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Some of my chapters from a deleted interactive story found on an old hard drive.
Unexpected Visitor

What you didn’t know was that while you had been suffering beneath Kim’s feet, events in the outside world had progressed in an unexpected direction. Your housemate’s older sister Yakima had been asked to come to your hometown on a work assignment, and the request had been so sudden that she’d had no time to prepare appropriate accommodation. Though the original plan had been to simply rent a hotel room for the duration, your mother had been kind enough to offer her a room at your house and the opportunity to stay with her younger sister while she was here.

You’d been missing at the time of course so no-one had consulted you on this decision, and in the whirlwind of events since you were freed the matter simply hadn’t come up. Needless to say, you were quite shocked when Kim returned from the entryway with your new guest in tow.

There were a lot of things you could have focused on with this woman. She looked to be a bit older than Sarah, probably in her early 20s, with long silky black hair hanging to her mid-back and deep brown eyes. The resemblance to Kim was clear, though she had a few inches on her younger sister and an overall more mature figure, especially in her… curves. Even from the front you could see that her rear was larger than any of your family members’, and as she turned slightly to address your mother its full shape entered your view, clad in skin-tight sweat pants. It wasn’t the biggest you’d seen, given the likes of Julia and Lily, but it was certainly large enough to draw gazes and turn heads.

You took all of this in with just a few quick glances, unable to spare any more as your eyes were uncontrollably drawn to the newcomer’s most prominent feature. Barely contained within a tight tank top and threatening to spill out of the plunging neckline, Yakima’s breasts demanded your absolute attention. You’d seen more than your fair share of large chests over the years, and been crushed by many of them, yet this was the first time you’d seen such a truly massive pair. Each orb was nearly the size of the Asian girl’s head, yet they were almost impossible firm for their size and bounced noticeably with each step, quivering still even when their owner’s movement ceased. Your gaze was drawn deep into that cavernous cleavage, and you couldn’t help but lick your lips.

Unfortunately your spelunking did not go unnoticed, or more specifically it was noticed by the worst possible person as a familiar hand suddenly closed around your body. Startled out of your reverie, your gaze snapped up to the smirking face of your older sister, Sarah’s gaze alternating between your struggling body and the previous target of your intense regard. “Like what you see Benny? Maybe I should give you a closer look.” She laughed softly as you tried to respond, making sure to keep her grip tight enough to prevent you from speaking, while still being loose enough to avoid crushing your chest completely. “Well if you’re that eager, then how could I say no?”

You tried again to struggle, but there was nothing you could do to stop your sister as she took her mark and waited for the perfect opportunity. That moment came when Yakima turned to say something to her sister, her head temporarily facing one way while her chest pointed in another, and Sarah took that chance to toss you like a coin towards her target. If nothing else, Sarah was a good shot, and after a brief moment of weightlessness you found yourself shooting straight into the bodacious girl’s exposed cleavage, quickly surrounded on all sides by the thick warm flesh.

The initial impact drove your head into the waiting maw, while the quivering boob flesh absorbed the force of your blow. The tightness of Yakima’s overstrained bra did not allow you to slip in completely at first, but that was quickly remedied as the startled girl jumped at the feeling of the sudden impact, her chest bouncing with her and instantly drawing you down into its dark abyss. When her feet returned to the ground those magnificent orbs came back together, instantly smashing you into mush between them as her bra reasserted its iron hold.

This wasn’t the first time you’d found yourself buried in a woman’s boobs, but nothing you’d previously experienced had prepared you for the sheer volume of the slightly moist flesh that now undulated around you. Having sunken deep into this girl’s unfathomably large cleavage, you found yourself pressed face first into her right breast, while the overflowing flesh of her left was forced in behind you. Every gap around your body was filled as the huge breasts tried to press back together, your insignificant form stuck between. Whereas being trodden underfoot or crushed by a butt would usually reduce you near instantly to a fleshy pancake, this was more a gradual build-up of pressure slowly but steadily reducing you from a three dimensional human to a two dimensional sticker.

Your mouth had been open to scream when you’d been thrown into this abyss, and now you found it stuffed full with the smooth flesh of your unknowing captor. You tried to wriggle, hoping that your movements would be noticed, but it seems as if the residual bouncing from Yakima’s earlier jump were overwhelming any of your own pitiful attempts to move. At this point, you could only hope that your entrance into this heaving prison had not gone unnoticed by its jailor.

- Yakima feels you in her cleavage and retrieves you

Out of the Cleavage

While you suffered, Yakima shot a small glare at your sister, quickly identifying her as the source of whatever foreign object was currently getting chewed up within her bosom. She didn’t want to start something when your mother had been kind enough to let her stay, but she wasn’t a huge fan of people making fun of, or having fun with, her bountiful chest. “That wasn’t very nice.”

Sarah chuckled in response, though she did do her best to smile apologetically as well, all too aware of the harsh glare she was receiving from your mother for that ‘prank’. “Sorry, sorry. I just couldn’t resist. It won’t happen again I promise.” The black-haired girl very purposely failed to reveal what exactly she had thrown in there, feeling it was still too soon for you to be rescued.

Yakima sighed but decided to drop it, shifting uncomfortably for a moment before reaching in to her own cleavage to retrieve whatever the younger girl had thrown. You could do nothing to resist as her probing fingers pressed you into her right breast, skittering over your malleable form for a moment before finally getting a grip on your left arm. The moist flesh of her cleavage was reluctant to let you go but you eventually peeled off with a wet slurp as you were brought into the light.

Blushing at being made to dive into her own cleavage like that, Yakima started in confusion at the object that emerged. It looked almost like a little human, though it was a bit squished and flattened at the moment. Her fingers had apparently grasped it by the arm and it now hung listlessly from her hand, its residual momentum making it look almost like it was trying to struggle against her hold. Whatever this strange little doll was made of was apparently pliant since it was slowly inflating back into a more three dimensional form, practically vibrating in her hand as it did so.

