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Rated: 18+ · Draft · Fantasy · #2218815
Some of my chapters from a deleted interactive story found on an old hard drive.
In the Brazilian Girl’s Grasp

Isabella allowed a small frown to cross her lips as she looked down at your tiny body, disappointed that it appeared you would be unable to communicate. She’d never seen anything like you before, had never even read about anything like this, and she’d been hoping to get an explanation. Were tiny men a common occurrence in North America? And if so, why weren’t they more widely known? At this point, you’d been in her presence for less than twenty seconds and already the Brazilian girl could think of a hundred reasons why she’d have liked to have known of such things before.

Still, the feeling of another wave washing against her back reminded Isabella that if she didn’t act soon you were liable to be washed away, and she quickly reached down to scoop you up into the palm of her hand, not even noticing your flinch as she raised you from the water. Swiftly raising you above the height of the waves, she smiled down at you, hoping to put your mind at ease. “Não se preocupe. Eu vou te manter segura.” You struggled to glean some meaning from those words, but came up empty as you dug into half-remembered Spanish phrases, not yet realising that wasn’t the language being spoken, and before you could muster a response Isabella’s fingers were curling around you, sealing most of your body into a protective fist as she began striding towards the beach.

While your movements were now heavily restricted by your captor’s hand, your head at least was free. Free enough at least to give you a front row seat to Isabella’s body as it continued to emerge from the waters below. Whether deliberately or not, the Brazilian girl was holding you almost directly in-front of the cut-out from her top, the impressive mass of her chest jiggling before your eyes as water ran sensually down her lightly tanned skin, pooling where the twin orbs came together. Having grown up with your mother, it wasn’t the largest chest you’d ever seen, but it was more than inviting enough that you found yourself immediately blushing and diverting your eyes downward to stare instead at the smooth and unblemished stomach into which you had originally collided.

Directing your gaze down, however, proved to be a mistake, as it meant your eyes were immediately drawn to a shift in the water as it dropped to the level of Isabella’s waist and was then pushed aside in a notable ripple of movement as it made way for the emergence of this girl’s massive hips. From above and in-front you couldn’t quite see the full shape of the brunette’s booty, but it was large enough that even from your vantage you could see its swell on either side of her hips. You wouldn’t have gone so far as to say it was the largest butt you’d ever seen, but it was certainly up there, and the sight of water literally cascading from it was an incredibly distracting spectacle. A few more steps and the long luscious legs beneath began to emerge, seemingly miles of unmarked flesh rising from the depths. Given your mother’s job you were more or less used to seeing such flawless skin, but you still had to wonder just how these women were able to maintain such apparent perfection.

Of course, while you were distracted and trying desperately not to blush, Isabella had made her way to the beach unimpeded, and it was only the slight shift in her gait as her feet sunk into the loose sand that alerted you to the change. Finally pulling your eyes away from her body, you took your first proper look at this girl’s face, kind eyes looking down at you above a pleasant smile, though with a slight blush to her smooth cheeks that suggested your roving gaze had not gone unnoticed. The whole thing was framed by long silky brown hair, and you found yourself momentarily stunned once again by the beauty of her visage. You snapped out of it quickly as you realised that you were now nearby to other people, your head whipping around as you searched for help. “I… umm… thank you for saving me. My name’s Sam. I’d really appreciate it if you could take me back to my…” The girl just stared at you blankly and you felt like slapping yourself as you remembered the language barrier.

Trying to calm your racing heart, you knew that time was getting away from you, and focused on searching for aid, your eyes quickly alighting on the form of your sister pacing nervously near the edge of the waves, the way she was worrying her lip and pulling slightly at her hair telling you that she had definitely noticed your absence. It did your heart good to know that Stacy was always going to worry about you like this, even when your mother would forget you, and you desperately tried to lean in her direction, hoping Isabella would get the message and take you to freedom. Unfortunately, the Brazilian girl just frowned in confusion again, bringing her free hand forward and using one finger to rub gently at your head like she was trying to sooth a distressed animal and then bringing you forward to press against her chest. “Shhh. Está bem. Não tenha medo. Eu vou te manter segura.”

You tried to splutter and protest as you found yourself pressed face-first against Isabella’s right breast, but the red fabric of her bikini muffled the noise as she carried you in the opposite direction that you wanted to go. The brunette didn’t even spare a glance for the distressed girl near the waves as she strode across the sand, her attention focused entirely on the poor little boy she had rescued from nearly being swept out to sea. She had no idea that she was taking you away from your family, believing whole-heartedly that you were alone and defenceless and in need of her protection.

