ran, the unnatural sensation irritating her skin. The seventeen year old felt foolish for her mistake but was glad it was something so easily fixed.

With your head still stuck between the toes you couldn’t really hear what Kim was saying but you certainly felt it when you were suddenly ripped from your prisoner in a single blur of movement. Thinking that the girl had seen you your heart leaped with joy, waiting to be turned around, only for your heart to plunge as you belatedly realised that you were still stuck face-first to the sock. Your stomach flipped as your entire world flipped upside down and you found yourself suddenly plunged into shadows and surrounded from every side with the overwhelming scent of Kim’s feet. With no idea what was happening, your only warning was a sudden rise in the ambient heat before the full weight of your housemate’s foot fell upon you, the moist sole pressing down on you and lathering you completely with its sweat before driving you down into the abyss of the waiting shoe below.

High above, Kim winced at the wet feeling of her fingers as they came into direct contact with what had previously been the inside of her socks. Just the brief moment her sock had been off had released a wave of foot stench that had made even her lightheaded and she was all too happy to seal that pungent combination into the depths of her shoe, stomping it on heavily as she rose to her feet. Wiping her fingers off on her shirt she headed back towards the coach.

Face first into the sock and the insole below, you found yourself once again subject to the crushing force of Kim’s footsteps as she strode across the field. Yet now your situation was even worse than before, trapped as you were between the toxic sock and the still sweating sole above, sandwiched tightly by the wet fabric. The adhesive force alone was enough to prevent you from reforming, even without the endless footfalls pressing you deeper into the sole. Stale sweat was squeezed out from the insole as the pressure and smell rose steadily, embracing you like an old friend.

If there was any salvation to be had it was that the rest of the gym class was less intensive than the jog, most of the girls being far too tired to engage in any strenuous exercises. You were still smashed and smeared as Kim did her stretches but at least the frantic pounding from before did not return. By the time the class had ended you were once again torn between two surfaces, partially adhered to the sock and partially to the slowly drying sweat of the sole, and it appeared you would be remaining in that embrace for some time as Kim switched her shoes without changing socks, content to squelch around all day to avoid any more exposure to her own foot stench.

As the Asian girl sat for her next class you were given some small relief, only to have that relief shattered as her fidgeting toes started to pick at you with curiousity. Paying attention to the lesson, your housemate had subconsciously identified your flattened body as a stray bit of fabric or grime and her dexterous digits picked at you eagerly as she focused on taking notes. While the seal between your face and the sock had seemed unbreakable from your perspective, it was nothing at all to her toes as they eagerly scrapped your head free from the fabric and claimed it for their own.

By the time the class ended, you head was totally surrounded by the moist flesh of Kim’s toes, your neck stretched painfully as the rest of your body remained stuck to the sock and sole. Having not seen you since that encounter in the hallway, the giant girl was starting to worry you may have gotten lost or worse, and her nervousness was only making her toes fidget more as they started to drag your shoulders in as well. The grime and sweat of her digits was now being forced directly down your throat, not to mention soaking into every other opening of your face. To you this was hell, but to her you were only a stray bit of grime, nothing more than an insignificant plaything for her toes.

This torment continued for the rest of the school day, as more and more of your body was slowly peeled from the sock and crammed into the greedy crevices of the Asian girl’s toes. And it only got worse as Kim sat on the bus going home, nervously explaining to Claire that she hadn’t seen you since her confrontation with Victoria. Her nervousness only made the fidgeting worse, her toes threatening to pull you completely into their embrace as they dragged your flat body inexorably across her sticky soles, lubricated by yet another fresh wave of nervous sweat.

You knew that sooner or later Kim would have to remove her socks, and that that would be your best chance of salvation from this living hell. But that was only if your housemate’s toes didn’t hide you first, and even if they didn’t there was no way to know if you’d end up stuck to the sock or sole.

- Kim’s toes pull you completely into their embrace, hiding you from sight

Toe Prisoner

Unfortunately for you, your already squished body could offer no resistance to the relentless advance of Kim’s toes, the powerful digits peeling you inexorably from the soiled socks and greedily chewing you up. Far too distracted by her concern for you to pay any attention to a bit of toe grime, your oblivious housemate continued to clench and unclench her toes around your crushed body, squeezing your nearly liquefied form into the crevices between and beneath each toe.