Yakima’s blush however had nothing on Kim’s as the shorter girl recognised her tiny boyfriend. “Oh, um… um… that’s Ben. He’s my… no. I mean he’s Ms Mary’s…” She sighed and tried to gather her thoughts as she was met with her sister’s raised eyebrow, neither paying attention to your renewed struggles as you finally managed to regain some sense of equilibrium out of your reforming body.

The Asian girl was saved from having to explain further as Mary stepped forward to retrieve you from her guest, her hand closing around your chest and gently pulling you from Yakima’s grasp as she tried for a proper introduction. “I’m sorry about that Yakima. I’ll give Sarah a proper talking to later.” She shot a quick glare at her eldest, who at least had the decency to look guilty. “Also, this is Ben, my son.” She held you up and shook you slightly for emphasis, unintentionally shaking your legs and head around like a ragdoll, while her grip was again restricting your capacity to talk. “He was born tiny unfortunately, but he’s a resilient kid and we make do. Please be careful around him.” Receiving a confused nod from her the bodacious girl, your mother nodded in satisfaction, and held you out for Claire to grab, figuring you’d be safest for the moment with your less mischievous sister.

Yakima shot a look at Kim, who interpreted it as a question over her earlier stuttering and just shrugged her shoulders sheepishly. The twenty-two year old still wasn’t quite sure what these people were talking about, but decided to let it go for now. “That’s alright, I’m… used to it by now.” She sighed, folding one arm across her chest with some difficulty. “I do not wish to be rude but, it’s been a long trip. Would it be too much trouble if I could be shown to my room now?”

“Oh, of course.” Mary smiled pleasantly as she led the way to the stairs, but paused and frowned for a moment as she remembered a detail she had neglected to mention before. “Ah but, we are a little short of rooms at the moment, so to make sure we can all fit I’m going to…”

- “Put you in with Ben. He’s small so he doesn’t need the whole room.”

Roommate or Doll?

“…put you in with Ben. He’s small so he doesn’t need the whole room.”

Hearing your mother’s words you immediately wanted to protest, though Claire’s grip on you was once again preventing you from speaking up. Why hadn’t you been consulted on this? The chances of something going wrong in a situation like this were immense, especially when you knew you still hadn’t been properly introduced to your new roommate. Even if you’d been crushed beneath Kim’s feet when Yakima was invited, your mother could have at least checked with you before inviting the girl into your room. Though in hindsight you now recalled that the normal-sized bed in your room had been uncharacteristically made-up when you’d been dropped off at your doll house earlier.

For her part, Yakima was more than a little confused at the idea of ‘sharing’ a room with the doll she’d just fished out of her cleavage. Mary had said the doll was her son, but if that was the case it seemed odd that she’d be letting him share a room with a woman she didn’t know. On the other hand, if it really was just a doll couldn’t they just put the doll house away while she was here? Well, it wasn’t her place to question their hospitality. “I understand. Thank you for your kindness.”

Earlier today the trip to your doll house had offered you salvation after being crushed for weeks beneath Kim’s feet and crammed between your mother’s cheeks, but now it filled you with dread as you watched the shifting ass of your new roommate ascending the stairs before you. Claire was too busy chatting with Kim to pay attention to her tiny brother clenched in her fist, while Sarah had struck up a conversation with Yakima, seemingly trying to make amends for her earlier actions.

By the time the six of you reached your room, Claire just casually dumped you into the doll house without even a glance of acknowledgement, confident that you’d be fine. Unfortunately, such casual treatment only reinforced the perspective that you were nothing but a doll, and not even worth paying attention to when you weren’t actively part of any ongoing proceedings.

Still partially crushed, you struggled to reform enough to head outside, knowing that you needed to make things clear to Yakima as soon as possible. You could hear the booming voice of your mother as she showed the Japanese girl where to put her bags and hang her clothes, with a just a brief mention of yourself as she ensured her newest house guest that you were a perfect gentlemen. Turning your head a little you were just able to get a brief glimpse of your family as they departed, without even a glance in your direction. Kim at least paused to look at your house before leaving, but just blushed visibly and offered you a small smile before running out the door.

Struggling to your feet, and almost stumbling in the process, you forced yourself to the front door of your abode and flung it open without pausing to check your surroundings, only to be…

- Nearly flattened by Yakima’s bra as she uses your house as a clothes rack

Just Part of the Furniture

The first thing you saw when you stepped out of your door was a wall of fabric falling upon you. With a barely suppressed scream you raised your arms in a feeble attempt to defend yourself, only to realise a moment later that its descent had stopped, casting a deep shadow over you but otherwise leaving you unharmed. Looking up at the black lacy fabric it took you a moment to put two and two together, but when you did you instantly blushed scarlet. A situation that only became worse as you stepped to the side slightly and looked past the obscuring bra.

High above, Yakima had almost forgotten about you completely. From her perspective you were nothing but a doll with some weird backstory, and she had no interest in playing with you. She did think it was weird that your family had some sort of communal doll but figured it would be rude to question them about it, so she’d just deal with it for now. In any case she had more important things to worry about, like getting out of the outfit she’d been wearing for over a day straight.

With the door closed, the Asian girl figured there was no need to be modest, and casually stripped down without any care for her tiny roommate. Her top and pants were thrown on the bed and soon after she reached back to unclip her bra, sighing as it came free and her large breasts were finally given a chance to breath. Not wanting to risk misplacing the custom-made piece of lingerie, her brown eyes flicked around for an appropriate mount before settling on the doll house in the corner. While its presence still confused her it was at just the right height to serve as a convenient clothes rack and so she tossed the bra at it without a second thought, failing to notice as the tiny door opened just a moment before the oversized brassiere hid it from sight. Satisfied with the placement, she quickly slipped her panties off as well and tossed them over to join their fellow lingerie.

