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Some of my chapters from a deleted interactive story found on an old hard drive.
From One Fate to Another

Charlotte allowed herself to fantasise for a moment longer about the possibility of her pitiful little cousin becoming a permanent fixture of her mother’s yoga pants. She knew for a fact that Mia was the kind of woman who would wear the same yoga pants over and over again until they were worn down to nothing from countless hours of use, usually only washing them after every second or third workout, and the thought of you suffering through all of that had your cousin fighting to hide her blush. It was a marvellous thought, but she shook it off, refocusing on her original plan to have you serve her mother as a sweat rag, and knowing that her mother would find a way to make things even worse for you somehow. “Your sweat towel is stuck to your butt mum. Make sure to peel if off!”

“Huh?” Taken off-guard by her daughter’s comment, Mia looked over her shoulder and turned on the spot a few times trying to get a good look at her own massive rear, something that only made Charlotte smile more as she watched you bounce around with the quivering mass. Unable to make out her squishy nephew, or much at all for that matter, the blonde reached back to try and feel around for the missing sweat rag, grabbing a cheek in each hand and kneading the doughy flesh in a futile search. “Are you sure about that sweetie? I don’t feel anything.” While your aunt was oblivious, you groaned into her ass, the sound muffled by both your flattened state and the tightness with which you were held against the derriere. Each squeeze of her hands did nothing but push you deeper, the rhythmic motions releasing a fresh wave of sweat to soak deep into your pores.

The redhead had to bite her lip to suppress her laughter, passing it off as a look of concentration as she stared happily at the ceaseless assault upon her defenceless cousin. “Yeah mum, I’m sure. Just hold still for a second and I’ll get it.” Though a little disappointed to see Mia release her cheeks in response, Charlotte took comfort in the fact that it was within her power to make your life hell as she reached forward to retrieve your tortured form. The amount of sweat that almost instantly flowed across her fingers was admittedly a bit disgusting, but she suppressed the urge to pull away in favour of bringing her nails towards you, scratching at her mother’s butt in a way that had the older woman squirming slightly as she finally managing to peel away your edge. The wet slurping sound that followed was nauseating to you both, but Charlotte endured it by focusing on how terrible the whole thing must be for you, her assessment accurate as you felt yourself being stretched out even worse than before as you were sluggishly pulled free inch by agonising inch.

By the time you had finally fully separated you’d been stretched out to almost twice your previous dimensions, and if there had been any hope at all of your features being noticed before such hopes were now a thing of the past. You were happy to be away from Mia’s booty, even if the smell and the sweat of it remained within you, but as your blurred vision looked up at the smirking face of your least-favourite cousin, you knew that your torment was only just beginning. Sure enough the fingers that had freed you moments ago closed in a vice-grip, and your senses distorted in pain as Charlotte gleefully wrung you out, sending a small shower of sweat to the ground while simultaneous pressing a majority of it deeper into your body, well and truly engraining the scent of her aunt’s rear deep within your core. Once she was satisfied that you’d suffered enough you were offered back to Mia, and the next words from the redhead’s mouth chilled you to the bone. “Here you go mum, good as new. It’s a good thing this rag is so durable, cause it looks like you’ve already done a number on it.”

If it was anyone else you may have thought that a comment like that would inspire some mercy, but even if your interactions with them over the years had been quite limited you knew your extended family well enough to know a challenge when you heard one. The three of them, Chloe-included, could be incredibly competitive when they wanted to be, and Charlotte was more or less daring her mother to prove her wrong. As Mia’s deft fingers pulled you from her daughter’s grip you knew you weren’t going to like what was coming, the next words from the mature blonde only confirming your fears. “Hah, this is nothing. If you think it’s bad now you better look away because I’m about to absolutely destroy this thing. I’m sweating so much right now I could take a bath in it.” As she spoke she brought you to her neck, heedless to your attempts to move as she gave you just a small taste of what was to come. Your absorbent body easily removed the thick sheen of sweat along her collar and down her arms, soaking into you and mixing with the still cloying scent of your aunt’s rear.