While you suffered, Kim continued to worry about what fate may have befallen you at school. Claire had not been able to offer any further insight and she hadn’t seen that other girl, Vicky or whatever her name was, all day. She was wondering if that girl may have stolen you for herself, after all she had been saying something about you being hers before they had sent you flying. The Asian girl hoped she was wrong about that though. She didn’t really want to think about the possibility that right now you were suffering at the hands of some evil girl just out for her own pleasure. The thought alone made her toes curl, scrunching up painfully within her tight footwear.

As far as Kim was concerned the two of you had really hit it off. Sure your first meeting had been less than ideal but the two of you had made up and you’d even willingly spent last night in her cleavage, getting closer to her than any boy in Japan had ever managed. When she’d seen you there in the morning she’d been tempted to just leave you with her boobs all day, figuring the both of you would enjoy the experience immensely. But she hadn’t wanted you to get in trouble for skipping school so she’d set those thoughts aside for later. Now she wished more than anything that she could go back in time and push you deep into her cleavage, so that right now you would still be safe with her. In her mind the two of you were practically dating already, and she had been really looking forward to the experience of having such a tiny boyfriend, or any boyfriend at all for that matter. Now, more than anything, she was worried she may never find you again, unaware of how close you truly were.

Entering the front door of your house together with Claire, the Japanese girl quickly shed her shoes and socks in the entranceway, shuddering slightly as she had to literally peel the sodden socks from her moist feet. The smell was immediate and intense and she shuffled her feet into the carpet in embarrassment, but habits are hard to break and she wasn’t use to wearing such things aside. On the up side Claire didn’t seem concerned with the smell and simply headed further inside, with Kim following closely on her heels while leaving slightly damp footprints in her wake.

Unfortunately for you, even if the girls had had any interest in looking at their own soles right now they would never have spotted you. Kim’s toes had now completely dragged you out of sight, hiding you deep within their sweaty smelly embrace as they continued to obliviously play with your squishy form. If anything, being removed from the shoe’s constrictions had only made things worse, as their newfound freedom propelled the merciless toes into ever more furious action, as they kneaded you like a wet bit of clay that existed only to satisfy their insatiable lust.

While you suffered, Kim spoke with your mother and Sarah, relaying her experiences at the school and her concerns as to your current whereabouts. “I’m sorry, I saw him stuck to that girl’s butt and I just wanted to get him back but then I lost him again. Claire had already told me that this stuff happens to him all the time so I figured it was no big deal but now I can’t find him at all!” By now she was practically in tears, convinced that her would-be boyfriend was lost to her forever. She was also worried that she’d be scolded for her carelessness, and her nervousness saw her rubbing her toes ever deeper into the carpeted floor as they continued to clench around your tortured form.

Seeing the obvious distress on the homestay student’s face, Mary was quick to envelop the girl in a hasty hug, rubbing her back soothingly as the girl cried into her shoulder. “Don’t cry Kim, there’s no need to worry yourself so much about this. Stuff like that happens to Ben all the time, so I’m sure he’ll make it back here no problem. You’ll see.” In truth your mother was also concerned for you, since while you had always come back in the past, it often took days, if not weeks for that to happen, and even when you returned you were usually a lot worse for wear. The last time you’d gone missing at school you’d ended up padding out the bra of the basketball team’s star player for a whole month before finally coming free in the wash and managing to hitch a ride home on Claire’s butt.

Even Sarah was a bit concerned at this point, her usual apathy towards you put aside for a moment as she rummaged in her pocket for her phone. “He may be hanging out with one of his friends or something. I’ll make some calls and let you know.” Finding some numbers she’d stored in case of emergencies, she tapped the first one and left the room, leaving the other two to take care of Kim.

Though she was also worried about you Claire shrugged and tried to play it off. “Mom’s right. Ben gets in a lot of trouble but he’s always managed to get out of it so far. There’s no reason to suspect this time will be any different.” She smiled at Kim as the girl extricated herself from your mother’s hold. “Let’s just leave it for now and we can look for him at school tomorrow okay?”