For her part, Stacy was having a panic-attack as she desperately searched the water’s edge for any sign of you. There had been nothing she could do when the football had sent you flying, and now she was clinging to the hope that you would be washed into the shallows, rather than out to sea from which you might never return. Thinking perhaps you may catch a lift back in on another swimmer, her brown eyes flicked to each person who emerged from the waves, including Isabella as the foreign girl strode past. Unfortunately for you, Stacy had been a bit late to glance in your captor’s direction, and by the time she did the girl was already a couple of steps further up the beach and clutching you, out of sight, to her chest. Even then your sister may have taken the time to investigate just what it was the other girl was holding, were in not for her eyes being drawn inexorably down to the swell of that Brazilian booty as it bounced happily up the beach. All thoughts of you momentarily swept from her mind, the brunette gulped and averted her eyes, moving quickly back to the water.

Unaware that your potential saviour had abandoned you to your fate, you tried again to escape from your predicament, but were just held tighter in response, pressed deeply into the warm bosom before you and unable to comprehend just what this girl intended for you. Fortunately for you it wasn’t all bad, Isabella was a friendly girl and really did just want the best for you, but knew you weren’t going to get very far if you couldn’t communicate. She had merely determined that you would have a better chance of understanding one another if she could take you somewhere safe to talk quietly, and in private, away from all the noisy swimmers and sunbathers at the beach. It was just an added bonus that she found you irresistibly cute and couldn’t wait to spend more time with you. Already she was thinking about what it would be like to take you home with her, how best to care for such a tiny man, and whether or not she should take you back with her to Brazil.

But as Isabella dreams of the future, where exactly is she taking you in the present?

- She is taking you into one of the nearby storage beach shacks

Lost in Translation

At the edge of the beach, where the sand met grass and soon after the bitumen of the parking lot, were a trio of small shacks. They were used for storage for the local lifeguards and for community groups who could rent the space, and were technically off-limits to members of the public. However, the nearest shack was not locked and the sign on the door was in English only, so Isabella payed it no mind as she pushed open the door with her free hand and stepped quickly inside, closing the door behind her and instinctively engaging the lock. For you the sound of that metal bar sliding into place was like the door of a jail cell slamming, and as you were finally pulled away from the suffocating warmth of this girl’s chest you looked up at her with an expression of pure terror on your face.

Isabella, of course, interpreted the look on your face as a response to your general situation, and failed to realise that it had anything to do with her. Immediately concerned, her smile slipped from her face and she brought up both hands to cup you gently as her fingers unfolded, resisting the urge to press you back into the comforting embrace of her bosom in favour of speaking with you. “Ei. Ei. Não se preocupe. Você está segura comigo. Eu vou te proteger.” Though she was saddened by the way you continued to shrink back from her, the brunette did her best to smile warmly. “Você pode me dizer o seu nome? Como você ficou tão pequeno?” She sighed at the continuing look of incomprehension in your eyes, though she could at least see that you were thinking and trying to understand, so she appreciated the effort and gave you another tired smile. “Eu só quero te ajudar.”

Your terror began to slowly ebb as Isabella continued to speak, and while you were still deeply concerned over your situation, you did slowly come to accept that this girl was not trying to harm you. Being clenched in her fist and pressed to her chest had been startling, but with the beneath of hindsight you understood that she was just trying to keep you safe and comfort you, even if what she had achieved was quite the opposite. The smile on her face now was genuine though, and you felt that if you could just manage to communicate with her she would surely take you back. The problem was, with the benefit of the additional words pouring from her mouth you had realised that she was not, in fact, speaking Spanish, of which you at least knew some basic words, but was most likely speaking in Portuguese, a language in which you had no capacity whatsoever.

Before setting up your tutoring business you’d tried to learn as many languages as possible, at least to a reasonable enough degree to potentially teach English to others, but with thousands of languages in the world it wasn’t like you could learn them all. Spanish (or Castilian) and Portuguese, would have been obvious choices due to their spread, but you’d felt there was enough businesses offering courses in English to speakers of those languages that it wouldn’t get much business. Now you regretted that decision, as the language divide threatened to throw your life into further turmoil.

Still, those kind eyes looked down at you expectantly, and you were worried that if you didn’t speak soon she would resort to another ‘hug’, so you quickly tried to find words. As much as you knew it was patronising and unlikely to help, you couldn’t resist the urge to fall back on the old method of speaking slowly and annouciating each word, as if that would somehow make her understand. “Hello. Umm... I need you.” You emphasised by pointed up at Isabella and she smiled in response. “To take me.” You pointed to yourself and the brunette’s eyes lit up slightly as she nodded. Good, at least she was following so far. “To my family. Family. Understand?” You didn’t have anything to motion to for family and the quirked eyebrow you received let you know that you’d successfully lost your audience.