Not even trying to hide her pleased smirk anymore, Charlotte laughed openly at Mia’s comment, a light blush staining her cheeks at the thought of the hell you were about to endure. For your aunt had definitely not been lying about the state of her body right now, her top and yoga pants alike soaked through with sweat, which continued to run freely from her pores. Ordinarily the redhead would have wandered off to get cleaned up herself after a workout like that, but she wasn’t going to miss a second of this. “Go ahead mum, you’ve earned it. It’s an endurant little thing so I think it will make it.” She crossed her arms at the end and cocked her hip to the side, once again challenging Mia to prove her wrong, and smirking all the wider when the blonde gave her a confident look and slowly raised her left arm, unleashing a wave of stench and revealing the sweaty expanse of her armpit.

The blast of warm air from your aunt’s pit hit you like a shockwave, washing over you completely and suffocating your senses. If you were still capable of the action you would have gagged at the smell, and as your form slowly began to advance towards this latest hell you tried with every ounce of strength left in your body to struggle, to move even the smallest amount. Being recognised for who you were would be ideal, but right now you would give anything just to avoid the fate that lay before you. It wouldn’t be the first time you’d be used to clean a woman’s body, you lived with your mother after all, but while Shannon kept herself in shape, Mia’s propensity to work up a sweat was on a whole other level, and you did not want to find out the taste of her pits if you could avoid it.

- Your actions are futile and you are plunged into Mia’s armpits

Sweat Bath with Aunt Mia

Unfortunately, any movement you were able to muster was viciously squeezed out of you as your aunt’s grip tightened, scrunching you up into a smaller mass as she brought you to the dripping expanse of her armpit. If you had thought the initial wave of stench had been bad, it was nothing compared to the assault on your senses from such close proximity, the thick miasma bringing tears to your crushed eyes as the first few drops of sweat struck your form. For a moment that seemed to stretch into eternity you were held just before the putrid flesh, almost as if you were being taunted before the final plunge. In reality the delay only lasted a couple of seconds at most, as Mia casually adjusted her hold for the best angle of attack, before unknowingly sending her nephew into her pits.

Blissfully oblivious to the horrors she was inflicting on her tiny relative, the blonde happily started to rub her new rag into her sweaty armpit, really pushing it in deep to make sure she cleaned out all of her accumulated sweat. After just a couple of seconds she could already feel the difference as your squishy body soaked up the moisture like a sponge but she kept going, keen to scrub free every inch of grime from her heated flesh. Ironically, she was in part doing this for you, since Shannon had told her how sensitive you could be to strong body odours, and Mia wanted to make sure to not to make her favourite nephew uncomfortable. You would have thanked her for the thought, if it weren’t for the fact that you were currently being liberally soaked in the aforementioned sweat and grime, the odour of it overwhelming as it imprinted itself deep within your body, clinging tightly to your skin.

While you suffered, Mia turned back to her daughter, paying little heed to the broad smile on the redhead’s face as she continued to scrub away. “Jeez, I really worked up a good lather just from some yoga huh? Though, it was a shame no-one else could join us.” She paused for a moment, and Charlotte briefly feared she was going to recall your presence, yet her fears were put at ease as the blonde continued with a mischievous smile. “Maybe it’s better that Sammy didn’t work out with us though. With his size and luck he’d probably have ended up crushed to one of our sweaty bodies.” Your aunt laughed at her ‘joke’, not knowing how close to the truth she had landed as she briefly pulled you away from her body only to plunge you into her right armpit instead. A fresh wave of sweat and grime assaulted you, mixing with the existing muck and darkening your entire form.

It was all Charlotte could do not to bounce on her heels in excitement as she realised that Mia had indeed completely forgotten your presence, watching with glee as you were ground into the sweaty flesh of her mother’s armpit. “Hah, I know what you mean. It seems like the little guy can’t go more than a few minutes without getting squished.” She grinned wickedly, unable to resist pushing her luck a little. “Especially by you mum. I mean the first thing you did this morning was sit on him.” Your cruel cousin happily reminisced over that memory, such a perfect way to start the day. There had definitely been a temptation then to leave you beneath Mia’s booty, but unfortunately Chloe had seen as well. Still, the result had been the current situation so Charlotte couldn’t exactly complain.