Kim didn’t like the idea of forgetting you like that, unable to shake the feeling that wherever you were you were suffering. But at the same time she didn’t want to get into an argument with your family over it, feeling that they would know better than her. She could feel the nervous sweat pooling between her toes and deliberately twisted them to relieve some of her tension, oblivious to the way her every action was relentlessly crushing you deeper into the folds and driving you further and further from any hope of salvation. If things kept up like this there was a risk she might never find you, and you’d spend the rest of your life as an insignificant part of her foot.

As Kim mulled over her next course of action, you could do nothing but hope and pray that she wouldn’t give up on you so easily, and that someone would think to check her feet.

- You remain stuck for weeks as Kim searches for you

Delayed Salvation

Unfortunately for you there would be no relief for you that night, nor any time soon for that matter. As much as she wanted to find you right away, Kim was eventually persuaded by your family to call it a night. Even her shower had been unable to dislodge you from your toe prison, your squished body trapped in the deep parts of the crevices that the water just could not reach. To make matters worse your housemate apparently preferred to sleep with socks on, specifically tabi socks from her home, which ensured you had no chance to escape as you were pressed deep between the toes and played with all night long as Kim’s unconscious mind treated you like a tiny foot toy.

By the time the next day dawned the only sleep you had gotten were those short moments in which you had passed out between long sessions of being scrunched between the tireless toes. Any and all attempts by your body to reform had been quickly undone by the shifting digits, as the distinction between your near-liquefied form and the existing grime and sweat between the toes became blurred. All of your senses were now utterly dominated by this girl, to the extent that the outside world might as well no longer exist, and you were starting to wonder if you’d ever escape. Oblivious to your plight, Kim simply switched to everyday socks and stomped her sneakers back on before heading back to school, intent on scouring the whole campus for her would-be boyfriend.

The transfer student spent every spare moment that day searching furiously for you, near-constantly on her feet as she checked every corner of the school without success. You meanwhile continued to suffer more with each footstep, the toes that had become your entire world clenching down on you with every step and ensuring that you had no chance of ever escaping on your own. Nervous sweat continued to flow around your sodden body, as you became more and more obscured by a fresh wave of grime and sock lint picked up and packed in around you by the ever-fidgeting toes.

When she had no luck that day, Kim merely redoubled her efforts the next, beginning an endless cycle of torment for you as the hours and days started to melt together. A couple of days after you’d become stuck, the Asian girl had actually taken the time to clean between her toes, and the small part of you that was lucid enough to pay attention was mortified to find that you’d became so caked on that even the moist cloth running across your body did nothing to release you. If anything the brief cleaning made things even worse, washing away some of the stagnant gunk that had surrounded you and allowing a new layer of more intense smelling detritus to take its place.

For Kim it felt like she was the only one searching for you. Like she was the only one who still cared. In truth that was not the case at all and Victoria and Claire were diligently searching for you as well, as was Lisa once she had realised you were missing, yet your housemate’s stubborn focus on her search had prevented her from noticing this, and she was becoming more convinced by the day that she was the only one deserving of your attention. Well, except for Julia that is.

If you were capable of perceiving the outside world anymore, you would have been horrified to know that in the course of her search Kim had now met and been ‘befriended’ by Julia. With no pre-existing knowledge of the redhead’s connection to you, the seventeen year old had been easily convinced by a casual lie from your worst enemy claiming to be one of your closest friends. After all, as far as Kim was concerned this was the only other girl who seemed to be at all concerned about your whereabouts, and she had readily agreed that that Victoria girl was bad news.

For her part Julia wasn’t sure if you’d ever managed to escape this new girl’s shoes, and the thought that you were still underfoot after several days thrilled her immensely. Even if you had escaped, the fact that at least four girls were actively looking for you must have meant you were either trapped somewhere or had been taken by someone else with less than pleasant motives. Whichever the case she was happy, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to take precautions in case of your return.

When Kim shyly confessed her growing feeling for you to her new friend, Julia was nothing but supportive, encouraging the oblivious brunette to take firm action the next time she saw you. Even if her advice made the other girl’s toes curl in embarrassment, she just had to let her know about all of your ‘secret fantasies’ and ‘true desires’ that you’d shared with her over the years. She told Kim about how a part of her had always wanted to help you make your dreams come true but that the two of you were too much like siblings to do it together. But if you were to have a girlfriend… well then, you’d finally have the chance to live out all those twisted little fantasies of yours.

