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Rated: 18+ · Draft · Fantasy · #2218814
Some of my chapters from a deleted interactive story found on an old hard drive.
Elsa Magnusson and Language Barriers

Scrolling through the shortened list, you eventually stopped on what looked like a good option. “Hmm… I think I might start with this Elsa Magnusson. She doesn’t live too far away and it looks like a residential address so I don’t have to worry about too many people.” You chuckled a little as you smirked at your sister. “And the amount she’s offering is pretty good too. It looks like she needs help studying English, which will probably take a while and at this rate… well, it’s a good windfall.”

Stacy rolled her eyes at your financial considerations, but proceeded to worry her lip again as she looked back at the job listing. “Are you sure that’s going to be okay? I mean, if she needs help studying English that means her own must not be very good right? What if you can’t understand each other? Where would ‘Magnusson’ even be from anyway?”

With a good-natured smile you reached up to gently rub Stacy’s finger. “Sis, I appreciate your concern but don’t worry. Magnusson is a Scandinavian name, so she’s probably from Northern Europe, in which case I’m pretty well covered. I’m reasonably fluent in Norwegian, and should be able to adjust to Danish or Swedish without too much trouble.” Norwegian would be preferable, but the Scandinavian languages were similar enough that cross-comprehension was achievable.

Your sister still looked concerned, but acquiesced, stowing her phone back in her pocket and scooping you up gently to take to the car, pausing only briefly to wave goodbye to Shannon and receive the customary warning to be safe. Whether your mother realised you were also going along for the ride was debatable, but that was a problem for later, if it was a problem at all.

The ride over was relatively uneventful. It was rare for you to ride in a car like this, as previous experiences had mostly been limited to being accidentally stuck to your family member’s bodies or belongings, whereas now you sat comfortably in the cup holder, with Stacy’s watchful eyes flicking down to you every few seconds before returning to the road. Your small talk was still frequently interrupted by the brunette’s concerns for your safety, but you continued to wave them off, ensuring her that you would be fine, and that in any case you’d call if there were any troubles.

By the time you pulled up to Elsa’s stated address, Stacy seemed to be mostly at ease, though she still trembled a little bit in apprehension as she scooped you up and headed for the front door. From what little you could see it appeared to be a modest but pleasant house, not large enough for a big family, which was good. The driveway was currently empty, and you were momentarily concerned that no-one would be home, but such thoughts were quickly put at ease as your sister rang the doorbell and a muffled voice from inside called out in response, followed by the sound of footsteps.

Drawing yourself up to your full height, you prepared to meet your first client, wetting your lips slightly in anticipation of your prepared speech. The important thing was to introduce yourself and address the issue of your size as quickly as possible, making sure that Elsa knew that you were fully capable of doing your job, and enough about the nature of your body to ensure that any incidents that did occur didn’t prove life-threatening. Words, however, failed you the moment that the door opened and a soft “Hallå” emitted from the mouth of the goddess who now stood before you.

You were utterly stunned by the attractiveness of this girl, your mouth going instantly dry and shoulders slumping as you stared up at her. The number of people you’ve properly met outside of your own family can be counted on your fingers alone, and while you were objectively aware that your sister and mother would be considered highly attractive, there was a very real difference between attractive family members and attractive strangers. While a part of you knew it was wrong, you couldn’t resist running your eyes over every inch of this woman, the fact that she had greeted you in Swedish barely even registering as you drunk in the entirety of her wondrous form.

A shy kind smile beamed out from a breathtakingly beautiful face, accentuated by ice blue eyes and flowing white hair the colour of freshly fallen snow, giving her an ethereal appearance, to the extent that had she introduced herself as some kind of Fae creature you would have believed her instantly. Try as you might, you couldn’t keep your eyes from tracking down as well, taking in the swell of her chest and her hips and the narrow waist that wouldn’t look out of place on a supermodel, and noting that her creamy white skin extended over her entire body, suggesting it was her natural tone. Her style of dress was relatively conservative, with some light grey sweat pants and a sleeveless blue sweater top that clung tightly to her curves, her feet adorned in simple but cute white ankle socks.

