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Rated: 18+ · Draft · Fantasy · #2218817
Some of my chapters from a deleted interactive story found on an old hard drive.
Pounded by Stacy

Stacy cried out in wordless distress as she looked down and saw your squished body reduced to a two-dimensional sticker on the seat of the roller coaster, having clearly been steamrolled beneath the large rear of her oblivious seat-mate. Not wanting to leave you stuck a moment longer she reached down to scrape you off, but her nails failed to find purchase as they simply scratched across your body, leaving red marks in their wake but doing nothing to remove you from the hard plastic. Try as she might the brunette just could not feel your outline, and she quickly started to sink into despair as her actions became more desperate, starting to bring her second hand around.

Confused, Rina went to lean over to see what was happening, but before she could get a look the voice of the attendant boomed out again, this time sounded significantly more peeved and clearly directed specifically at your sister. “Ma’am please sit down. You’re holding everyone up.” A short paused followed and Rina went to speak again before the megaphone barked once more. “Sit down now or you will be ejected from the ride and the park for disrupting operations!” Wincing, Rina pulled herself back fully into her seat, not wanting to get in trouble as well for the sake of a stranger.

Not knowing what to do, and almost hyperventilating at the thought of being forced to leave you behind, Stacy reluctantly turned and lowered herself into the seat with excruciating slowness, muttering apologies under her breath the whole way. While she knew you’d been crushed beneath butts before, particularly your mother’s, she hated the idea of sitting on you on purpose, and the moment her butt touched the seat and you she shuddered in revulsion at what she was doing. There was no chance for second guessing though as the attendant strode up and forcefully pulled down Stacy’s harness with an annoyed glare, wordlessly doing up the belt and moving to the next seat.

Seeing the obvious distress on your sister’s face, and wrongfully assuming it was fear of being on the coaster itself, Rina reached over and took her new companion’s hand, adopting a soft smile that was reflected in her kind blue eyes, while nervously running her other hand through her shoulder-length blonde hair, trying not to overstep. “Hey. Don’t worry okay. I know these rides can be scary sometimes but I’ll be right here beside you, yeah. You’re going to be just fine.” The kind girl gave what she hoped was a comforting squeeze, never realising the true source of Stacy’s still-rising distress. Any response the brunette might have given was lost as a loud buzz rang out, and the launch coaster surged forward, shooting along the tracks as it accelerated up the opening slope.

From your perspective the brutal crushing you had received under Rina’s massive booty had been quickly replaced with the only slightly smaller butt of your younger sibling. That said, from what little you’d seen you could tell that she hadn’t wanted to do it, and the distress on her face had been clear, so you silently forgave her, feeling that she had made the right choice over leaving you behind. Those thoughts were little comfort however, as the ride commenced, and the pressure skyrocketed as Stacy was pushed back into the seat, subjected you to a force like nothing you’d ever felt before. Both you and your sister cried out for very different reasons to everyone else as the ride climbed.

There was a small moment of relief as the coaster slowed at the first peak, the first few cars hanging over the gap and allowing Stacy to desperately pull herself up against the harness in an attempt to help you, even though both of you knew it was pointless. Seeing only the tears of her seat-mate, and still oblivious to their cause, Rina gave the hand she still held a tight squeeze, attempting to give words of comfort, only to have them ripped from her lungs as gravity took hold and the coaster plummeted, rocketing towards the ground before pulling up sharply for the next rise. Despite Stacy’s very best attempts to brace herself there was nothing she could do as she was slammed down into the seat, pounding you to paste beneath her buttocks and smearing you more as she slid back.

With every curve the tremendous g-forces ground you against your sister’s own curves, shifting her weight from side to side and pulverising you beneath both cheeks as they slid across you. By the time the second period of weightlessness came you lifted into the air together with Stacy, temporarily ironed to her butt and given a brief moment of freedom from the seat before being slammed down once more. What followed was the longest minute of your life as you alternated between being stuck to the seat and Stacy, and suffered through every second of the ride.