Worrying her lip slightly, Isabella tried to make sense of your words. She understood your gestures enough to know that you wanted to do something with her, presumably together, but she hadn’t understood the next thing you said, given there were no gestures accompanying it. The Brazilian girl tried to see if you might have been looking at something in particular, but as far as she could see your eyes were trained on her face, and while she was flattered by the attention, that didn’t help her to understand what exactly you were trying to communicate. “Você e eu deveria o que?” She frowned. “Eu sinto Muito. Eu não entendo o que você está dizendo. Você pode mostrar para mim?”

Folding your arms across your chest, you closed your eyes for a moment and tried to think of how to get out of this. While the gentle curve to her lips and the genuine kindness in her eyes told you that this girl was just trying to help, the amount of words she was using didn’t help. You needed to distil your needs down to as simple a concept as possible. Perhaps it had been a mistake to immediately try and communicate the need for her to take you to your family, given that with no-one else in sight there was no physical thing for you to point at to make yourself clear. Step one then should be to try and find a means to communicate properly, to learn some basic things about one another and progress from there. It would take time, but logic told you it was the best way forward. Even if your mother and sister left the beach without you, if you could just communicate you could make it home.

Sighing, you unfolded your arms and looked back up at the now worried eyes of your unwitting kidnapper. Knowing she had meant no harm, and not wanting to hurt her, you did your best to give her a smile as you placed a hand on your chest. “Sam.” She frowned so you tapped yourself lightly and repeated. “Sam.” The buxom girl’s eyes lit up and you knew that she’d understood, as she smiled brilliantly and stated “Isabella!” with a loud happy voice. You fought the urge to cover your ears at the outburst, maintaining your smile as you repeated her name back and received a happy giggle in response. The next part would be harder, and you steadied yourself as you thought through the words. “We…” You gestured between the two of you and Isabella nodded. “Need…” You slapped the fist of your right hand down onto the flat palm of your left, in an attempt to communicate importance. “To talk.” You tried to think of a gesture for that that wouldn’t be misconstrued, but eventually resorted to just repeating the word more slowly instead. “Ta-a-alk.” You knew you sounded ridiculous right now, but you just really wanted this girl to understand your intent.

For a long moment, Isabella stared down at you, seemingly not comprehending, though her lips started to move silently as she worked over the last word, attempting to gleam it’s meaning. You looked on in trepidation, crossing your fingers and hoping by some miracle she’d understand.

- Unfortunately for you, Isabella misinterprets your request

An Unwanted Playtime

Slowly mouthing the word to herself, Isabella flashed back across your previous words as she tried to comprehend what you wanted. Twice now you had identified wanting to do something involving the two of you, but the first time she’d had no idea what you wanted. This time though, you’d given her a single word to really work with ‘ta-a-alk’. Was it meant to be in English, and if so why would you think she’d understand? Unless… unless you were trying to talk to her in Portuguese. The Brazilian girl’s eyes lit up as she made the connection, realising that the smart little man in her hands was trying to make things easier for her by using some Portuguese words, even though he clearly didn’t know the language very well. It warmed her heart to think that you were making such an effort.

That warmth quickly morphed into glee though as the brunette interpreted your words through her newfound ‘understanding’ of your intent. Your pronunciation was a bit off but it made so much sense now. You wanted to “toque” with her, to play, to touch. Her glee became happy giggles as she smiled brilliantly down at you, beyond pleased to see that you were willing to have some fun with her. You’d been so frightened before that she was worried you wouldn’t recover, and she was just so happy that she’d been able to turn around your day so quickly. “Toque! Sim!” Her smiled turned seductive and her eyes tender. “Claro, pequena gracinha! Eu ficaria feliz em brincar com você!” Though she still didn’t know quite what you were, she presumed you were some sort of playful little person, maybe some kind of fantastical creature. Whatever the case, it was clear now that you were willing to stay with her at least for the time being, and she intended to take full advantage of it.

Your trepidation turned to cautious relief when Isabella repeated the word back to you. The way she pronounced it was a little strange but she seemed so excited that you were sure she had managed to understand. Your Portuguese was non-existent but you assumed ‘Sim’ was the same as ‘Sí’ from Spanish, meaning yes. But then more words came out, and the expression on Isabella’s face shifted from excitement to something you weren’t used to seeing being directed towards yourself, and you gulped as your mind raced to think of how you may have been misconstrued. Desperate to avoid any misunderstanding you opened your mouth to speak, only to have your words interrupted by a strangled yelp as the hands beneath you shifted and you were suddenly tossed into the air.