It was unclear whether or not Elsa noticed your reaction, but Stacy certainly did, giving you a little flick to the back before launching into an introduction on your behalf. “Hi! You must be Elsa right?” She paused and the white-haired girl nodded slowly. “Cool! My name’s Stacy and this…” She raised her hand for emphasis, nearly knocking you on your butt. “Is my big brother Samuel. Samuel Reynolds. You signed up for tutoring from him remember?” She smiled as she received another small nod. “Alright then, he’s all yours but be careful okay. He’s tiny but he’s also really squishy, so you don’t need to worry so much about crushing him but you do have to worry about finding him if he gets stuck to something. Just remember that he can be completely flattened so you can’t rely on touch alone okay. He’ll be staying with you until you don’t need him anymore so look after him.”

You frowned a little bit at the small, almost imperceptible frown that crossed Elsa’s lips as Stacy rambled on about your nature, your sister having evidentially momentarily forgotten the language barrier that existed here. You were going to speak up in warning, but your breath was taken away as those beautiful blue eyes shifted to gaze down at you and your new student smiled with a confused but gentle expression. All thoughts of protest fled your mind as you drowned in that gaze, and before you knew what was happening you were being placed into this woman’s incredibly soft hands, losing yourself in the pillowy texture of her blemish-free, and just simply perfect, skin.

The sound of Stacy’s farewell and scuffling feet as she prepared to leave finally snapped you out of your stupor enough to look up at your grinning sister, seeing the teasing light in her eyes that let you know she had definitely noticed your behaviour. Embarrassment overcoming concern, you blushed brightly, and tried to pretend you hadn’t been feeling up your client’s skin. “Alright Stacy, thanks for the help, I’ll call you if anything goes wrong promise, and you can pick me up when we’re done.” That seemed to satisfy the brunette, and she shot you one last smile before retreating to her car.

Wordlessly watching your sister drive away, Elsa quickly stepped back into the house and closed the door, looking down at her hand and you with that same confused but friendly expression from before, though there was now a small dusting of red adorning her cheeks and her eyes looked a little more nervous than before, her naturally timidity rapidly starting to catch up to her. Rising fully to your feet and dusting off some imaginary dirt, you smiled up at her and prepared to properly introduce yourself, flicking through your mind for your rudimentary understanding of Swedish.

But do you get the chance to speak, and how much does Elsa really understand about you?

- Elsa understands that you are her tiny tutor, but not much else

Recognised but Not Yet Safe

Fortunately for you, while her English was virtually non-existent, Elsa did understand enough to at least recognise your name and the word ‘tutor’, so she had recognised the introduction given by your sister for what it had been and nodded accordingly. Everything after that, however, had gone right over her head, and she was still confused as to how you could possibly be so tiny. She knew she should have tried to ask more questions of your sister, but it was intimidating being faced with a barrage of words she didn’t understand, and she’d been too shy to speak up. Still, that was no reason to be rude to her tiny guest. “God morgon herr. handledare.”

Though it took you a moment to translate, you were relieved to hear those words. ‘Handledare’ could be roughly translated as ‘supervisor’ or ‘tutor’ so it was clear that this beauty did understand who you were, even if perhaps she had not understood everything that your sister had said. “Um, ja. Jeg er din handledare.” A nagging voice in the back of your mind advised that you were mixing languages a bit there, but the shy nod you received in response suggesting that Elsa understood, and the even wider smile that blossomed on your face left you too stunned to think of anything but spending more time with this beautiful creature. “Skal vi komme i gang?”

What neither of you yet understood was the extent of the miscommunication that had occurred here. Elsa had not been able to read your advertisement in full, and had only had Cassandra translate the basic details, so in addition to being unaware of your squishy nature and the risks that came with it, she was totally oblivious to your intention to be a live-in tutor. Further, your ill-thought out responses brought on by nervousness had led her to believe that your Swedish was poor to non-existence, and while she could mostly understand the gist of something spoken in Norwegian she felt it would be better to keep your discussions to simple phrases only when not speaking in English, so as to increase her immersion in this new language, further weakening attempts to communicate.