Far below, you were left in a state of aroused shock as you looked up at the naked glory of this massive woman. When she’d been clothed you’d had enough trouble keeping your eyes away from her curves, but now it was a hundred times worse as you greedily devoured her image. Yakima’s body was on full display as she rummaged around in her bags for a change of clothes, passing over several potential outfits as she tossed garments left right and centre. Her large ass wiggled side to side before you as she rummaged in her suitcase, while her firm boobs bounced freely now that they had been freed from the confines of her top, swinging around to face you as she raised another blouse for inspection and then disposed of it with the rest. Any thought that maybe her curves had been shaped by her clothing and would sag in their absence was quickly dispelled, and not for the first time you found yourself wondering how a body like that was even possible.

Your situation wasn’t helped by the warmth you could feel emanating from the bra and panties that still hung above, the thick scent of Yakima’s body flooding the air around you and mixing with the sweat smell of what you could only assume was some form of perfume. You were unable to resist as you reached out to feel the fabric of her bra, running your fingers across the inner lining of the cup and shuddering slightly at the sheer warmth of it, not to mention the slight moisture that now coated your fingers. The panties were equally warm, covered in a thick sheen of sweat, and for once in your life you found yourself actually wishing you could get inside of a woman’s underwear.

After some time Yakima did eventually manage to choose an appropriate set of underwear and a suitable outfit for the rest of the day. Her struggle to get the clothing on gave you yet another show, as she bounced in place getting her panties on and had to manhandle her own chest into the bra, and the battle to button her tight jeans and fit into her new top was just as entertaining. Finally dressed, the raven haired girl reached up to fix her hair into a loose ponytail as she starting to pack her discarded clothing away, coming at last to your current location as she bent down to retrieve her used bra and panties. The shadow of her massive chest feel upon you as her cleavage swelled to become your entire world, but you forced yourself to look up towards her face as…

- Yakima’s shocked gaze falls upon you, blushing in embarrassment

Meeting Yakima

Peeling your eyes away from the prodigious chest before you, you allowed them to travel up and up until they met with Yakima’s own, blown wide with shock as they stared down at you. The Asian girl’s mouth hung open as she tracked your every move, this time unable to deny the reality of your movement as a hand travelled slowly to her mouth. “You… you’re. Are you actually a person?”

Still overshadowed by this girl’s chest, and trying desperately to avoid staring back into her cleavage, you tried to stammer out an answer, racking your brain for the best response. “Y…yeah I… I was born like this. But umm… I am human.” Painfully aware of the ragged state of your clothing you blushed and crossed your arms, hoping that the probing eyes above you wouldn’t judge you too harshly.

Accepting your response, Yakima carefully reached down to touch you, needing to make absolutely sure you were real, yet just as her fingertip touched your cheek she suddenly recoiled with a furious blush, remembering just what she had been doing before finding you. While she wasn’t a shy person at heart, the knowledge that she had stripped down to nothing before a boy she didn’t know was enough to set her cheeks on fire, and she shifted nervously as her eyes were drawn to her own chest.

Seeing the direction of Yakima’s gaze you couldn’t help but look that way yourself, blushing as you realised the direction of her thoughts. “I’m sorry Yakima, I didn’t mean to look. I just…”

“No.” Yakima cut you off with a firm shake of her head, looking down at you with kind eyes. “You don’t need to apologise, it was my fault. Your mother tried to tell me but I didn’t believe her.” Kneeling down, she chuckled slightly as your gaze followed the bouncing of her chest. “I take it you enjoyed the show though. I guess we’ll have to get married now that you’ve taken my innocence.” She smiled as your blush reached your ears and neck. “If you think you can handle me.”

A treacherous part of your mind screamed at you to accept the proposal, images of this woman’s naked body flashing through your head, but you forced yourself to remember that you weren’t available. Even if you were you felt she was probably joking. “Sorry again, but believe it or not I already have a girlfriend.” You managed to think of Victoria, remembering that it had been a few weeks now since you’d seen her so you needed to give her a call, though another treacherous part of your mind also drew up images of Kim, the feet that had dominated you for weeks, and the lips that had tried to claim you for their own. Yeah, you really needed to see your girlfriend.

Of course Yakima hadn’t really been serious in the first place, and she laughed good naturedly at your response. “Ah, too bad.” Reaching down again, she carefully picked you up, cupping you in her hands and she raised you to her face, just barely avoiding a collision with her chest on the way up. “Well she’s a very lucky girl, because you are way too cute.” A massive pair of lips descended on you and nearly swallowed your head before pulling back, Yakima’s darker lipstick mixing with the residue of her sister’s earlier kissing assault. The older girl smiled at the result, a part of her thinking that it really was too bad that you were already taken. But she certainly wasn’t going to steal her own little sister’s boyfriend, which was what she had concluded you to be based on her own observations.

While you recovered from nearly having your head swallowed, your new friend transferred you to her shoulder and rose up to her full height, leaving you to grab onto her hair for security as she headed out of the room, intent on re-joining the rest of the household. As she made it to the stairs you couldn’t help but look down at her bouncing chest, mesmerised by their movement even as you feared the possibility of falling within them once again. If Yakima noticed the direction of your gaze she didn’t comment on it, and the two of you managed to maintain a pleasant conversation as you headed for the kitchen, quickly putting the awkwardness of your first meeting behind you.

Yakima found your mother in the kitchen, who smiled pleasantly as she spied you on her house guest’s shoulder. “Are you settling in okay Yakima? I see the two of you are getting along.”

The Asian girl responded in the affirmative, joining your mother at the kitchen table as she placed you down on its surface. “Yes. You have a very pretty home.” She didn’t bother commenting on her experiences with yourself, not wanting to cause any problems with your family, though she did take a moment to pat your head with her finger, smiling down at you with clear affection.