If you could hear any of this, if you could do anything other than slowly melt into the flesh of Kim’s foot, you would have told her that you certainly did not want to get ‘crushed like a grape beneath the feet of a goddess’, ‘rolled like a piece of dough beneath a firm butt’ or ‘chewed on and discarded like a piece of gum’. You’d already experienced all of those things and more so many times you’d lost count, and you had no intention of ever experiencing any of them again if you could avoid it. But unfortunately for you, Kim bought those lines hook line and sinker, her toes twitching around you with nervous energy as she pictured herself being the one to fulfil your deepest fantasies.

Days turned into weeks as the search continued, until one day over three weeks after you’d initially gone missing, Kim found herself lying on Claire’s bed, chatting casually to the younger girl as your sister sorted through her available bottles of nail polish. The thirteen year old had offered to paint her housemate’s nails, in part because it was an opportunity to have a fun bounding experience, but mostly because she wanted to take the Japanese girl’s mind off of your disappearance, well aware of how much she was missing you. Claire did think it was strange for you to have made such an impact on the older girl in such a short period of time, but figured that was a problem for another day.

Once a colour was chosen and agreed, the two girls continued to chat as your sister pulled your prison into her lap and encouraged Kim to spread her toes as widely as possible so she could stuff some cotton balls in between, both of them frowning slightly as the action met with an uncommon amount of resistance from the build-up of gunk between the toes. Claire in particular raised an eyebrow in confusion as she looked at the accumulated gunk. “Do you ever clean these things?”

Kim blushed, instinctively pulling her foot back towards her and glaring at the offending detritus. “I… yes of course. It’s just… hard to get it all out some times.” She was aware that her sweat-prone feet were susceptible to such build-up, but she hadn’t realised that it had become this bad. Moving both hands to the offending foot, she began scratching at your trapped body, frowning more as her fingers simply slid off your horrendously tortured form, unable to get a grip.

At this point you had been reduced to a semi-catatonic state, still able to feel pain and various other unpleasant sensations, but with very little understanding of passing time or the world outside. You were aware of the probing fingers that scratched at your form but didn’t truly start to return to consciousness until they were replaced with a coarse brush, the friction burning your skin as Kim scrubbed furiously at what she saw as just some irritatingly persistent gunk. The burning sensation served to revive your shattered consciousness, and while the pain was incredibly intense you were beyond thankful as you felt your squashed flesh finally beginning to separate from the foot.

After several moments of furious scrubbing Kim was eventually able to get her finger nails under the offending bit of gunk and rip the whole thing off with only a small spike of pain, for her at least. She was somewhat confused as to why it all came off as one mass, but do they pause to investigate?

- Yes, both Kim and Claire examine your squashed body

Found but Not Yet Safe

Shuddering at the feeling of the filthy mass of gunk between her fingers, Kim hurriedly dumped the offending object on the bed, and furiously wiped her fingers off on her tight jeans. She had been sorely tempted to just throw the thing in the bin but the fact that it had come off all at once was nagging at the back of her mind and telling her to give it a closer inspection.

For her part Claire frowned as her housemate deposited a mound of gunk on her nice clean bed, biting back a complaint but not able to resist the temptation to roll her eyes. The only thing that stopped her from throwing the dirty clump in the bin herself was a desire not to touch it if at all possible, so instead she just looked down curiously as she waited for Kim to act.

Though you were still barely lucid, every instinct in your body was screaming at you to move, to twitch, to do something to tell these looming giants that you were something more than just a piece of dirt. As two pairs of eyes peered down at you the best you could manage was an almost invisible vibration, the sort of thing that could easily be dismissed as a movement in the bed itself.

For a moment Claire felt that she had seen the gunk move, but quickly dismissed it as a trick of the eye. Fed up with waiting, she opened her mouth to tell Kim to clean up after herself, before closing it again with a snap as she saw another wriggle, leaning in for a closer look. Her housemate noticed the movement as well, the Asian girl reaching down to poke curiously at the tiny thing. Both girls gasped as it moved again in response, and a hand flew to your sister’s mouth in dismayed recognition.