By the time the coaster finally pulled into the disembarkation platform you were so delirious with pain that you could barely even tell it had ended, your mind still screaming even though your lungs had long since lost that capacity. Stacy meanwhile was in full-on tears, frantically pushing at the harness to escape as soon as possible, while blubbering incoherent apologies at the thought of what she had done. The attendant gave her a blank stare as she watched the display, evidently torn between complaining at the disruption and saying something to assuage any responsibility she held for the events. In the end she said nothing and just hit the button to release the restraints.

It took less than a second for Stacy to force off the harness and go to stand, but much to her distress her rear had barely cleared the seat before it was forced back down again as Rina suddenly threw her arms around the traumatised girl in a misguided attempt at comfort. Placing a hand on the brunette’s head, the blonde pulled your sister’s face against her generous chest, while unknowingly forcing some of her own weight down on the two of you and crushing you even further. “Shh, shh, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s all over now. There’s nothing to be scared or ashamed of anymore, okay.”

Still unable to properly put her distress into words, Stacy eventually managed to struggle free enough to stand, helped along slightly by an insistent glare from the attendant, now directed at the good-natured but interfering Rina. While her new friend kept her arms around her, Stacy was at least able to turn to face the seat, struggling to see through her tears as she searched for your body.

New Friend, New Threat

Thinking carefully, Stacy decided that her first course of action had to be to get you away from Rina. There was really no telling how the girl would react to either being told you were human or a toy, so it would be safest to have you in hand before anything else was said. “I… yes… it’s… can I please have that. It’s important to me.” The brunette winced slightly at the action of referring to you like you were a possession, but she didn’t want to say anything that would startle her new friend.

Thankfully, Rina really had no reason to object to such a request, especially since she had already begun to suspect that you were your sister’s property. She did give one last squeeze for prosperity, but it was more an unconscious action than anything else, and she missed the small frown on Stacy’s lips as she dropped you into the waiting palm. “Sure! Sorry about that, I didn’t know it was yours.” She smiled kindly again. “Are you going to be okay now? Do you want to go somewhere else to sit? I could buy you a drink if that would help? I mean, not in a weird way, ah, not that you’re not, I mean, if you wanted to… no wait, that’s not what I wanted to, ah, I mean… would a drink help?”

Paying no attention to Rina’s rambling attempts at being helpful, Stacy gently cupped her hands around you, her heartbeat slowing to a reasonable level for the first time since she’d realised that you’d been crushed beneath the blonde’s ass as she smiled down at you softly through tears of relief. The twenty-year old slowly brought you to her chest, holding you carefully against her shirt-covered breasts while taking several deep breaths to get her breathing under control. You’d gone missing before, but this had been the first time she’d be so convinced that it was her fault. The first time she’d knowingly subjected you to such indescribable torment beneath her own body.

It was a bit awkward for you to be held against your sister’s prominent chest like this, but more than ever you found yourself appreciating her affection and warmth as it flooded into you. Being squished by Rina had been nothing compared to the torment of the coaster ride itself, but you were still beyond pleased to be back in the hands of someone who truly cared about you, and knew who you were. The pressure at your back was light, well-practised, and already you could feel your body start to reform from the ball-shape you had been crushed into, limbs and head reasserting themselves. You could hear Stacy’s heartbeat echoing through her skin, and allowed it to soothe your pain.

Confused at her companion’s behaviour, Rina moved her hands to the brunette’s shoulders and gave them a small rub, her smile soft but questioning as Stacy finally looked up to meet her eyes. For her part, your sister finally managed a kind smile for the blonde, truly appreciating her friendliness and assistance, even if she had been directly involved in these unfortunate events. It was enough to make Rina’s heart skip a beat and she blushed a bit before returning the smile full force, her body language making it clear that she wanted nothing more than to throw her arms around you both, held back only by the defensive position of Stacy’s arms, still clutched protectively to her chest.