Having, in her own mind, confirmed your intentions, Isabella didn’t want to waste any time and happily starting to toss you into the air as she initiated your ‘play’. She could hear you yell out, but to her ears your voice came out as high pitched, and she interpreted your screams as sounds of joy and excitement, quickly catching you in her hands only to toss you up again. The first two tosses had been comparatively small, but the brunette quickly realised that you were not being harmed, and began to approach the situation with greater enthusiasm, tossing you high into the air and starting to spin around herself as she engaged in some bizarre hybrid of a dance and a juggling routine. More than once she came close to dropping you, but while your heart was now lodged firmly in your throat the Brazilian girl just laughed happily as she continued to play with her new tiny friend.

While you continued to be tossed around, the nauseating motion was slowly supplemented with longer and longer periods spent in your captor’s palms, but any hope of a chance to catch your breath and call out a protest was lost as slender fingers descended on you, tickling and pinching as Isabella fawned over you, her smile brilliant and her eyes bright as she discovered your malleable nature, further cementing her growing belief that you weren’t quite human. You tried to struggle free, but the probing fingers, while not necessarily painful, had you struggling to contain laughter as the recently-filed nails scrapped along the more ticklish parts of your body. Such a reaction would do nothing to help you escape from this, and you knew that full well, so you kept your mouth shut.

Unfortunately, while it was true that laughter would not have helped you, your silence was almost equally damning, and you were tossed back into the air amid the happy giggles of your tormentor as she started to think of the next game the two of you could play. Isabella bit her lip as a thought suddenly occurred to her, her already rosy cheeks going a shade darker as she contemplated the idea. Perhaps it would be going a bit too far, she thought, but then again you had said you wanted to play, and it looked like you were enjoying yourself so far, so it couldn’t really hurt. And besides, the curvaceous girl had seen the way you looked at her body before, so she knew that you wanted her.

Nodding her head as she reached her conclusion, Isabella caught you again and then lowered her hands, bracing herself as she prepared to toss you higher than ever before. Realising what was about to happen you shot her a terrified look, but the smile you received in return told you she’d once again misinterpreted your intent and a moment later you were sent rocketing upwards. For a few horrifying moments, as the wind whipped through your hair, you were worried that you would splat against the ceiling, but it seemed the brunette had calculated better than that and you stopped just short before beginning your descent. As your body flipped over however, any relief you may have felt was lost as you saw your intended landing sight, your jaw dropping in disbelief at what you saw. The hands that had caught you before had been pulled away, and now it was the valley of the Brazilian girl’s cleavage that waited for you, yawning wide as if to welcome you to its embrace.

Heedless of your fear, Isabella kept her eyes trained on your form as she puffed out her chest, skilfully positioning the opening of her top below you. Her lower lip remained firmly between her teeth as she watched your descent, entire body tensed in anticipation of what was to come. Unable to control your momentum, you fell into the bountiful bosom with pinpoint accuracy, bouncing against the spongy flesh before plunging into the open cleavage. Instantly you were surrounded on all side by the warm flesh of Isabella’s assets, and the situation only became worse as she started to bounce happily, the walls around you springing into movement as they tried to devour you whole. It took every ounce of strength you had just to pull your head out of the sea of flesh, and with each fresh jiggle you felt like you were going to be pulled into the depths and flattened deep within. Even now you could feel the rest of your body being battered, slowly losing its shape and definition.

Looking down at you with a happy laugh, Isabella still had no idea that you weren’t enjoying this as much as she was. She could feel you moving around a bit in her cleavage and could see your head sticking out but she interpreted the movements as being those of pleasure, especially given that they were stimulating her and driving her to increase the motions of her chest, shaking her assets from side to side and nearly moaning outright at the feeling of your body trapped within. It was by far the most fun that she had had since coming to America, and already she could feel herself starting to fall for you, wondering if she could keep you forever and ever like this, and still having trouble with the concept that you might be a real person with a real family to return to. “Você é tão fofo. Eu só quero te manter para sempre. Você estará seguro comigo. Seguro e feliz.”

You struggled to stay afloat as the movements increased, trying to cry out but losing your voice with each crushing of your lungs by Isabella’s enthusiastic breasts. You needed to fix this. Needed to let her know that this wasn’t fun for you, or else who knows what will happen to you next.

- You speak with Isabella but another misunderstanding occurs

Lips of Plenty

Much to your relief, you managed to keep your head clear until Isabella eventually tired of shaking her chest, her giggles quieting somewhat as she looked down at you with an adoring expression. For your part, you struggled to keep a scowl from your face as you tilted your head to look at her, forcibly reminding yourself that she wasn’t trying to be mean and had thought you were enjoying yourself. And… it wasn’t like you didn’t derive some pleasure from being between the breasts of a beautiful woman, especially now that they had stopped relentlessly battering you from all sides. You fought down a blush at that thought, averting your eyes in fear that it would only seal your fate.