Obviously overhearing the conversation, your sisters and Kim quickly entered the room as well. Sarah shot you a smirk as she sat down at the table, waggling her eyebrows slightly as she glanced over at Yakima, and sticking out her tongue when you glared at her in response. You really wanted to give your big sister a piece of your mind after her stunt, but you supposed in the end things had worked out pretty well, so for the moment you decided to let it go with the glare alone.

As the newcomers joined the conversation, the six of you conversed pleasantly for a while, and you finally found out what Yakima had come to your home town for. Apparently she was a model, which was something you really could have guessed just by looking at her, and her agency was doing some kind of cross promotion over the next few months. The bodacious girl herself felt it was a good opportunity to make some more money that she could put towards getting a tertiary education and a future career in a more long-term industry, though she admitted to enjoying the work as well.

Inevitably the conversation eventually came to an end as…

- Yakima announced that she needed to head to the studio

Along for the Ride

As much as she was enjoying chatting with your family, a glance at her watch advised Yakima that it was time for her to leave, lest she miss her first photo shoot for the day. Standing from the table, she quickly smoothed out her clothes, and turned to face your mother. “I regret that I will need to cut this conversation sort, Ms Mary. I must head to the studio now.”

For her part your mother just chuckled at the manner in which she was addressed. “Just Mary is fine Yakima, and I’m well aware you have things to do. We will be here when you return.” Your sisters expressed similar sentiments, as did you. Despite the manner of your initial acquaintance you had grown quite attached to the bodacious Asian, and hoped you would be able to speak to her further.

However, while you were focused on your internal thoughts, Kim was more proactive in seeing her sister off, springing up from her own seat and practically skipping over to give the larger girl a tight hug, evidentially used to having her face practically buried in Yakima’s cleavage. Unfortunately, in her haste to reach her older sibling she had accidentally bumped into the table, and while the impact was a glancing blow that did little to rattle her, it was enough to shake your own footing. Already perilously close to the edge, you pin-wheeled your arms uselessly for a moment before falling.

Mercifully your fall was short, and you avoided splatting against the tiled floor of the kitchen. Instead you landed on the slightly cushioned surface of Yakima’s recently vacated chair, which was just giving enough to cushion your fall without absorbing the blow completely. You groaned in pain from the impact but couldn’t help but bask slightly in the residual warmth of the massive girl’s behind, having to resist the unusual urge to take a sniff of the fabric. Any such thoughts were shattered however as you noticed a deep shadow being cast over you, and flipped yourself over just in time to see that very same derriere falling back upon you before it flattened you completely.

The annihilation of your body didn’t even register as an itch to Yakima, who had sat down again simply to recheck her makeup and sort out her purse. Her left buttock was more than enough to cover your entire body, and to reduce that same body to a two-dimensional shape in an instant. Any softness that had previously been provided by the seat-top was crushed to nothing as her full weight settled into the seat, to the extent that you may as well have been pressed into steel. Twisting around to get the best light to reflect in her small hand mirror, the curvaceous beauty obliviously dragged her booty all over the seat and you, practically grinding her ass against your tiny body.

By the time Yakima finally stood you had been plastered completely to her jeans, face-first against the warm fabric, and appearing like nothing more than some kind of cute logo. Unfortunately for you, no-one else in the room was in the mood for staring at your newest housemate’s butt, so no-one made any move to stop her as she gave her sister one last hug and headed outside. For her part, the Asian girl spared only one last wave over her shoulder, before opening the door of her hire car and plopping down into the driver’s seat, once again crushing you beneath her substantial rear.

You of course had been in agony from the first moment Yakima’s ass fell upon you, trapped beneath the overwhelming heat and crushing weight. You had experienced some brief relief during the trip to the car, but the faux-leather fabric of the car seat was only making things worse as your tormentor shifted to get comfortable, the temperature quickly rising as sweat began to flow. The sound of the car’s engine starting was soon accompanied by a vibration both in the seat below and the ass above, any sense of stillness lost as you were battered over and over again beneath the shifting booty.

The trip to the studio was not long, but the raven-haired girl continued to bounce the whole way, ensuring that you were given no hope of escape from your increasingly sweaty hell. When she finally strode into the studio and checked in, the keen eyed receptionist actually spotted your squished body as she watched the model leave, but dismissed it as some cute design or sticker only. Perhaps she’d ask about you more when Yakima returned, but for now she put you out of her mind.

When the buxom Asian arrived at the shooting set, the director hurried her into the changing room, handing her a skimpy bikini and telling her to get ready as quickly as possible. Not wanting to make a bad first impression, Yakima quickly stripped off her jeans and you, dropping them in a heap on the nearest bench as she removed the rest of her clothing. Finally given a chance to reform you painstakingly peeled yourself from the sweaty fabric, crawling towards the light and hopefully safety.

To you it felt like it took an eternity to reach the outside world, but in reality you accomplished the task in less than a minute, crawling out into open air and looking up just in time to see…

- Yakima’s shocked gaze for the second time that day

Yakima’s Work Mates

Fortunately, fate smiled upon you for the second time that day as you looked up into Yakima’s shocked gaze, the buxom girl’s eyes peeking down above the shelf of her chest. The confusion of her expression slowly changed to dread and guilt as she noted your still flattened form and surmised the method of your transportation. “Ben? Are you okay? Oh jeez, what did I do to you this time?”

You were both pleased and a little concerned to see a small number of tears starting to gather in the corners of your housemate’s eyes. It was nice that she cared, but at the same time you didn’t want her to beat herself up over this. Gathering your strength you managed to pull your body together enough to sit up and face Yakima, taking a deep breath to speak. “I umm… Kim knocked me off the table at home and you well… you sat on me, and then brought me here on your jeans.” You forced out a smile, though right now it still hurt to move your face. “Don’t worry though, it didn’t hurt that much. Though I am glad you found me. I wouldn’t want to be left here alone.”