Fortunately for you, the imminent embrace was held off as Stacy slowly began to un-cup her hands, carefully holding them out into the gap between her and Rina and revealing your now substantially reformed body, looking much more like a man than you had previously. There was still a slight stammer in your sister’s voice as she spoke, but she was certainly much clearer than she had been before. “Thank you Rina, really. I really appreciate your help. We both do.” You could both see the question forming, and Stacy ploughed on before it could be asked. “My name is Stacy, and ‘that little thing’, as you put it, is actually my older brother Sammy.” Wanting to assist, you waved your hand weakly while struggling up to your knees, watching carefully as the new girl’s expression shifted.

You would have to admit to feeling no small degree of fear as you looked up at Rina, remembering how this whole mess had started and briefly flashing back to the view of her tight-clad booty descending upon you. That said, you reminded yourself that it hadn’t really been the blonde’s fault. There had really been no reason for her to think to check the seat, and sitting in the wrong position had been an honest mistake. Despite your tiny size, you still did think of yourself as Stacy’s big brother, and you just couldn’t be mad at someone who had so earnestly tried to cheer her up. So it was that you managed to keep your cool as Rina gasped softly and leant forward, the shadow of her prominent chest cast ominously across you as she tried to get as close as possible.

“Um, hi, I’m-” Your attempt at an introduction was cut short as the busty girl’s much louder voice rang out above you, drowning out your words as she looked up at Stacy, the movement bringing her breasts just that little bit closer and leaving you staring into the depths of her cleavage. “Oh my god, he’s so cute! How did he get so small!? Can I hold him?! Can I?!” The hands you were on lurched backwards as your sister took a single step in retreat, clearly caught off guard by the enthusiastic response, but Rina just followed, her chest bouncing happily as she skipped forward, accompanied by another small gasp as she reached an epiphany. “Oh gosh, I already held him didn’t I? I remember, he was so soft! Oh no…” The blonde bit her lip, eyes flashing down to you briefly with an apologetic look before moving back up to Stacy’s. “I stuffed him in my cleavage. And I squished him with my hands too. I’m sorry! I didn’t know he was yours! And like, is he always that squishy? That’s so cool! Oh wait, is he what you were worried about before? Oh, I get it, you were worried you lost him.”

By the time Rina finally paused for breath she had left both you and your sister stunned by the avalanche of words she had thrown at you, though admittedly you were also still a bit stunned by the bouncing bosom in your face. A nagging voice at the back of your mind warned you that it was problematic that she had expressed her words to Stacy rather than yourself, especially given the way she had referred to you as belonging to the brunette, almost like she saw you more as a small child, or possibly even a pet, than an young adult, but you were still too flabbergasted to respond, and it was Stacy who spoke up first. “Oh, I… yes, Sammy was wha- I mean, who, I was worried about. But, ah, don’t worry about before so much okay? He gets squished all the time so he’ll be fine. I mean, yeah it was pretty bad this time, but I think he’s probably been through worse with mum an-ahh!”

Your sister’s words were cut off mid-sentence as the relieved Rina unthinkingly threw her arms around Stacy’s shoulders and hugged her close, a small gasp the only warning you received as the brunette’s hands lost their grip on you and you slipped out just in time to be crushed between two pairs of breasts as the enthusiastic blonde crammed their bodies together. You were compacted on all sides by soft flesh wrapped in thin fabric, and any trace of light was instantly lost as your world was overwhelmed by the sounds of two hammering heartbeats and a rapidly rising heat. Attempts to struggle came to naught as Stacy, still filled with happiness over having found you ‘safe’ after such an ordeal, moved to enjoy and return the hug, pulling herself even closer to Rina and crushing you all the more between their amble bosoms. Distant voices filtered down to you, but the sounds were so distorted that you couldn’t make them out, so you had little warning when the two finally pulled apart, rays of sunlight penetrating your vision like a gift from above as the outside world returned.