A vibration in the flesh around you and a soft sound from above suggested that you’d been less than successful in hiding your blush, and you cursed your body for betraying you, turning back to face your naïve tormentor and struggling to find the right words to free you from your prison. “Listen. Isabella.” She smiled at the name but you kept going. “I need you to take me back to the beach.” Your hands were still trapped so you couldn’t use any hand gestures, and focused again on the pronunciation, hoping against hope that this time there wouldn’t be another misunderstanding. “You know… the beach. Where we just came from. Beach. B-each. Be-e-ch. Bee-chu.” You smiled as wide as you could while you spoke, hoping to encourage co-operation with your kind demeanour.

Once again you were met with a thoughtful expression as Isabella thought over your words, though this time it took her far less time to reach a conclusion, although unfortunately not one that was any more beneficial to you. Having already concluded that you were trying to communicate in Portuguese, the brunette focused on understanding your intent through that idea, discarding every other word you had spoken and focusing all of her attention on the last, ‘bee-chu’. It didn’t help that her mind had already been going in a certain direction, and confirmation bias was in full effect as she smiled broadly, a blush rising in her cheeks as your own heart dropped. “Beijo. Sim, sim eu vou te beijar gracinha.” A single hand descended towards you, like a dark omen. “Venha para mim querida.”

Carefully, Isabella’s delicate fingers separated her breasts and scrapped your body from their confines, her eyes widening slightly at seeing how crushed your form had become, but her smile remaining steady as she saw you already starting to reform. Surely, if you had been harmed you would have said something, or tried to escape, so she was confident that no harm was done. For a fleeting moment, as you were lifted away from your prison and the rest of her frame, you thought perhaps she had understood after all, and that you were going to be taken back to safety. But then you felt a hot gust of wind on your back and turned to see your destination, any thoughts of freedom immediately dashed by the sight of the puckered lips that awaited your embrace. A long tongue ran quickly along the waiting flesh, wetting it in preparation as you helplessly approached.

You did try to scream, try to shy away from another exhale as it slammed into you, but your captor interpreted the noises as those of enthusiasm and brought you forward into her soft lips, forcing you into them and quickly covering you in a healthy dose of her saliva and lip balm. Save for the fingers at your back, your whole world became the sensation of Isabella’s red lips pressed against you, every bit of your partially reformed body pressed deeply into their embrace. Saliva left behind by her tongue soaked into your clothing, leaving you sticky and wet while another hot gust of wind burst around your face at point blank range. Heedless of your wish to be freed, the Brazilian girl sought to deepen the exchange, practically swallowing your head as her lips part slightly and suck you in up to your shoulders, her lips then coming back together to trap you between the pillowy pads.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse the tongue returns, emerging from the darkness of her mouth to run across your face, coating you in a thick layer of saliva while seeking to determine your taste. With the lips locking down even harder against the rest of your body you are completely unable to resist as the powerful muscle twists and turns around your head, licking over ever part of it before finally withdrawing moments before you are pulled back into the outside world with a wet smack, gasping for breath. The force of your release sent you tumbling backwards, and you collapsed spreadeagled into Isabella’s waiting palm, disoriented and slightly delirious from your experience.

With an exuberant giggle, the brunette looked sultrily down at your prone form, pleased to see that she had been able to have such an effect on you. It had been good for her as well of course, even at your size it had felt wonderful to have you pressed against her lips, to pull you a little into herself, and to even get the chance to taste you. Quite frankly you were the best thing she had ever tasted and she couldn’t wait to get a second taste. You did look tired, but Isabella would be doing most of the work, so she felt no need to restrain herself for bringing you in again, ready for round two.

Experiencing the vertigo of being raised, you had no time to react before you found yourself once against pressed into the Brazilian girl’s loving lips, turned into a human lollipop for the second time in as many minutes as you were pulled into the waiting maw. The embrace was thankfully shorter this time, and you were only flicked by Isabella’s tongue once before being drawn back out. Any relief you experienced, however, was lost when the lips descended again without pause, this time pressing you flat into the brunette’s palm before pulling back briefly and then descending again. What followed was a barrage of swift kisses peppered all over your body as Isabella enthusiastically attacked. Any attempt to struggle was instantly overwhelmed by the plunging lips, absorbing the force of your movements and leaving you a sticky mess practically glued to the palm below.

The more the barrage continued the more the fight went out of you, both literally crushed by the weight of the assault, and figuratively pushed aside by the rising arousal in her body stimulated by the contact. It was uncomfortable to feel your body reacting to a situation like this, but there was little you could do against your instinctive response to having every inch of you kissed and lightly sucked on by Isabella’s succulent lips, her saliva coating and soaking into every part of you. If the smirk on the face that continued to fall on you was anything to go by, your arousal had not gone unnoticed, and you could feel a quiet dread rising within you at the thought of what might happen now. If you didn’t make it clear that you didn’t want this, just what might your captor try next?