Staring down at you, Yakima still felt like she wanted to cry, but she sucked it up both to put on a brave face and to avoid ruining her mascara. It seemed like she’d spent most of her time since arriving at your home crushing you in one way or another, and she’d yet to think of a good way to make it up to you. Reaching down to gently scoop you up, she brought you to her face and laid a gentle kiss on your now mostly reformed head. “I’m sorry. I’ll do better next time.” She honestly wasn’t sure if she could keep that promise, but she knew that she’d do her best.

“Did you say something Yaki?” Tearing your gaze away from your giant housemate, you looked over to see another girl approaching, closely followed by a third. As Yakima tried to stammer out a response, the impromptu gathering drew the attention of yet more of the locker room’s occupants, until you found yourself surrounded by six young women. Six very attractive young women.

It was readily apparent that whatever modelling company was involved here attended to a fairly particular clientele. The girl who had spoken had a similar complexion to Yakima, but sported somewhat inverted curves, with comparatively smaller breasts (possibly G cup) but a booty that could rival Julia’s. By her side stood another Japanese girl with a thin frame and slightly smaller curves all around, though she was still noticeably curvy by anyone’s standards. Joining them were a trio of girls who looked to be of more local origin. A blonde with similar curves to Yakima, right down to the tremendous rack. A tanned redhead with full lips and a curvy body similar to the smaller Asian girl. And last but not least a mocha-toned woman who matched Yakima’s bubble-butted companion.

Each of these stunning beauties was clad in a skimpy bikini that left little to the imagination and revealed the majority of their subtle flesh to your greedy eyes. To your credit you did try to look away, or at the very least focus the majority of your attention on Yakima, whose innocence you had already taken, but your instinct quickly won out as you blushed scarlet and drank the sight in. Having caught you in the open more or less, each of the newcomers was currently looking down at you with varying degrees of confusion, interest and displeasure as your housemate cradled you to her chest. As much as you knew the risks, and that you should be doing something to assuage doubts they may have had, being the centre of attention to so many… you had never been so aroused in your life.

“I… umm…” Finally getting over her initial fright, Yakima managed to string together some words in an attempt to explain your presence. “This is Ben. I’m staying with his family for a while and… umm…” She quickly started to gesture to each girl in turn, seemingly forgetting that she hadn’t finished explaining about you yet. “Ben, this is Midori.” The girl who had spoken first gave a small smile. “Akari.” The third Asian girl raised her eyebrows as she leaned in further. “Umm… Cori?” The blonde grinned and nodded. “…Ruby?” The redhead just offered a small wave. “And… umm… Kat?” The last woman just folded her arms, though she didn’t necessarily look annoyed.

Before any further explanation could be given, a new, somewhat dour, voice intruded, emanating from the approaching figure of a seventh girl. “You know I heard your kind are in to cute things, but don’t you think bringing a doll to work is a little excessive?” As you looked up to meet the gaze of this new arrival you couldn’t help but gulp. Whereas the other girls appeared to be paired off the Hispanic beauty now pushing her way through the crowd clearly stood alone. Taller than the others, her curves were absolutely out of this world, sporting a chest that may have surpassed even Yakima’s and a butt that was the biggest you had ever witnessed. Impossibly her curves showed no sign of sagging, jutting out proudly from her body and barely contained by a frightfully strained bikini.

You could have spent hours just staring at this women, if not for the sneer on her face as she glared down at you, clearly not as impressed as her companions. Not even bothering to listen to Yakima’s attempt to respond to her she looked ready to say something else before the clearing of a throat behind her made her back off and you looked up to see yet another woman approach, though at least this time one that was properly dressed. “What exactly is the hold up here ladies? We’re on the clock you know.” Raven-haired, pale skinned, and dressed in a business suit, you wouldn’t have been surprised to know that this was the director of the photo shoot. Her curves were certainly not as prominent as her models but she was still a gorgeous woman with a definite hourglass figure.

Faster to react this time, Yakima extended her hand to present you to her boss, though the both of you were caught off guard when you were snatched from the palm and squeezed a couple of times in curiosity. You managed to struggle enough to be noticed, but your captor appeared only mildly surprised as she looked to your housemate for an explanation, her hand still tight around your chest.

This time Yakima actually got a chance to get out her full explanation. “I’m sorry Rachel. This is Ben. He’s the son of the family I’m staying with, as well as my younger sister’s boyfriend. Olivia was just asking if he’s a doll, but he’s not. He’s a real person, I promise you. Though, as you can see, he’s kind of tiny and squishy, and well… it turns out I accidentally brought him here stuck to my butt.” She blushed deeply at the last bit, though frankly you were more concerned over being referred to as Kim’s boyfriend. Unfortunately the grip that Rachel had you in was too tight to allow a response, and you were instead met with her thoughtful expression, before she eventually declared…

- That she had a job opportunity for you, if you were interested

A Model Career

Rachel wasn’t a cruel person, not at all, but she was someone who tended to prioritise her own self-interest over those of others, at least where she could do so without causing any permanent harm, and had an unfortunate tendency to see people in terms of their monetary worth. So it was that, when she looked at you, see didn’t see a defenceless squirming teenager. She saw money signs.

Ordinarily the raven-haired woman would be loath to change anything about a shoot the day of, but this wasn’t a usual set of circumstances. An opportunity like this wasn’t likely to arise again, and that recent movie around a shrinking theme had been rather successful. Smirking, she loosed her grip, giving you a chance to respond as she set out her offer. “Ben, was it? Would you be interested in doing a bit of work for me? Nothing hard I promise, and you’ll be paid well for your services.”