“Oh geez, it’s Ben!” Kim’s eyes snapped to Claire at the outburst and the younger girl elaborated. “I’ve seen him like this before, once or twice. When he’s so badly crushed that he just a shapeless blob that can barely move.” She chuckled, though there was no humour in it. “Guess that tells us where he’s been for the last couple of weeks. You really did a number on him.”

Unable to speak at the revelation, Kim looked down at you in horror, tears starting to well in her eyes at the magnitude of what she’d done. For your part you could only vaguely make out what was going on, but you could tell that things were finally starting to go your way as Claire reached down to gently run a finger over your body, shooting you a small sad smile as she did. Your sister’s face turned away to yell something down the hall and soon after your mother and elder sister entered the room as well, displaying varying degrees of relief and sadness as they looked down at you.

Sarah reached down to snatch you up, ignoring both the grime that covered you and the mild protests of her mother as she watched your struggle to reform up close. It had been awhile since she had seen you in a state this bad, and she couldn’t help but be fascinated by your odd nature. You didn’t mind so much being held like this, but you did wish she’d stop poking you so roughly.

Before Mary could take any steps to reign in her oldest child she was distracted by a whimper from her right, turning to see Kim in tears as she kneeled sadly on the bed. Getting the quick story from Claire, she did her best to comfort the crying girl, ensuring her that this kind of thing just happened sometimes and they’d chalk it up to a learning experience. She ensured the exchange student that you wouldn’t hate her for it, unaware that she was helping to nurture the girls feelings for you.

By the time Kim had finally calmed down enough to be left on her own, your senses had almost fully returned, though you were still a basically amorphous blob of dirty flesh. You were just able to see enough to see your mother’s hand descending on you as she took you away from your sister, squeezing harder than she had probably intended as she clenched her hand around you and shook her head at Sarah. “You have to be more careful with him than that. I’ll put him somewhere safe while he reforms. You girls can go back to whatever you were doing before.”

You were thankful that you were going to be taken to safety. You just hoped that this wouldn’t work out like so many times before when ‘safety’ translated to more pain and humiliation.

- Mary takes you to her room for a chance to reform

In With the Delicates

With one last reassurance from Kim, Mary exited her youngest daughter’s room and headed for her own, finally unclenching her hand and cradling her tiny son more gently as she looked down at him with a sad smile. “What am I going to do with you Ben? It seems like you can’t go a day anymore without ending up stuck to some girl or other.” She sighed, knowing it wasn’t truly your fault but still feeling like there had to be something you could do to avoid all of this.

Even if you were able to talk right now you don’t know what you would say to that. You certainly weren’t trying to get crushed all the time, and you would welcome any suggestion for making it a less frequent affair. But right now you just needed to get better, and you were worried that it was taking far too long to reform. Your partially healed eyes stared up past the shelf of your mother’s chest to look her in the eyes, trying to communicate without words your desperate need for help.

If Mary noticed your eyes starting at her she didn’t comment on them, and it was doubtful she could see them through the obscuring gunk that still covered your body. She did bring you closer to her face as she stepped into her bedroom, but recoiled quickly at the horrendous smell of Kim’s feet that wafted from your body in thick waves and diverted her course to her ensuite bathroom.

Reasoning that there was no way you could hope to reform with all that junk covering your body, Mary stepped up to the sink and turned the tap on hard, giving it some time to warm up before plunging you under the stream. While warm to her the water was practically scolding to you as it poured over you with crushing force, plunging your senses back into disarray as it roared in your ears. It was so bad that you didn’t even notice your mother’s hand turning to the side, or the approach of her other, until you were suddenly and painfully squished flat between both hands.

Oblivious to the brutality of her actions, Mary was simply attempting to clean you off in the most efficient means possible, catching your squishy body between her palms and rubbing them back and forth furiously as if cleaning off a small cloth or rag. Pulling you out briefly she gave you a quick sniff, only to plunge you back in again when it wasn’t to her satisfaction. Adding some hand soap to the mix, she crushed you once again, this time scrubbing you for a good few minutes before stopping.