But as the massive girls pulled back to share a small shy smile what has happened to your tiny body?

Arch-Support for Gwen

You scream out in terror as you see the yawning opening of Gwen’s right boot looming below you, deep shadows coating the interior of the heavy piece of footwear and rising up towards you as the momentum of your flight began to wane and your inevitable fall commenced. Desperate, you tried to flail as much as possible, hoping to get the attention of one of the giant woman who surrounded you, but it was all for nought. Morgan’s back was turned to your flight, all of her attention focused on conquering the unruly zip at her back, while Penny was too busy teasing Gwen on how dashing her armour looked, and the redhead herself was occupied blushing and muttering in response. No-one noticed a thing as you fell into the abyss, vanishing from sight as the shadows consumed you.

Instantly you were surrounded by the rank odour of stale sweat and foot grime, and you were already gagging from the fumes alone before you even hit the floor. Once you did hit however things only became worse, and you had to force down the urge to vomit as you splatted against the moist and very well-worn insole, a puddle of sweat rising up to meet you as you were forced face-first against the muck. Slightly squished, it took you far too many seconds to pull your head free, spitting and spluttering as you attempted to expel the taste of rancid feet from your mouth.

You’d been in plenty of pairs of shoes before, usually courtesy of Shannon, and more rarely Stacy, but in those instances the footwear at least had some capacity to breath. Sneakers and heels both allowed for air to travel, flats and slippers even more so, and thongs weren’t even fully enclosed. But these iron boots provided no such comfort, being fully enclosed in leather and welded iron, they contained the full scent of Gwen’s feet, providing little if any opportunity for the fumes to escape. Instead the sweat and grime was left to stew and ferment, getting worse with every second passed. And this was just what they were like when there was an absence of actual feet inside them.

Struggling to your feet, you looked up in fear at the narrow circle of light that seemed an impossibly high distance above. What was near-knee height to their owner seeming like several stories to you. You screamed as that light began to dim, hoping that the narrow confines would raise the volume of your voice and allow you to be heard. It was a small hope really, and you weren’t even disappointed when the light continued to dim and the toes that would soon be your roommates appeared. From the moment you’d fallen in here you’d known that you weren’t going to be getting out without at least one crush, years of experience teaching you that your luck just wasn’t that good.

High above you, Gwen was trying in vain to force down the blush in her cheeks as Penny winked at her while making some ‘adjustments’ to the bodice of her dress. Really, the redhead didn’t know why her girlfriend insisted on teasing her like this before every show, like being on stage wasn’t difficult enough without being flustered and sexually frustrated as well. She used to try and retaliate but that had just spurred the blonde on, so now she just tried to keep her head down, quietly swearing vengeance at the end of the day. With the clock running down, she shook off her blush as best she could and grabbed her boots, tugging on the left quickly before slowly inserting her foot into the right, trying her best to ignore the comments from the peanut gallery about women in boots.

As the toes began to descend and were followed by this woman’s large soles, you found yourself frozen in terror for entirely too long, only belatedly realising that your interests would be best served by running to the far end of the boot and hoping to hide out of reach of the grasping toes. You did your best to sprint through the soaked fabric of the insole, but there was far too little time, and you only made it about half way before you were struck in the back by Gwen’s toes, pushed down into the insole as they scraped over you. As a fresh layer of sweat and grime was smeared over you by the passing foot you were quickly rolled onto your back before being pressed down into the arch of the boot, the worn insole pushing you up into the sole above as the foot finally settled.

As small as your body was, it did produce enough of a bump to be felt by your unknowing captor, but Gwen paid it no mind as she secured the straps that would hold your prison to her calves. They’d been doing this show for a couple of months now, and she was well and truly used to the discomfort that these boots brought, even if she did silently curse the director for her insistence on ‘authenticity’. As if there was any trace of authenticity to the story of female knight rescuing, and marrying, a beautiful princess. The whole outfit was a bit of a nightmare to be frank. She was strong enough to wear it, but it was hard to move in, and left her muscles feeling sore for hours afterwards, though there was the upside of having Penny rub the tension from her body at the end of the day.