“What kind of work?” Your first instinct had been to say no, but the offer of payment had gotten your attention. It wasn’t often that you had any money of your own after all. You could actually buy something for your girlfriend for once, or pay off your older sister to leave you alone.

Rachel had you and she knew it, putting on her most winning smile as she raised you to her face, hot breath washing over you. “Just some pictures with you and the girls, nothing dangerous, and I know you wouldn’t mind spending some time with them right?” She chuckled at your obvious blush. “I’ll pay you $100 an hour, whether I end up keeping the shots or not. Sound good?” Because even if she didn’t end up using the shots she was still going to keep them. For her own personal use.

Your nod was all the answer Rachel needed, and she cut off any attempt at setting further conditions by casually throwing you back towards Yakima, in full knowledge that the model wasn’t ready. Caught off guard, the Asian girl didn’t even get a chance to try and catch you before you plunged headfirst into her cleavage for the second time that day, vanishing from sight completely as the creamy flesh ate you up. The other girls, even Olivia, burst into laughter, while your housemate groaned and plunged her hand into her cleavage, fishing around for your squished body.

Probing fingers pressed you deep into the warm flesh of Yakima’s breasts as she tried to find your body, rubbing you against the beads of sweat already forming on the skin. The soft boobs were pliant enough that it was difficult for her to find you within the undulating flesh, but eventually her manicured nails snagged your leg and you were ripped from her cleavage into the light of day. Held up before her face you slowly reformed as the massive girl gave you a tired smile. “Sorry about that Ben. But hey, at least you’ve got a job. I’m looking forward to working with you.” Not waiting for a response, she dropped you into her palm and headed out to the studio proper.

Yakima smiled as her friends and colleagues tagged along, exchanging pleasant small talk and giggling at the little boy carried in her hands. She’d worked with Midori and Akari for a while so she trusted them to treat you well, and although she’d only met them recently Cori, Ruby and Kat seemed pleasant enough. She was worried about Olivia though, who spared you only a baleful glare before striding out ahead. “Be careful around her okay? She’s the star model for this magazine and she’s not happy at the prospect of having competition, either from us, or apparently from you.” She smirked, remembering her own less than stellar introduction to the Hispanic girl. “Personally I think she’s just stuck up. She’s too used to guys doing whatever she says thanks to those curves.”

Olivia, who Yakima was perfectly aware was still within earshot, just harrumphed and stalked off for some last minute touch-ups to her makeup, as the rest of the models dispersed to their designated positions on Rachel’s directions. The director approached the two of you last, glancing down at your position cupped in the buxom model’s hands before asking Yakima to…

- Put you in the middle of the set, ready for the first shoot

The Odour of the Day

“Please place Ben in the middle of the set Yakima. I’ll explain how this is going to work.” Nodding, the Asian girl obediently walked you over to a white sheet that had been set up in one corner of the room, surrounded on one side by white walls and on the other by a network of cameras and light equipment. As directed, she set you down at the very centre of the sheet, standing awkwardly behind you afterwards as the other girls, minus Olivia and Rachel, gathered around. She was admittedly a little bit concerned over your safety being left on the floor like that, but she had to trust that her boss knew what she was doing and wouldn’t deliberately put you in any danger.

You meanwhile stared up in awe as the colossal shadows of the models fell upon you, their titanic curves dominating the sky above as they gathered in a loose circle. You were surrounded by six pairs of bare feet, toes wiggling as if in greeting and heels shifting in anticipation. It was obvious that these girls kept themselves clean, but even then you could still smell the distinct scent of feet quickly blanketing the atmosphere. Tight bikini bottoms that left little to the imagination drew your gaze, and even from the front you could see the prominent lines of their rears jutting out behind them. Even further up, massive chests bumped softly together as the models jostled for position, setting off a near constant wave of motion that you had to struggle to pull your eyes away from. To top it all off six pairs of eyes peered down at you through what little gaps remained, holding varying degrees of curiosity, kindness and mirth as lips were chewed and blushes rose on their delicate cheeks.

If you had thought you were turned on before, then you didn’t even know how to describe what you were experiencing right now. All thoughts of profit or buying gifts for your girlfriend flew from your mind, and all you could think about was the sheer perfection of this one moment in time.

All good things must come to an end however, and the girls eventually looked away from you as Rachel cleared her throat and got their attention. A quick shuffling of bodies left the models standing in a loose row and, not paying sufficient attention, Yakima ended up moving away from you. With your protector gone your tiny body came to rest between the feet of Midori on your right and Cori on your left. Unable to resist the temptation, the feet on either side of you shifted and toes began to gently caress your form, as high above their owners allowed pleased smiles to cross their faces.

For your part you didn’t mind all that much. The toes were not pushing down hard so it was almost like a pleasant massage as they ran over your back. There was a momentary problem where the toes of either foot caught your head between them while playfully pressing against each other, but it seemed that they quickly realised their mistake and pulled away in time to avoid totally squishing your face. The smell was actually almost pleasant, a mix of floral scents from the girl’s shower wash or perfume, and the distinctive scents of their own bodies now being massaged into yours.

If Rachel noticed her models’ actions she didn’t comment on them, standing in front of the line and crossing her arms. “Alright ladies. This shoot will be in three stages. First up we’re doing individual and pair shots with your assigned partner. Then we’ll be doing solo shots with Olivia. And after that we’ll bring all of you back in for some group shots.” She glanced down at you, smirking slightly as she watched you being caressed by two sets of toes. “As for Ben, he’ll be appearing in most, if not all, of those shots. We’ll position him to really emphasis the power I want all of you to exude.”

The models nodded and peeled off the join with their partners. Cori made sure to give you one last caress, sliding her whole foot over you and nearly pushing you to the ground as she walked off to stand with Yakima. Midori went one step further and actually did push you to the ground, trapping your face between her big toe and the floor for a moment and giving it a wriggle before stepping off to meet up with Kat. Left behind in the aftermath of these impacts, you breathed deeply as you took in their lingering scents, glancing up to see the hand of a smirking Rachel descending upon you.