Though she was embarrassed at the memory of what she had done, Mia couldn’t help but laugh a little at her daughter’s comment, a light blush staining her cheeks. “Oh, don’t remind me, I still feel bad about that.” The blonde sighed ruefully as she finally pulled you free from her armpits, though it was accompanied by a small chuckle that belied her contrition. “I swear it’s like my body is just a big sexy magnet for that boy. It seems like every time we visit he finds a way to get under my feet, or my butt, or my breasts… or anywhere really. Even Shannon doesn’t seem to squish him as much as I do, and from what Stacy says Sammy’s life is pretty much a constant cycle of getting squashed by her.” Disoriented, in pain, and just barely able to hear the words booming above, you wanted to cry out in protest at the suggestion that any of this was your fault, but weren’t even given the chance to try before your aunt’s grip readjusted and you were sent plunging towards the open neck of her top.

Her armpits finally feeling sufficiently clean, Mia casually shifting her attention to her chest as she continued to look at her daughter, plunging the unfortunate rag under her top to deal with the pools of sweat that had accumulated across the surface of her breasts. Her mind wandered a little as she reflected on your past interactions. “I mean, do you remember when we came to visit to celebrate his eighteenth birthday? We arrived the day before so we could all go out to breakfast first thing in the morning, but no-one could find Sammy and we spent hours looking for him before going out to enjoy the day by ourselves. I ended up getting hammered and collapsed into bed. Then I went out for a jog first thing in the morning. It was only when I was changing afterwards that Chloe spotted him adhered to the inside of my bra cup. The poor thing had been there the whole time.” Your aunt blushed a little bit harder at the memory, rubbing your body against her breasts with a bit more force than strictly necessary as you traversed their entire expanse, before plunging into the cleavage.

Just barely able to make out the words spoken above as you went spelunking deep between Mia’s breasts, you groaned internally, remembering all too well how you’d spent the first day of your adult life, and most of the next morning, being pounded to mush beneath the blonde’s massive bosom. It was an experience that was all too easy to recall as you soaked up the copious sweat that lay deep within your aunt’s cleavage, sucking up more liquid that you would have thought possible. Charlotte meanwhile seemed to find the recollection hilarious, laughing loud enough for you to hear even buried in flesh, and making you furious at the knowledge that she had deliberately left you to be tortured, and that no doubt her laughter was only boosted by watching your current predicament.

Indeed, your redheaded cousin was having the time of her life as she watched you suffer while happily recalling your previous experiences with her mother, not to mention what she herself had done to you and what she had witnessed befall you at the ‘hands’ of her sister, aunt and cousin. She hadn’t missed the blush on Mia’s cheeks either, and her heart thrilled at the idea that her mother, despite her protests, may not be as opposed to your past misfortunes as she would like the rest of the family to believe. Finally getting her laughter under control, Charlotte bit her lip for a moment as she considered her next words, wondering what she should say to make sure that your suffering continued to bring her joy. Reaching a decision, her lips curled into a wicked smile as she spoke.

- “You know mum, I’m not sure Sammy hated that stuff as much as you think.”

Mia’s True Feelings

Watching with glee as her mother pulled you from her cleavage, only to absentmindedly rub your body against her nipples with a small blush on her face, Charlotte knew that now was the perfect opportunity to plant a seed in the blonde’s mind. One that would hopefully bear fruit in the form of increased difficulties for you. “You know mum, I’m not sure Sammy hated that stuff as much as you think.” The words instantly got Mia’s attention, and the redhead supressed a smirk as your aunt involuntarily squeezed down, crushing you even worse against her left breast as you compacted into the hardened areola. She knew she just needed to push a little bit more. “I mean there’s no doubt that you’re very attractive mum, and we’ve both seen enough lustful looks to know that even the younger guys want you. Do you really think Sammy is immune to that? Maybe all those ‘accidents’ weren’t so accidental after all. I mean, maybe he’s just being reserved because you’re his aunt.”

Nervously pulling you from her top, Mia did her best to laugh at her daughter’s joke, though it came out a bit strangled as she fought down a furious blush. Trying to play it off as a cough, she moved you across her torso and down her legs, pointedly avoiding eye-contact with Charlotte as she shook her head. “Very funny dear, but be serious please. He’s my nephew and over ten years my junior.” Despite her words she squirmed a little at the thought of you having a thing for her, not exactly displeased with the idea that she was desirable enough to ensnare even her own family members. You, on the other hand, would very much like to murder your cousin right now for putting such thoughts into the blonde’s head, knowing full well how badly this could all turn out for you. The continuous pressure as you were rubbed down your aunt’s toned legs prevented you from speaking, but if thoughts alone could kill then the redhead would currently be choking on your displeasure.