By the time your mother had finished you were at least clear of the gunk that had previously encased your body, but that was little comfort as you were dropped in the folds of a hand towel and squished once again as you were furiously rubbed dry. For her part, Mary became temporarily caught up in thoughts of what to do with you next, and rubbed you for a good deal longer than necessary before finally dropping you down onto the bathroom’s countertop.

“There you go, nice and clean.” She sounded more like she was talking to an object than her own son, but it was somewhat difficult to emphasise properly with an amorphous tan blob. Nevertheless she carried you carefully back out into her room proper, stepping over to her dresser and pulling out the top draw, revealing a draw full of bras, panties and other such delicates. Mary knew you needed a chance to reform, and she figured you would be safest here where no-one else would think to check.

If you were capable of responding at this point you would have objected to your mother’s choice. Nothing good ever came of leaving you in an enclosed out-of-sight place. On more occasions than you cared to count you had been forgotten in such places, and you were particularly concerned with being left in a place like this. Yet there was nothing you could do as your mother set you gently on top of the closest bra, shooting you one more quick smile before closing the drawer.

Unfortunately, when Mary closed the drawer she used more than force than she had intended, and the momentum was enough to dislodge you from your position and send you sliding down among the delicates. As the booming steps of your mother faded away you found yourself trapped deep within the constricting mass of your mother’s underwear, pressed between layers of cloth that you’d rather not think too deeply about. Nevertheless you could feel that your body was slowly starting to reform, and you were once again starting to feel the distinction between your torso and limbs.

You remained trapped in this place for at least a couple of hours as you waited for your mother to return. By now your body had mostly pulled itself back together but you were still too paralysed to really move, slowly trying to rotate your limbs as you willed your body back into motion. Knowing what fate might befall you if you didn’t, you were keen to be mobile again before Mary, or anyone else, returned to claim you, less some other misfortune befall you while you were defenceless.

Sadly, your struggles were in vain as the drawer slid open whether you wanted it to or not and the shadow of your mother cut off what little light was spilling through the fabric above you. Mary’s hand descended into the mass of clothing, but showed little interest in finding you as it snatched up the cloth that surrounded you and brought you into the light. What you saw there filled you with dread, as the completely naked form of your mother looked over you without recognition.

Mary had indeed forgotten your predicament, and after having spent a couple of hours watching her favourite shows was finally ready to get changed for the rest of the day. Paying no heed to your presence she stripped down and grabbed one of her favourite bra and thong combos.

- You’re tangled in the back of the thong as it plunges between Mary’s cheeks

Quality Time With Mum’s Ass

As you were brought up into the light you tried desperately to form words, or produce any sound whatsoever as your cloth prison was unravelled between your mother’s powerful hands. As the other apparel around you was separated and dropped back into the drawer, you realised with a quickly rising sense of dread that the fabric you were currently adhered to was almost certainly part of one of Mary’s thongs, being the only things she owned composed of such thin straps. With no thought for your location or safety, the giant woman lowered you towards the ground as her feet stepped up to claim their holes and you finally realised exactly where you had become adhered.

As Mary’s mile long legs settled on either side of you, you could only look up in despair at the looming mounds of her buttocks hanging mockingly above, knowing full well that those mighty cheeks were soon to become your new prison. As the thong began to accelerate upwards you felt an odd sense of nostalgia, remembering all the times in your life you’d found yourself in positions just like this, whether with your mother or some other woman, only to have such thoughts crushed out of you as you were unceremoniously plunged into the depths of Mary’s cavernous booty.

Instantaneously you found yourself surrounded on all sides by the warm flesh of your mother, pressing in on you with tremendous force as the too-tight thong was swallowed into their mass. This deep in, a constant miasma of sweat and stale air surrounded you, mixing with the lingering scent of Mary’s most recent emissions. As you were pressed deeper you could start to see the outline of the brunette’s back door and put all your strength into renewing your desperate struggles to escape. You’d gotten familiar with that particular part of your mother enough times to last a lifetime already, and you had no intention of reacquainting yourself if at all possible.

Unfortunately for you, as was so often the case in your life, your attempts to escape and seek help only resulted in more torment. Your feeble movements translated into nothing more than a tiny insignificant irritation between Mary’s cheeks, easily dismissed as simply the presence of the thong rubbing against her skin. Without conscious thought, your mother simply grabbed the straps of the thong and pulled tighter, slamming both the fabric and your tiny body directly into her anus as she quickly started to shift her cheeks around to smother the lingering itch.