- The first part of the photo shoot progresses without incident

First Day on the Job

Fortunately for you Rachel was able to pick you up without incident, and didn’t even comment on the lingering scent of feet that clung to your body. Instead she motioned for Yakima and Cori to approach, the two girls doing so with a warm smile and pleased smirk respectively.

The shots started off relatively tame, and you found yourself mostly being held in hands or placed on shoulders, heads and other relatively stable areas. Both girls were gentle with you, though Yakima had to fight down a slight blush and smile as she posed for the pictures, and Cori couldn’t help but wink at you flirtatiously whenever you were handed over to her, deliberately pointing your gaze towards the depths of her cleavage more than once. Progressively you were handed off to the other girls in turn, first to Ruby and Akari, and then to Midori and Kat. Each girl in turn was gentle, though it seemed that their flirtatious behaviour was contagious. Ruby went so far as to give you a quick kiss on the head when no-one else was looking and both Akari and Kat couldn’t resist caressing your back with their fingers, though the darker skinned woman did push with a bit more force than was strictly comfortable. Midori of course was every bit as flirtatious as Cori, deliberately posing before you more than once to emphasise the tremendous expanse of her massive rear.

You were aware that these girls were mostly treating you as a cute little kid or pet, and that you probably shouldn’t read any more into it than that, but all this attention was making it increasingly hard to keep yourself decent for the camera. You were already worried that those shuttering lenses had caught something you would rather keep hidden, and could only thank god for tight underwear.

Gradually, however, the shots became more forceful and involved. Increasingly you found yourself being placed on or between the girls’ breasts, standing on their protruding buttocks or balancing on an extended limb. Shots taken with Yakima and Cori tended to focus on their chests, and the blonde couldn’t resist cooing at you whenever she had you in her cleavage, squeezing them slightly around your body. With more balanced proportions, the shots with Ruby and Akari tended to focus more on full body experiences, and you often found yourself standing on or beneath a raised foot, or hanging precariously from their fingers and hands. And of course, shots with Midori and Kat were focused on their lower curves, and you could feel the warm heat of their cracks each time you were placed on one undulating cheek. You could swear Midori had tried more than once to knock you into hers.

Usually you were interacting with only one girl, whether their partner was in the shot or not, but there were a few shots where you’d be sandwiched between the two. This included being trapped between bosoms, posteriors and feet, and although the girls were careful not to crush you, you were becoming increasingly concerned that if things continued to build up like this it wouldn’t go your way. To make matters worse the girls were starting to perspire slightly under the heat of the stage lights, and all of that sweat was now soaking into your body like a sponge, not to mention making it increasingly difficult to keep your footing or grip against their steadily moistening flesh.

You were quite sure that your absorbency had not gone unnoticed, especially given that Ruby had just taken the opportunity to wipe her foot across your body like a rag, looking down at you with a sultry look the whole time. She was nice enough not to target your face, but the action still left you feeling uncomfortable, especially as the other girls, even Yakima, looked on without objection. For a moment as her foot lifted away you felt like you were going to be pulled with it, your skin slightly adhering to her own and only pulling off at the last second before you would have been airborne.

Your concerns only rose as the next shot saw you pressed flat against Midori’s cheek in a spread-eagled position, and by the time the photographers had finished you were so adhered that the Asian girl actually had to reach back and peel you off, bringing you around to her front and smirking down at you with obvious fascination. The others had noticed as well, and already the cliff off Cori’s chest was blocking out your light as she stepped up to you with a wicked look to her eyes.

As the others approached you were faced with the lascivious expressions of all six girls, Yakima very much included, and could only gulp audibly as you wondered what exactly was going to happen next.

- Rachel declares that it’s Olivia’s turn to take her shots

At Olivia’s Mercy

The way these six girls were looking at you now you weren’t sure if they wanted to kiss you or eat you, and while you were still incredibly turned on you couldn’t help but shiver a bit in fear as well. Feeling your movement, Midori extended her thumb to stroke soothingly at your back, and it seemed the others took this as an open invitation to move in as well, Cori and Ruby in particular reaching forward with the obvious intent to administer to you themselves. A solid wall of boob flesh was closing in on you from all sides, and for a moment you thought you would be buried by it.

Your salvation came in the form of Rachel loudly clapping her hands, startling the hormonal girls into retreating and leaving you a chance to catch your breath in Midori’s palm. Or perhaps she had merely taken you from what could have been the greatest experience of your life. Right now you were still having a hard time deciding as hormones and survival instinct battled in your head. Whether she knew what was happening or not, the raven-haired woman didn’t even look at you as she gave out directions, asking each of the girl’s to get some water and relax. “Midori, please put Ben down. He’ll be participating in Olivia’s shots now.”

The manner in which she bit her lip was enough to tell you that the Asian girl was reluctant to let you go, the longing look she gave you as she slowly lowered you to the ground was just icing on the cake. Still, Rachel was the boss and Midori needed this job, so she left you behind as directed and headed off the set. The other girls departed with equal reluctance, each of them looking at you with various longing looks, ranging from affectionate in the case of Yakima to Cori’s downright possessive smirk. Just from that you knew you were going to be in for a hell of a time when this was all over.

While the others may have just been sad to lose their new boy toy, Yakima was genuinely concerned as she assumed her seat, worried that the arrogant and spiteful Olivia would be unkind to her little housemate and not-so-secret crush. Even if your relationship with her sister meant that she couldn’t have you in the way that she wanted, she at least wanted to keep you close while she could. Her concerns weren’t helped by the little smirk on Rachel’s face as she called the last model forward.

