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In memory of my first real love.
Sophmore year.
I spent lunch time
in the library
because my mom
couldn't afford lunches.

From the start
a pretty,
thin girl
with long black hair
befriended me,
so we spent that period
getting to know each other,
becoming friends.

It didn't matter
that she
was a lofty Senior,
we just
simply WERE,
at least during
that precious hour
five days a week.

I was an underprivileged kid,
and unbeknownst
to me at the time,
the school pariah,
who dared
care about me
outside school
was tormented'
beyond endurance.

I knew Kathy liked me,
and wanted to date her,
but she kept refusing
without offering a reason.

So we kept on
being school friends
in the library,
five days a week,
during lunch hour.

I remember
we exchanged gifts
at Christmas time;
an inexpensive necklace
from me to her,
while she gave me
a computer card
punched out
in the shape
of a Christmas tree,
and a sweet picture
of herself
that I kept for years.

Kathy never dated
anybody else
that I ever knew,
and I lost interest
in all other girls.

Looking back sadly
after all this time,
I believe
that we loved
and deeply
each other,
but it simply
couldn't be.

Kathy graduated
that June;
I wasn't invited
to the ceremony
for obvious reasons,
and I never saw
or heard
from her again.

to this very day,
especially late at night
when spirits echo
in my soul,
I say a little prayer
to my god
that she's happy.

it seems,
never really dies,
it just smoulders,
sometimes forever,
in the heart.

Be well
Kathy B.,
wherever you are.
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