Being trapped between your mother’s cheeks was bad, but being ground against her anus like this was infinitely worse, quickly covering you in a lathering of sweat and other things you’d rather not think about. Your only solace was that the entrance itself was still closed, so for now at least you were spared the experience of actually entering her. You were, however, still more than close enough to hear a distant rumble from her bowels that filled you with a fresh wave of dread.

Oblivious to your torment, Mary sighed as the irritation finally faded, relaxing her cheeks and unintentionally releasing the building pressure in her bowels in the form of a warm hissing blast of air that struck you directly in the face. While you choked and cried your mother merely laughed, releasing two more farts in quick succession as she chuckled and bathed you in her stink.

Though you were no longer being pressed directly into Mary’s anus, her tight thong ensured that even with multiple direct hits from her flatulence, you remained firmly trapped between the cheeks, and the pressure only increased as she got dressed. From your prison you were unable to see what kind of clothing your mother had donned, but as she bent down to slip on her shoes and pressed you deeper still, you knew it was tight enough to ensure you wouldn’t be escaping anytime soon.

Wandering downstairs without a care, Mary busied herself putting together a quick sandwich while she shifted her hips side to side in time with a song playing in her head. She had no idea that her movements were only crushing you further, nor of the increased waves of sweat pouring over your body and mixing with the lingering scent of her earlier farts. Indeed right now your plight was the furthest thing from her mind, even the earlier irritation of your presence having faded entirely.

Stepping into the kitchen to grab some water, Claire laughed as she watched her mother shaking her booty to some imagined beat, stepping into the older woman’s line of sight as she…

- Asked Mary if you had recovered from before yet

Rescued from the Abyss?

“Hey mum, has Ben recovered yet?” Your youngest sibling hadn’t seen you since the incident with Kim, and was starting to wonder why you hadn’t managed to reform. Okay, so yeah, you’d taken more damage than was usual, but she’d still expected you to bounce back by now.

For her part, Mary looked confused for a moment at the question, and almost mentioned that they hadn’t seen you in weeks, before finally remembering that they had found you that morning trapped within the confines of Kim’s toes. Pausing, she tried to remember what had happened next before smiling as it all came back to her. “Oh right. Don’t worry, he’s recovering with my…”

Your mother trailed off as she recalled just where she had placed you. And more importantly, the fact that she had gotten dressed without pausing to check where you were in her delicates drawer. All of a sudden she had sneaking suspicion she knew what that itch in her crack from earlier had been. “Actually, maybe I should go check on him just to be sure. He should be fine though.”

Claire raised an eyebrow at the brunette’s sudden change of track, but didn’t question it further, just filling her cup of water and raising it in acknowledgement as the older woman left the room. Experience told her that her mother’s behaviour meant nothing good for her older brother, but as long as Mary was actively seeking to help you now it probably wasn’t anything too bad.

You meanwhile were being battered anew as your mother rushed up the stairs, her cheeks bouncing with vigour as they playfully squished you. Skidding to a stop in the bathroom and slamming the door, Mary quickly shed her pants and reached back to remove her thong, frowning at the clear resistance offered by her butt as it struggled to keep a grip on its prisoner. It took more force then she would have preferred, but she was eventually able to dislodge the garment, sliding it down her legs and hooking it with her left foot so she could grab it with her hands.

Just touching the wet fabric made her shudder, and Mary wondered just how she’d managed to do this much damage in such a short period of time, before remembering the way she’d tried to smother that ‘itch’. As she brought it closer the lingering scent of her farts assaulted her nostrils and her instincts screamed at her to get rid of this dirty thing right now. The brunette suppressed such thoughts however, and brought the fabric as close as she dared, her large eyes peering at the seat of the thong and searching for the usual tell-tale smudge that would signal your presence.

It would be nice to say that this would be the first time she’d had to retrieve you from such a position, but that would simply be wrong. Just last year you’d spent over a month as a part of her favourite panties, and more recently still you’d been a bit of extra padding for Sarah’s bikini bottoms. As much as those incidents had harmed you, they’d at least given your mother some real world experience with what to look for in these circumstances. Yet as she examined the fumigated thong was she able to spot your body, assuming you’re even there to be found in the first place.