While you didn’t know, things were even worse for you now than you thought. Unable to find you in the waves, Stacy had roused your sleeping mother and the two had commenced a more detailed search. With no sign of you in the immediate vicinity they had headed further down the beach, following the flow of the current in the hope that you may have washed up further north, and unknowingly leaving you behind in a shack that had been just a few meters away from them. With your main hope of salvation gone, your chances of escaping this situation were rapidly dwindling. Not that you had much time to dwell on such things as you continued to receive smooches from a giggling Isabella, her attention gradually shifting lower as an alluring smirk crossed her face.

Right now you feared the look in the Brazilian girl’s eyes more than anything. Your mind whirring with possibilities of what she intended to do, and how you could possibly escape from this predicament. However, before she could act, the two of you were interrupted by…

- Ana’s voice calling out for her niece, saying it’s time to go home

Set on Home

The lavishing attention of Isabella’s kisses continued to rain down upon your body as you struggled to fight her off, your feeble movements doing nothing but slightly massaging her lips as she made contact over and over again. With each kiss the smirking lips drew inexorably lower, drawing dangerously close to somewhere you would rather they not be. To make matters worse, you could feel a distinctive wetness as the girl’s tongue continued to periodically peek out from her mouth, not quite licking you, and perhaps not even intentionally, but warm and wet and disturbingly tantalising at the edge of your senses. Of the many mishaps you’d been exposed to in your life, this was the first time you’d experienced something like this and you were momentarily frozen by indecision.

The Brazilian beauty, on the other hand, felt no sense of hesitation at all, only spurred on by your small pleasant movements, and taking your lack of apparent protest as permission to take things further. This was new ground for her as well, but while such things left you confused and uncertain they only excited Isabella, whose tongue again drifted out with purpose as she licked across your abdomen. In truth it didn’t taste like much of anything, but it sent a thrill down her spine none the less at the reality of what she doing, and the thought of what came next. Should she remove your clothes now? Should she remove her own? Or should she just go straight for the prize and…

“Isabella!! Onde você está!? É hora de sair!” Startled by the sudden exclamation from outside, the bodacious beauty pulled back at the last moment, her facial features immediately overtaken by a luminescent blush as she turned around, momentarily convinced that the speaker was standing right behind her. The shock caused her hand to clench down involuntarily, and you quickly found yourself surrounded and crushed on all sides by powerful fingers, your malleable body squished into the lines of her palm. While immensely painful, you were pleased that her progress had been halted before it could go too far, though a small part of you couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed at the result.

For a brief moment Isabella was confused as she turned to find a wholly empty shack, and briefly wondered if her mind was playing tricks on her before another cry of “Isabella!!” alerted her that the voice was coming from outside of the shack. Recognising the voice as her aunt’s, the Brazilian looked down at her hand in consternation, only to gasp and release her grip as she suddenly realised what she had done. “Ah não. Você está bem homenzinho?” Fear and remorse crossed her pretty face, though her expression morphed to relief when she saw you starting to reform, confident that any damage she had done was temporary only, and that she could make it up to you later. “Graças a Deus. Eu sinto muitíssimo.” Another call of her name drew her attention away, as she turned to yell a response, hoping it would reach her aunt. “Eu estou aqui Ana! Eu estarei fora em um momento!”

The volume of the sudden shout was unexpected, and your still partially flattened hands rose to protect your reforming ears as you curled in on yourself. As such you failed to hear the response from the voice outside, but knew that something must have been said as Isabella looked back at you with a pleased gaze, her smile widening as you continued to reform and attempted to struggle to your feet. From your perspective you could almost see the gears in her head turning, and knew that she was contemplating something. Even if you hadn’t understood the words of the conversation that had passed, you could tell at least that someone, a woman by the sound of their voice, had been calling for Isabella’s attention, which meant that she was going to leave the shack soon. This would be your best chance yet to get free, but that all depended on what her plans for you would be.

Unaware of your true thoughts, Isabella was busy contemplating the safest future for you. Whatever you were, whether human or something else, it was clear to her that you were not safe lost in the comparably giant world of normal humans. The brunette didn’t know how you had managed to survive before meeting her, and could only presume it was due to dumb luck. She didn’t mean you any harm, but just couldn’t think of anywhere you would be safer than with her. You needed her, and it was with that thought in mind that she smiled down at you, conveying warmth and love. “Eu preciso ir para casa agora, Sam. Considerando tudo, acho que você estará mais seguro se vier comigo. Não se preocupe, eu vou cuidar de você. Nada vai te machucar se você estiver comigo.” She tilted her head at the look of abject confusion that crossed your face, far too many words being spoken for you to even attempt to glean their meaning. “Casa. Voce entende? Casa. Minha casa.”