Glancing at the clock and grimacing, Gwen banished any thoughts of discomfort from her mind as she stood up and gave her boots a few good stomps to make sure they were secure, the flattening out of the irritation that was your body just an added bonus to her. You meanwhile, groaned in agony as you were crushed beneath this girl’s full weight, mercilessly ground into the battered insole as she adjusted her stance. With a quick peck to Penny’s cheek, the redhead pulled on her helmet and headed to the stage for her first scene, her heavy footsteps echoing slightly in the long corridor while the squelching sound of your body being squished into mush was trapped within the boots. The amount of moisture that already coated the sole above made it clear that this was not the first performance of the day, and as you were crushed step after step you had a feeling it wasn’t going to be the last either, dreading what was to come as you drew closer and closer to your stage debut.

From Son to Insole

Much to your misfortune, any thoughts of you had long since fled Shannon’s mind during the drive to the store. As far as she was concerned you were back home with Stacy, and there was no reason to factor you in to any decision being made about her insoles. A casual visual inspection was enough to tell her that it was only her right insole that needed to be replaced, and she trusted her eyes more than any nagging feeling of forgetfulness, so she fixed the employee with a bright smile as she reached down to scoop up her right heel. “Hello! I was hoping to get a replacement right insole for this shoe.” She pulled out the ruined insole. “As you can see, this one’s seen better days.”

The sound of your mother’s words drove a spike of absolute terror into your heart as you realised that she had indeed forgotten you. You tried to tremble, to scream, to do anything you could to remind her of the truth, but there was nothing you could do as the other insole was retrieved and presented for replacement while you were left to wallow. The employee, a young-looking girl of Hispanic descent, took the insole without protest, though her eyes did briefly flick down to your prison. “And for your other shoe? There’s a standard discount for buying a pair of insoles.”

There was some small part of you that hoped that, as Shannon eye’s moved to your location, the requirement to focus on you would jog her memory and lead to your salvation, that there was still a chance that your mother hadn’t truly forgotten you. But as much as you loved her, time and again over the years the point had been driven home that you could not rely on your mother’s memories. You’d spent days, even weeks, trapped on her body or belongings, and most times you were only saved by the eventual intervention of your sister. The thought of Stacy ever moving out was one that filled you with dread and the sure knowledge that it would lead to the end of your comfortable existence. Sure enough, there was no recognition in those eyes as Shannon glanced at you then smiled back at the employee. “Just the one today please. The other one’s perfectly intact.”

Nodding politely, the employee took the offered insole and left to find an appropriate replacement, leaving you to suffer and Shannon to relax and wait for her return. If you’d been able to you would have been crying, wondering what was going to become of you now and how long it would take for you to escape. You didn’t look anything like yourself right now, so if you couldn’t find a way to reform even Stacy might not be able to find you. With such thoughts, it was perhaps a small salvation when your mother provided a distraction in the form of her toes, moving a few inches into the heel and starting to pinch and prod at your body. To Shannon it was just a bit of casual fidgeting, while to you it was the feeling of her rank toes being rubbed against your defenceless body. You were already soaked with her sweat and grime and now she was adding salt to the wound with her playful digits, a distant humming letting you know that she was truly enjoying your torment.

This casual prodding continued for several minutes that seemed to drag on forever, before the employee eventually returned and Shannon’s foot finally withdrew as she accepted a replacement insole for her right heel. While the aroma of your mother’s feet still surrounded you, and you were still dripping with her sweat, it was heaven compared to what you knew would come next, and you tried your best to appreciate it while it lasted. Oblivious to the fate she was inflicting on her son, the model thanked the girl and inserted her new insole into the waiting shoe, paying on the spot before inserting her right foot back into its home, and reaching down to adjust the position of the left.

