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by NG
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Write to stay For we are here And you are still as you were.
As I begin to write

It's with solid materials,visible and accessible.
Everyday,we eat food,stand on the earth,drink water as well as emrace people around. All these things we see,feel,taste by our physical objective things. View them as real existence I name it as 1.
It is with empty but inaccessible air which can't see, touch and know. I call it none as 0.
The later 0 is much more powerful than the former 1 It gives birth to numerous possibilities and you can't see its influence ,because it's changeable,flexible,and contains all possibilities. 0 lacks a being or can't be named. It can't be described. I called it none, it never begins so it never ends. As well,it is everywhere. so what's it? you can view it yourself above your body and consciousness.
Everthing will be destroyed and reborn in 0, namelessly as in vain. That's also where fate's luck happens. Because it means new born opportunities as it were and will still be nameless.
Do we distinguish one or another by words or numbers?In 0, it's complete. It is responsible to give birth to 1 and 1 added more. As it adds,0 becomes 1,and 0 perishes from 1 to anywhere else.

0 is realisation. Based on your feelings,life experiences and accumulation. Do we have a same realisation? None. Because we are in 0. So why can't we be same as we are already in 0?Let's ask 1.
If you are not 0. What are you?Will be 1 or some other 1 added more? you maybe any. As 0 is almighty. But as you choose to be 1 or another more. You can be the only number. If 1 is ok. 1 will become234…it is no longer what it is called. Because it has it's limits. It's not unlimited. The quantities and essence changes but rules is there. Just a form.
Do you think numerous names has meaning? it is,as it were named 1. It is not necessary to compare. Because we just eat to live. As we are lives. There can't be a reason of why. 1 is over there, as it was here.
what is name? it's words. As it is given by others or a glance of idea, and we only receive as it was given. Observe this from 0. It's a circle. And all possibilities.

Don't stay to write
Write to stay
For we are here
And you are still as you were.

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