Your Portuguese skills were non-existent, but thankfully the word ‘casa’ was the same in both Spanish and Portuguese, and you knew enough of the former to recognise it as ‘home’. For a brief shining moment you allow yourself to hope that Isabella had finally understood your plight and meant to take you home, before the logical part of your brain told you that your hope was a lie and that it was far more likely that she intended to take you to her own abode. ‘Minha’ was most likely equivalent to the Spanish ‘mi’, so she wasn’t taking you home, she was taking you to her house. What was less clear was whether she was simply advising or asking, and the questioning look on her face made you hope for the later as you raised your voice in response. “I… I can’t go with you. I need to go back to my own home. My own family. My uhh… familia casa. My own casa. Not to yours.”

At first the Brazilian girl looked confused as you spoke, but her eyes lit up part way through in a way that did not fill you with confidence, and you’d barely finished speaking when she excitedly gave her response. “Minha casa de familia? Sim! Eu moro junto com minha tia lá. Embora seja apenas temporário, enquanto eu estiver na América.” She wasn’t sure why it mattered to you whether she lived alone or with a family, but perhaps you just wanted the company, so she was quick to reassure you that you’d receive the attention you deserved. “Não se preocupe, a tia Ana é adorável. Tenho certeza que ela vai amar você também!” It might take some explaining but she was sure that her kind and welcoming aunt would accept you into her home. More importantly, Isabella was just ecstatic that you had agreed to come with her, quickly clutching her hand and you to her chest and burying you against the flesh of her left breast. “Eu vou te levar para casa agora. E então, quando eu deixar este país, você virá ao Brasil, onde poderá conhecer o resto da minha família. Eu só sei que minha mãe e irmãs vão te amar também, e nós podemos brincar juntos o quanto você quiser!”

Though you couldn’t understand even a tenth of what had been said, and couldn’t speak regardless with Isabella’s flesh filling your mouth, you knew you had messed up and that she clearly still intended to take you with her. From the number of words she had said you expected she had been explaining her long term plans for your relationship, but still had no idea what she truly intended, which in many ways was probably worse than knowing. You had at least picked out the name ‘Brazil’ and your heart stuttered in your chest at the concept of being taken overseas by this girl. Desperate to be free you tried to struggle from your captor’s iron grip, but she evidentially interpreted your movements as squirms of excitement and just squeezed you tighter, almost cooing as she smiled down at you with overflowing affection, keen to protect this strange little man from any threat.

“Isabella! O que você está fazendo? Nós precisamos ir!” Another cry from outside caused the Brazilian girl to finally relent in her loving embrace, pulling you away from her chest and giving you a chance to breath as she turned to shout a quick “Estou chegando!” to her waiting aunt. With renewed purpose her dark eyes looked back to you, bottom lip momentarily drawn between her lips as she contemplated how to carry you out of the shack and to Ana’s car. She wondered where you would be safest. And should she show you to her aunt now or wait for a more opportune moment? Seeing a chance you tried to speak up, but were quickly cut off as Isabella made her decision and…

- Pushed you into her cleavage for safety, sealing you inside for the ride

Cleavage Transport

You try to speak up, but barely get out the start of your first word before you are cut off by the excited Isabella, her much louder voice drowning you out such that she wasn’t even aware you had tried to speak. “Ok, eu sei onde você estará seguro. Apenas tente não ficar muito animado. Salve sua força para mais tarde.” Her smile slipped into something of a flirtatious smirk, and she winked at you in the manner of someone sharing a humorous quip, but you were as lost as ever, staring dumbly for a moment before your eyes focused on the movement of her free hand as it edged towards her own chest. At first you were confused, but then she used her fingers to slightly part her breasts and your stomach dropped as you realised with absolute clarity exactly what it was that she intended.

As you were moved to hover above the seemingly infinite expanse of the Brazilian girl’s cleavage you tried to squirm and cry out in protest. “Wait, wait. I don’t want to go back in there. Please just-” But it was pointless. Though Isabella could feel you squirm and hear the incomprehensible words spilling from her throat, you were past the point of reasoning with her now. Your misunderstandings had snowballed into an entire network of thoughts in the brunette’s mind, and she was now wholly convinced that you were one hundred percent on board with her plans. Your movements those of excited fidgeting and your words those of someone calling out your thanks and appreciation. Another flirty wink was sent your way, and with one last “Até logo!” you were sent into freefall.