There was absolutely nothing you could do as the light above cut out once more, and for the second time today you were subjected to the brutal assault of your mother’s foot being shoved into a shoe using you as an insole. During the brief time in the store you’d almost managed to forget how bad this was, but now it all came back as Shannon lurched to her feet and her full weight pressed down on you. There was a shift above as she stomped her right foot to make sure the new insole was in place, and then before you could even try to brace there was a feeling of vertigo as your own foot rose, only to slam back down three more times as you found yourself tested as well. Whether Shannon had already forgotten which insole had been replaced, or she was just being way too enthusiastic you didn’t know, but the action left you delirious and in pain as she finally headed out.

Without hope of freedom any time in the near future, you were once again subjected to the hell of being pounded beneath your mother’s feet as she exited the shoe store. Worse, with her schedule pretty open for the day, Shannon was in no hurry to return home, and wandered around the shops without any thought for the pain she was inflicting on her tiny son. If you were on her mind at all, it was only a passing thought that she didn’t remember her left insole being this comfortable, though she put it down to prior discomfort from the imbalance between the two shoes. It was a couple of hours later when she finally headed home, and by the time she stepped out of the car and practically skipped up to the front door, you had been so battered and soaked that you were a broken man. Thoughts of freedom were gone, and now you were focused only on surviving your imprisonment.

Unaware of the events occurring beneath her feet, Shannon entered your home with a smile on her face and a skip to her step, enjoying immensely the comfortable feeling of her new insoles. By now she had even forgotten about replacing just one insole, and if anyone asked she would have said without deception that she had today gotten a new pair of insoles for her favourite heels. Strolling into the lounge room, she smiled at her daughter chilling on the couch with smart phone in hand, leaning against the back of the seat and catching Stacy’s attention. “Hey, I’m home.” She paused for a moment in thought. “You know I don’t have any shoots today. What do you think about heading out for a night on the town later? It’s been awhile since we’ve had a proper girl’s night.”

Stacy returned the smile, pocketing her phone and turning to face your mother properly. “That’s because we’re always looking out for Sammy. But sure, sounds fun. Speaking of Sammy though, have you seen him? I haven’t seen him around since you took him up to your room earlier.” The brunette had assumed that you’d headed out with Shannon, but seeing the blonde return seemingly without you in tow had her concerned for your safety. It wouldn’t be the first time that the model had taken you out of the house, deliberately or otherwise, only to lose you somewhere outside.

Happy with the acceptance, Shannon stood up straight and headed for the kitchen to get a drink, humming at Stacy’s question as she turned her mind to you for the first time since she’d first stomped you into her heel. “Hmm... didn’t he head out for tutoring today? That was the plan right?” With her head halfway into the fridge by the time she finished the sentence her voice came out a little muffled, though Stacy got the general gist of it, as she shifted into a more upright position. “You dropped him off then?” Unfortunately, the muffling of the fridge worked both ways, and what was intended as a question was heard by your mother as a statement of fact that you had indeed headed out, and she smiled as she finally emerged with a handful of grapes. “That’s right dear.”

Satisfied with that response, Stacy smiled happily, thoughts turning to her dear brother. “Oh well, I hope he’s okay. It will probably be a couple of days before he gets back then. Might as well enjoy the freedom while we’re trying not to worry about him.” Your sister loved you dearly, but even she would admit that caring for you was a full-time job that could become tiring at times, so it wasn’t so bad to be able to take the load off for a bit, even if she was sure she’d be worried about you later. You couldn’t hear her words from your prison beneath Shannon’s feet, but had you been able to you would have been broken further still by the knowledge she wasn’t coming to save you.

With another smile, and a twist of her heel that compressed your face further beneath the ball of her foot, Shannon left the kitchen to head upstairs, already planning the upcoming night out. There was the question of what to do with her shoes in the interim, but eventually she decided to just…
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