The language barrier aside however, Elsa did have to admit that you were incredibly cute. Her shy nature meant that she would never say it out loud, but she did bite her lip slightly as she nodded to your proposal and began carrying you to her room, hands gentle folding around you to keep you safe as she climbed the stairs to the second floor. Held close to her stomach you were in no hurry to complain at the choice of seating as you gazed up at the substantial bosom bouncing above you with each step. It would undoubtedly have been a smarter idea to get a feel for the layout of the house, or ask as to your own accommodations, but the logical part of your brain was taking a vacation right now as you gazed up in wonder at this woman’s lovely curves, lost in a fog of your own desires.

By the time you came back to your senses you were being gently set down on a desk in what was obviously Elsa’s room, though if anyone asked you would be completely unable to say where this room was located in relation to the rest of the house or how you had even arrived here. With a small cough you smiled up at the snow-haired girl and tried to look professional, hoping she hadn’t noticed your earlier staring. That question appeared answered as you received a soft smile in return and were then presented with a wriggling booty as the Swedish girl turned and bent down to retrieve her textbooks from the bottom shelf of her bookcase, apparently utterly oblivious to the effect she was having on your mind as her butt shifted back and forth practically right in your face.

It seemed this girl was oblivious to her sexual appeal, or perhaps just had trouble seeing you as a real man around whom there was any need to be careful of such things. Either way, you thanked every god you could think of as you stared unabashedly at the tremendous rear that hung before you, the grey sweat pants pulled tight against the firm but supple-looking flesh. You’d seen butts up close like this before of course, but those were usually attached to your sister and mother, and were usually in the process of falling upon you when they got this close, so this was a new experience. It was probably fortunate that Elsa stood several inches from the edge of the table, or you may have been tempted to reach out and touch it, and even now a part of you was calculating the jump.

Fortunately you were saved the potential embarrassment of literally leaping onto your student’s rear as the Swedish woman finally retrieve her textbook and stood, sparing you a momentary glance only and completely missing the blush on your face as she set the books down beside you and this time lent over you to grab her pens and pencils from a high shelf above the desk. Now you were even closer to her chest then you had been on the chairs, and as the shadow of her bosom hung over you, you were quite sure you could jump up and touch them. You knew it was unprofessional as a tutor, but this obliviously sexy girl was making you feel things you had never felt before. Unknown desires bubbled up in your body and you couldn’t help but consider your closeness in age.

Dazed and distracted, you unthinkingly wandered closer to the edge of the desk, wanting to get just that little bit closer to this girl as your foot sought out its next step and met open air only.

- You fall from the edge of the table to the chair below

Cushioning the Swedish Booty

You were so enraptured by Elsa’s appearance that you didn’t even notice your mistake until you were already falling. Your left foot stepped out into open space and a moment later your sense of balance was gone and your body was tumbling through the air. You only just barely had time to register what had happened before you slammed down on an unknown but solid surface. Face-first, you flattened out against the hard plastic, groaning both at the pain and your own foolishness as you struggled to reform, already wondering how you were going to explain this to your new student.

It would probably be best if you just tried to pass it off as clumsiness. While you didn’t want to be seen as an excessively clumsy person, especially not in front of the girl you were already crushing on, it was undoubtedly better than being seen as a little pervert. The last thing you wanted was to be kicked out before the tutoring could even begin. Not only would you not get paid, and possibly loose business if Elsa left a scathing review, but it would mean less time with this incredible beauty. Less time to think of ways to maybe, just maybe, find some way to take your relationship further.

Mind made up, you finally managed to turn your still mildly squished body over and prepare to explain yourself, only belatedly realising that you’d have to figure out where you landed first. You’d half expected to see Elsa staring down at you with an amused expression, but the first thing you saw was the edge of the desk from which you had fallen, followed by a tall wall of dark plastic rising up behind you, blocking most of the light from the nearby window. It was immediately apparent that you had not fallen to the floor, which was good, but that did raise the question of where else you may have landed. Something that was quickly answered as the gigantic Swedish girl came into view.