Meanwhile, left abandoned on the floor, you could only look up in fear as your potential playmates departed and the massive Hispanic girl began to approach, uncertain as to just what fate now awaited you. As much as you feared her, you would have been lying if you said that you weren’t attracted to Olivia. The way she sauntered across the set, curves in constant motion as her tanned flesh rippled and threatened to spill out from her tiny over-strained bikini, was utterly mesmerising, and not for the first time you wondered how a body like that was even possible. Her stern brown eyes stared straight ahead, not even sparing you a glance as she headed for the middle of the set, and it wasn’t until the shadow of her foot fell upon you that you realised the error you had made.

Without looking at you even once, Olivia stomped down on you without remorse, her full weight falling upon you as you were instantly flattened to her well-oiled sole. Your sweaty body, which had brought such entertainment to the other girls, now adhered itself to the sole, and as the model’s foot lifted you were taken with it, sailing through the air briefly only to be slammed back down as Olivia continued to advance unabated towards the middle of the set. The other models gasped loudly, but Rachel just chuckled, waving off their concerns with a casual smile. “Don’t worry, don’t worry. If he survived travelling all the way here on Yakima’s butt he can handle a few stomps.”

You would very much like to point out that there is a big difference between being accidentally sat on, and deliberately crushed, but there’s nothing you can do as Olivia finally reaches the middle of the set, standing still on top of you for a moment before eventually raising her foot and turning it over to look at the sole. There had been a small part of you that had hoped it had all been an accident, and that the eyes that looked at you would soften with apology and concern. But there would be no such salvation for you today, and those eyes held nothing but disdain as long manicured fingernails descended to peel you from the foot and dump you on the floor without comment, casually discarded like an everyday piece of detritus lifted from the floor.

Though there was no excess fat on her frame, Olivia’s tall height and abundant curves made her quite heavy overall, and you had to struggle to reform as you twitched on the floor. Knowing that you had to get on your feet quickly if you were to have any chance of surviving this encounter, you forced yourself back into a standing position, only to be cast in shadow once again as Olivia posed for a shot, her foot raised high above you. Acting on instinct, you screamed and raised your hands in defence, only to be confused as nothing happened. Then the camera snapped, capturing the moment on film, and the foot slammed down upon you, grinding you across the floor as the camera continued to snap away, forever immortalising your torment as the others looked on in shock.

It would seem that, whereas your shots with the other girls had focused more on emphasising the size difference and the occasional mock imminent crush, Olivia’s shoot was going to focus on actual scenes of her utterly dominating you with her body, fully emphasising the power of her form. A brief moment of relief as her foot lifted was followed by a hard stomp from her other sole, and that cycle quickly repeated itself over and over again as the photographer searched for the perfect shot. And it wasn’t just stomping either, you were picked up and squeezed within the crevice of the Hispanic girl’s toes for some shots, or crammed headfirst into the gaps between the toes for others.

For those few moments in which you were able to see the outside world, you took some small comfort in the shocked and worried expressions of the other models, but there was nothing they could do to save you as you were pounded over and over again by their more sadistic colleague. It didn’t help that the few times you were able to spy Rachel she just grinned at you, seemingly unconcerned with your pain as she directed her employee to continue with your torment.

If you were capable of crying out right now you would have begged them to stop this. Even if it meant going home with no money for all your hard work, you just wanted this torment to end. But Olivia’s attacks came too quickly for you to get any words out in-between, your perpetually flattened chest unable to draw in enough air to produce speech. Even when you were eventually peeled from the floor you were quickly transferred to a wooden stool, and your attempts at rapid panicked blinking did nothing to deter the truly colossal ass of your tormentress as it rose above you. The camera flashed once again, and the world fell as Olivia’s massive rear slammed down on you, instantly pulverising you into paste and grinding you to dust as it shifted around for the perfect shot.

High above, it was just another day for the beautiful model as she turned your life into hell. Truth be told, Olivia didn’t even feel any maliciousness towards you at this point. At first she’s been annoyed by your presence, especially after Rachel had offered you a job, but after watching the way the other girls had played with you, she had realised that you weren’t a threat. Rather, you weren’t even worth her consideration, and she was content to treat you as nothing more than a prop. Seeing you as nothing more than an object, she showed no remorse as she crushed you over and over again. Not just smearing you under her rear and trampling you beneath her feet, but also burying you within her cavernous cleavage and crushing her breasts around you, and even cramming you into her increasingly sweaty armpits as she perspired under the bright lights.

To you this was quickly becoming one of the worst experiences of your life. You were having flashbacks to all the times Julia had gone out of her way to torment you, but as you were smeared with sweat and stretched to your breaking point you knew that even your worst enemy had never been able to take it this far. Try as she might, Julia just didn’t have the experience that Olivia did with using her body as a weapon, and even her own impressive curves couldn’t compare to the model’s. You wanted to struggle, to scream, but for now at least, all you could do was try to endure.

While you endured this endless stream of torment, one round of squishing blurring seamlessly into the next, Rachel watched on, silently acknowledging to herself that she was enjoying this more than she should. It wasn’t so much that she wanted to torture you herself, as that she just really enjoyed watching you suffer like this. The raven-haired woman knew it was not becoming of a human being to take pleasure in such things, but she comforted herself with the knowledge that she was paying you for this, and that you’d agreed, if not specifically then at least in general, to this treatment. Maybe when it was over she’d give you some kind of bonus to help you… come to terms with things.

Nearly an hour later you found yourself headfirst in Olivia’s cleavage, your face being crushed flat as the Hispanic girl squeezed her massive breasts together, leaving your legs to kick feebly at the air while the model pouted playfully, and sexually, at the camera. You weren’t a person to her anymore, not a rival, you were just a toy, and if this shoot ended up being a success then she had every intention of using you again whether you wanted it to happen or not. Yet finally, as the camera snapped one last time, Rachel’s clear voice rang out, interrupting Olivia’s fun as she declared…
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