- Mary sees you and frees you from the thong

Finally Allowed to Rest

Mary sighed as she spotted your flattened smear of a body spread over the seat of her thong, smiling apologetically as she reached down to peel you off. While you were relieved to be spotted you were understandably concerned when your mother appeared to struggle to get you lose, but soon enough she managed to get her nails beneath one of your arms and from there peeled you off in one go. Deposited on the edge of the sink you stared up at the ceiling and struggled to reform.

Your reformation was cut short however as you were snatched up and held under the tap, reality dawning on you just moments before the water turned on and blasted down on top of you, hands closing in on either side as Mary repeated her previous cleaning actions. Again you were rubbed furiously by your mother before being dumped into a towel and rubbed furiously once more. Yet still it seemed she failed to realise just how painful for you this truly was.

By the time you were judged to be ‘clean’ your mangled body ached all over, but at least your head was intact enough to try and form words as you struggled to look up at your mother from her palm. “Mu…mum, can you… take me to my room.” Had you been able to talk before that’s where you would have wanted to go in the first place, which would have avoided this entire incident.

Mary blushed, likely coming to the same conclusion as you, but thankfully complied and carried you quickly into your room and better yet straight to the doll house in which you slept. She did insist on giving you a full body kiss before leaving, but that was a small price to pay for your freedom.

Though your body was still mangled you were just happy that you were finally being given a chance to rest after spending weeks as Kim’s toe prisoner. A proper chance to reform and reboot after everything you’d been through. In a lot of ways it didn’t even feel real, since you’d started to believe you were never going to escape, and as you finally drifted off to sleep your fitful dreams were full of images of trampling feet and shifting toes, mixed with a handful of butts as well.


You were woken up what felt like hours later by the roof of your doll house being removed, turning your thankfully reformed body over to look up at your younger sister peering down from above. You gave her a tired wave and greeting, and Claire responded by reaching in any lifting you gently from your bed. “Good to see you’ve pulled yourself together bro. I was getting worried about you.” She smiled at you genuinely as she carried you downstairs, and you couldn’t help but be thankful that at least one of your family members was capable of showing a proper degree of concern for your safety.

It seemed the others were waiting for you, as Claire had barely crossed the threshold to the kitchen before you were snatched from her hands by your mother and subjected to a quick and humiliating probing from her curious fingers. Only once your family’s matriarch was satisfied that you were properly attached was Sarah given a chance to approach, forgoing physical contact to give you a quick smirk, though you could tell that she was at least somewhat glad to see you okay.

Even your mother’s probing however was tame in comparison to Kim’s reaction, who displayed an uncommon degree of boldness in snatching you straight from Mary’s palm and apologising profusely before smothering you with a wave of kisses all over your body. You were too caught off-guard by this display to protest or resist, and for their part your family members just laughed as you were buried by the Asian’s girl’s lips and practically drowned in her overflowing tears.

“I’m sorry *hic*, I’m sorry *smooch*… I didn’t *smooch*… I didn’t know *hic*. I’m so sorry *smooch*.” The endless bombardment left you no chance to respond as your body quickly started to turn the colour of Kim’s pale lipstick, so all you could do was lie there any take it as the frantic girl went on. “I promise *smooch* *hic*. I promise that I’ll be more *smooch* more careful in the future. *hic* I won’t crush you again *smooch*. At least *smooch* not without your permission.”

You really weren’t sure what she meant by that last part. What permission? Was she suggesting that there might be a circumstance in which you would ask her to crush you? You still had no idea of the lies Julia had told her while you were crushed, nor of her misconceptions around your relationships with Victoria and with herself. But from the look of admiration and love she was wearing as she gazed down upon you between kissing assaults you were starting to get an idea of where she was coming from. You knew that you had to clear this up before she took things too far.

Unfortunately your attempt to speak was interrupted as the doorbell rang and Kim quickly placed you down on the kitchen table with one last quick kiss before rushing off to the door. Oddly your family members staid put, suggesting that Kim specifically had been expecting this visit.

So who’s at the door, and just how bad are they about to make your day?

- It’s Kim’s sister Yakima, come to visit from Japan
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