Heedless and uncaring of your thoughts, Charlotte grinned viciously at Mia’s reaction, seeing right through her words to the excited reactions beneath, and decided to lead her more down memory lane as she watched your squished form being shifted to her mother’s grimy feet. “Come on mum, just think about all of the times he’s ended up beneath you somehow. You’ve seen him what, four times, maybe five, since he was born. Has he ever not ended up squished by you?” The intensifying blush on Mia’s cheeks and the sight of you being flossed between your aunt’s powerful toes only made your cousin smile wider. “I mean, what was he doing on the couch this morning? He knew we were coming over, so why would he put himself somewhere like that if he didn’t want to get sat on? Hell, he was probably disappointed when me and Chloe pointed him out to you. And how about that time he just happened to end up in your heels before you and Aunt Shannon went dancing. I swear, he was playing with me and Chloe one moment and then the next he was just gone. We thought it was an accident at the time, but don’t you think he may have just deliberately dived into them?”

If you weren’t currently being choked by the lumps of toe jam being smeared across your stretched-out face, you would have been screaming at Charlotte for her deception. You’d ended up on the couch well before you knew your extended family were visiting, and had in no way been displeased when Mia stood up. As for the heels incident, that had been one hundred percent the redhead’s own doing. As soon as Chloe had been distracted she’d wasted no time pounding you flat beneath her hand and tossing you into her mother’s shoes, knowing full well the hellish night that awaited you. At the time you’d been persuaded by her younger age to keep your mouth shut in the hopes that her behaviour would improve, but know you were regretting ever showing her such kindness.

While you suffered, Mia couldn’t help but let her thoughts wander a little, blushing furiously as she allowed herself a brief moment to fantasise about having her squishy nephew wholly to herself. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t remember that night of dancing. The way her left insole had felt so much better than her right, providing the perfect amount of cushioning and support as she deliberately focused more and more of her weight upon it. She’d danced for hours in absolute bliss, leaving Shannon in her dust as she strut her stuff across the dance floor, and when she’d returned to her sister’s home she’d fully intended to find just what had happened to her left insole in the hopes of replicating that effect to her right. The discovery of the thoroughly mangled body of her squished nephew had both horrified and disappointed her, robbing her of the chance to enjoy that heavenly cushion any longer. She’d similarly missed the extra support you had provided to her bra on your birthday, and the delightful bit of padding you’d provided to the many seats she had sat on you upon.

As she had fantasised, Mia had surreptitiously moved your flattened form from her legs towards the bulbous swell of her rear, returning you to where you had so recently escaped but this time pushing you under the hem of her soaked yoga pants to directly attack the rivers of sweat that continued to run across her lower curves. The smell alone was enough to make you wish you could just pass out, even through the lingering stench of everything else you had been exposed to, but the taste of the sweat itself was on a whole other level, effortlessly dominating your senses as it flowed into your body. Filled to the brim with the many emissions of your aunt’s body you felt like you were on the verge of breaking even before the massive blonde began to tease her crack with your soiled body, a shiver running through her entire body and making you want to scream at the injustice of it all.

Finally you were granted a small mercy as Mia eventually shook herself from her thoughts, breaking free of her fantasies with a small embarrassed cough as she pulled her sweat rag from her pants and self-consciously began scrunching it up in her hands while looking to Charlotte with the calmest face she could muster. “Ahem. As I was saying dear, please be serious. That’s your cousin you are talking about, not some random boy from the street.” Unable to maintain a neutral expression for long, she blushed and turned away, screwing you up even more as she struggled to maintain some semblance of composure. “And even if I-ah, I mean… even if he did have feelings like that, it’s best to just let it be I think. No need to rock the boat by telling anyone else about it.” The blonde sighed, running a hand through her hair as she tried to calm her suddenly errant heartbeat, her gaze flicking down to her hands where you had been scrunched up into a tight ball and a small frown crossing her lips. Contemplating for a moment, her eyes eventually returned to her daughter as she spoke again.
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