You’d been hoping to catch Elsa’s eyes, and had been preparing to wave your arms to get her attention, but the instant you saw her you knew that wasn’t going to happen, and at the same moment realised exactly where you were. For those blue eyes that you’d hoped would be your salvation weren’t looking down at all, instead being trained on the textbooks now spread out across the desk above, while your own view was quickly filled by the white-haired woman’s ass as it hovered threateningly above you. There was only one explanation for this picture. You had fallen onto the hard plastic office chair before the desk. The chair that Elsa was about to sit down on.

With your stupor gone and a burst of adrenaline filling your system, you tried to scramble away, yelling out a wordless cry as you stumbled backwards towards the back of the chair. But there was no time for you to escape as the huge rear began to fall, the mountainous backside filling your whole field of vision as it blotted out the light and cast you in its seemingly endless shadow. You’d seen views similar to this often enough to know that you were done for, yet your will to fight against fate had not yet been lost completely and there was some small part of you which still believed that escape was possible. Unfortunately, that part of you was quickly flattened with the rest of your body.

Elsa’s right butt cheek had fallen upon you without pause or remorse, giving you just enough time to raise your hands in a pointless defence before slamming down into the chair. Your tiny body offered no resistance whatsoever to the Swedish girl’s descent, and you quickly found yourself flattened face-first against the tight fabric of her sweat pants, caught between the warm but crushing mass of her booty and the unforgiving surface of the chair beneath. Worse, even if you were unfelt, Elsa still shifted to get as comfortable as possible, and in so doing smeared you painfully across her cheek.

Of course your student did eventually notice your absence. When you had first been crushed you could just hear a few muttered words from above, which had presumably been intended for your ears, only to have those words cut off suddenly as your disappearance came to light. The soft voice of your captor returned soon after, but now sounded notably more distressed, a repeated call for “Herr. handledare” reaching your ears as she fruitlessly searched the desk above.

While the buxom woman searched, you experienced your own distress beneath the unrelenting mass of her rear. While warm, the heat was manageable, and the smell was actually kind of pleasant, but the sheer weight of the fleshy mounds above was crushing both your spirit and your body. Worse, once it became apparent that you weren’t on the desk Elsa started to shift around to look at other locations, her butt sliding and twisting across the chair and smearing you worse than ever. For the moment at least you were managing to maintain your general shape as a human, but you could feel the edges of your body beginning to blur, your distinctiveness being steadily worn down.

Horrifying thoughts crossed your mind as you considered what might happen to you. This wouldn’t be the first time you’d been smeared to an ass this badly, but always in the past it had been with either your mother or sister, and while they, particularly your mother, might lose you for a period, they would always know what to look for when the time came to recover you. But Elsa knew practically nothing about you, so if things continued like this you might find yourself in a situation you would not be able to escape, with a future visit from Stacy perhaps your only possible salvation. Yet that all depended on whether Elsa would be able to find you now, or if you were to remain lost.

- Elsa thinks to check the chair but finds no trace of you

Gone Without a Trace

Of course, your miscommunications with Elsa had been entirely because of language difficulties, and there was certainly nothing lacking in her intelligence. Once she was unable to locate you on the desk or its traversable surroundings, she immediately began to consider other possibilities for your disappearance. At first this had little impact on you, as she began to sort through the textbooks and other supplies she had dumped on the desk, checking to see if she had somehow accidentally crushed you beneath them. When you remained unfound, she then moved to the possibility of you having fallen, the pressure on your body temporarily increasing as she pushed the chair away from the desk and looked at the carpet beneath, even taking the time to check her socks as well.

Finally, and to your immense, if temporary, relief, the Swedish girl rose from the seat, the intense pressure that had crushed you vanishing in an instant as the colossal booty lifted away. But even as the pain ebbed the darkness that filled your vision remained, and you knew from experience what this meant, the rush of vertigo that accompanied your ascent just confirming your suspicions. Though you were unable to see yourself from this position, you would have been unsurprised to know that your body had been reduced to little more than a smeared logo on the right buttock of Elsa’s pants, vaguely resembling a tiny man plastered face-first against the cheek. To anyone who didn’t know any better, you’d appear nothing more than a strange and whimsical decoration.