For the second time in one day you found yourself falling towards this girl’s cavernous cleavage, her already large breasts quickly growing to fill your whole viewpoint as you accelerated downwards. In truth your descent took barely a second, but that second seemed to stretch into minutes from your perspective, giving you enough time to once again contemplate just how you had ended up here before you struck Isabella’s warm flesh. Last time you’d done this you had more speed and her breasts had been firmly pressed together so you’d bounced off before settling in her cleavage, but this time you slipped straight into the gap your captor’s hands had opened, sinking all the way to your shoulders before finally catching on the surrounding skin. With most of your body buried in jiggling flesh, you hurriedly craned your neck up to send a pleading look at your unintentional tormentor, only to see the fingers above pulling away as the full mass of her breasts closed in.

Pulling her hand back, Isabella watched with mild amusement as her boobs slammed back together, the small man trapped within disappearing completely from sight as her flesh flowed into the gap, his tiny head instantly swamped by the heaving masses. For you it was like being caught in a hot and sticky vice, but to the Brazilian girl there was nothing more than a slight quiver as the mounds settled, and the presence of your body was more pleasant than anything, sending a small shiver down her spine as she pictured your squishy form secured so close to her heart. Her hands returned to her chest to give a couple of gentle squeezes and a quick knead, biting her lip to avoid moaning as she felt your renewed attempts to struggle against the crushing mass, appreciating the stimulation you provided. Yet she was all too aware that her aunt was waiting, so with a quick tug on its straps to make sure her top was tight and secure, she finally headed back to the shack’s locked entrance.

As it turned out, no sooner had your captor unlocked and opened the door than she found herself face-to-face with Ana, the older woman having tracked down the shack through her niece’s calls. The little sister of Isabella’s mother, visually the Brazilian was similar to her younger relative, though with the mature body of a woman in her late 30s and long raven hair several shades darker. Her prominent curves were just barely kept contained within a form-hugging black one-piece, and her full lips quirked as she raised a single well-manicured eyebrow, and glanced over Isabella’s shoulder into the shack. She was sure that she’d find some boy standing bashfully inside, maybe trying to hide himself, yet a quick scan satisfied her that it was indeed empty, and instead she turned her attention back to her niece. “O que você estava fazendo? Isso parece um lugar estranho para uma pausa.”

Chewing on her lip for a moment, Isabella contemplated whether she should reveal her prize to Ana, tossing up between sharing her building excitement with her family member and possibly losing her monopoly over you. The brunette loved her aunt but she was worried that the older woman may not approve of her acquisition, or even worse that she would want to take you for herself. Ana was after all beautiful but unwed, the stars having not yet aligned for her in that way. Ultimately she decided that the risk was just too great for now, and played the whole situation off with a casual shrug and an easy smile. “Nada realmente. Eu só precisava de um momento para mim mesmo.” Reaching out to link arms, Isabella steered them both towards the car park, bumping her chest against her aunt’s briefly and causing both of them to quiver as they headed off. “Desculpe pela espera. Vamos indo!”

From your position you could only just barely make out the sound of voices above, though it wasn’t like that did you any good with the language gap. Just the force of Isabella’s breathing was enough to compress you between her prodigious assets, and every step she took was practically torture, the world of flesh that surrounded you trembling and bouncing with every footfall. The red bikini top maintained a firm enough hold to keep you under constant pressure and ensure that you were continuously battered from every direction, though on the up side it at least ensured you weren’t able to slip down any further. With the moist flesh pressing into your mouth you couldn’t scream out in protest and your attempts to struggle were completely subsumed into each bounce. With no means of escaping or even making your plight known, you had no idea how you were going to get away from this confused girl. Your greatest fear was that she was going to take you to Brazil with no chance of returning or hope of escape, and you could feel hot tears come to your eyes at the thought of never seeing your family ever again. All because of an ill thought out dip in the sea.

Heedless to your suffering, Isabella felt only elation as she left the beach, her breasts jiggling happily with each step as she practically skipped forward, much to the bemusement of Ana trailing serenely in her wake. With her thoughts focused entirely on you she didn’t even notice the appreciative gazes she drew from other beachgoers as she skipped along, eyes fixed in turn to her bouncing chest as she approached, and to the quivering girth of her equally mountainous booty as she left. Those eyes meant nothing to the Brazilian girl. All she cared about right now was the feeling of the little man tucked snuggly into her cleavage, now liberally coated in a building sheen of sweat. By now your body was starting to distort, reduced to little more than a ball of putty between the brunette’s breasts and the feeling of it brought a blissful smile to your captor’s face. Once she had you in the safety of her room she intended to waste no time picking up where the two of you had left off.

As the two Brazilians stepped into the carpark, your window of escape became narrower and narrower, each step bringing you inexorably towards the looming prison of Ana’s car. Trapped within the darkness of Isabella’s cleavage you couldn’t even see it, yet somehow a part of you knew that the next few seconds would be pivotal to the rest of your life. As the two drew closer to the car…
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