To her credit, Elsa did consider the possibility that you fallen onto her chair, and while she didn’t want to think about the possibility of having crushed you in such a way, she dutifully turned to check the seat, your whole world moving rapidly as you were swung around and left to jiggle. You weren’t there of course, and a moment later the pressure on you painfully increased as a hand passed over you, rubbing to check for any sign of your presence but quickly moving away. Had your student known of your squishy nature she may have thought to remove her pants for a visual inspection, but with no knowledge she was just looking for a bump and, failing to find one, she moved on.

From your new position the Swedish girl’s voice was slightly less muffled, but it didn’t do you much good as you were still in no position to respond to her increasingly distressed calls as she dropped to her hands and knees, pulling you tighter against her rear as she scanned the floor, her too-small pants struggling to contain the shifting booty as it undulated beneath you. You tried to struggle and yell into the pants, and may have even attempted to bite her if your jaw had strength enough to work. Unfortunately, all that you were able to produce was a minor irritation, little more than the kind of vibration a bug might produce, and which was easily dismissed out of hand by Elsa.

Among the white-haired woman’s mumblings the words “Jag ger upp” rang through and you tried to scream at the realisation that you were losing your chance to be found. You did manage to produce a slightly greater irritation, but by now Elsa had stopped looking and the force of her standing sent tremors through her rear that easily erased your own movements. You were reminded of those times you’d found yourself ironed to Shannon’s pants, or just directly to her skin, and while this new booty was somewhat smaller, you couldn’t shake the feeling that the peril you faced was greater still. After all, there would be no sudden appearance of Stacy to save you today, or anytime soon at that.

When the force of gravity made itself known again you didn’t even try to resist, just bracing yourself for the inevitable impact with the chair as Elsa collapsed back into her seat, pushing it back a couple of inches with the force of the collision and lifting both of her feet off the ground as she groaned in frustration. You would have liked to groan as well, but you were currently dealing with the fabric of the pants that had been forced into your mouth, noting with some distress that a new scent was starting to make itself known beneath the smell of Elsa’s body wash, as nervous sweat started to emerge from the rear above, gradually and relentlessly working its way towards your location. By the time your student’s feet touched the ground again, the damage had been done and you were stuck worse than ever with a wet patch closing in and a distinctly unpleasant smell wafting towards you. It only got worse as the ass above dragged itself across the chair, tugging the piece of furniture forward a couple of inches to return it to its original position and nearly burning you in the process.

High above, Elsa was staring down at her textbooks with a nervous frown, not knowing where you had gone or what she was meant to do in these circumstances. She’d only turned her back for a few moments and now you were no-where to be seen, almost like you’d never been there at all. Your sister hadn’t left any means to contact your family either, so she was utterly lost. Was she supposed to continue her studying without you, or should she do something else with her time.

- Elsa decides to go downstairs and relax, she can study more later

Spending the Day with Your Student

After a long moment of consideration, Elsa eventually determined that there would be little point studying such complicated text books without a tutor to talk her through it. After all, that had been the reason she responded to your ad in the first place. With no means of contacting you or your family, she decided that the best course of action would be to wait for her homestay parent Cassandra to return home and ask her for assistance in solving this mystery. But the older woman wasn’t due back from work until late in the evening, so she’d have to occupy herself until then. She just hoped that nothing bad had happened to you, since you’d looked so very small and vulnerable.

You were once again given a small sense of relief as Elsa rose from her chair, this time moving further as she went to exit the room. The undulations from before seemed as nothing compared to the bounce of her rear as she began to walk in earnest, and you couldn’t help but wonder if it was as uncomfortable to her as it was to you to experience such ceaseless movement. Had you endured only the first sitting the constant up and down motion may well have shaken you off, but the heavy drop into the chair following her failed search had cemented you far too well to be removed so easily. Even when the Swedish girl hit the stairs and the force of the vibrations increased exponentially, you remained firmly attached, still face-first against this woman’s glorious ass.

Frightened and in pain, you tried to move your limbs or your mouth to draw attention, hoping beyond hope that perhaps you could produce the smallest irritation, enough to warrant a closer inspection. Already you could feel the dampness from before starting to mingle with your body, tickling the back of your throat even as the mild smell of Elsa’s natural odour began to penetrate your nose. You’d been stuck now for a few minutes at most, and you didn’t even want to think about what the situation might involve into if you stayed here much longer. Flashbacks of hours spent attending to Stacy’s booty, of days spent attached firmly to Shannon’s, ate at the edges of your thoughts, forcibly buried memories threatening to burst forth and tell you what was to come. Yet all of your attempts to escape produced nought but the smallest of itches, and gained you nothing but a brief and painful scratching from your captor’s nails as she gave you some short-lived attention.

With no classes for the day, Elsa briefly stopped in the kitchen to grab herself a glass of water before heading for the lounge room. It was her usual routine ever since arriving in the country to watch English programs with Swedish subtitles as a means of submerging herself in the language, while keeping her laptop to hand to search for some of the less obvious phrases online. As her would-be teacher you would have been happy to know that she was being proactive in her studies even without your presence, but your only real insight into the situation was the muffled sounds of the TV switching on before the feeling of falling returned as the faux-leather couch rushed up to meet you.

Your third sitting under Elsa was distinctly different from the previous two. Though not as soft as some, the couch was certainly more giving than the plastic chair from before, which was a small mercy given the force with which your student dropped down into it. Set lower to the ground and with a bit of cushion, there was no reason for the Swedish girl to slow her descent, plopping down with all of her weight and briefly bouncing in place as she hammered you beneath her buttocks. Worse, she wasted no time twisted her ass around to get comfy, carving out a small groove in the leathery surface and burying you in an overly warm cocoon of booty and fabric. Moments later she put her feet up on the coffee table, placing her laptop on her legs and leaning back into a posture that put as much weight on her butt as possible, amplifying your already hellish conditions.

Unfortunately for you, you were doomed to spend the next several hours in this position, the heat and the pressure slowly increasing as Elsa sunk progressively deeper into the couch. The warm exhaust of her laptop, while almost unnoticeable to her, was enough to ensure that the sweat from her ass continued to flow, forming a small puddle beneath her booty and saturating you completely. All trace of the pleasant smell from before was now lost, replaced with the nauseating scent of her sweat. The only thing that broke up the unrelenting force was the occasional shift from above as your student got caught up in particularly emotional parts of the shows, or just wanted to get more comfortable. Between bouts of hopelessness, you’d periodically muster up the strength and force of will to struggle again, only to have your efforts destroyed by harsh rubs as Elsa scratched the ‘itch’.

A small degree of relief was given when your captor finally rose to make herself lunch, but you were given only a few precious minutes of relative freedom before being crushed onto a hard kitchen stool, further plastering you to the monumental cheek before returning you to the couch for more hours of smothering. By the time Cassandra finally returned you had been smeared to the extent that you barely resembled a human anymore, and the fabric around you had darkened so much that it had basically turned from grey to black. Elsa at least had picked up a few more English phrases, but it was clear that your first day of tutoring had not exactly gone to plan. While not your greatest concern now, you strongly suspected you weren’t going to be getting paid for today either.

With no knowledge of your torment, the Swedish girl simply hopped up to meet her homestay parent, all thoughts of you having fled her mind during the long hours of waiting. Though she had not been here for long, Elsa found that she rather liked Cassandra. The older woman was in her mid-30s, with shoulder-length brown hair, kind hazel eyes, tanned skin several shades darker than her temporary ward’s and near-identical curves. Single herself, she was the kind of person that was happy to open up her home to others, and had treated her guest warmly since the moment she arrived. You too would have been gladly welcomed. If she knew you were there that was.
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