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Anthony returns, once again antagonizing his stressed out Mummy. A Dialogue 500 Entry.
APRIL PROMPT/ Cabin Fever - Snowed-In and Alone

*Devilish* *Angry*

“We will ex-term-in-ate! ex-term-in-ate!”

“Anthony, put the garlic back on the tray!”



“Doctor Who will sort ‘em out.”

“You mean your toy owl?”

“Here he comes in his Tardis!”

“No, don’t play with the salt shaker!”

“You never let me have any funzies”

“You can have fun after I’m finished my writing.”

“Gee, I can’t play outside cuz of the snow and play inside cuz you’re writing…just where can I play?”

"You can play at the table...just play something sensible.”

“But it’s so boring, having to be sensible. Can I have my iPad back... pretty please.”

“No, that stays confiscated.”

“That’s not fair.”

“You shouldn’t have broken that vase.”

"That was an accident; it wasn’t my fault"

“Then whose fault was it; Donald Trumps?"

“Can I at least read some more Prince Caspian? I’ll turn the pages very quietly.”

“Haven’t you finished it yet? You’ve been at it for almost a month.”

“I don’t understand some of the words and have to keep looking them up online.”

“Why didn’t you ask me instead?”

“Cuz you’re always too busy to help,”

“That’s not fair.”

“Neither's taking away my iPad.”

“Don’t get smart.”

“I never will with you around.”

“Go sit on the naughty chair!”

“Don’t I get a warning?”

“Okay, here’s your warning: if you don’t park your little bottom on the chair this instant, I’ll smack it good and hard!”

“If you hit me, I’ll ring the police-cops!”

“You won’t need to. If you do as you’re told.”

“No, I won’t do it…I hate you!”

“Don’t you dare run off; get back here! Don’t slam that door in my face... open up! Fine; stay in your room; I’ve had a gut’s full of your nonsense!”

*Cry* *Angry* {

“Anthony, are you okay sweetheart?”

“Sort of Mummy…I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t yell at you like that. Being snowed in’s giving me cabin fever…I wouldn’t really spank you.”

“Yeah I know… I’ll sit in chair without fuss, if you still want me to.”

“I think we’ve already both had our timeouts. Dry your tears and come back to the main room. I’ll make us some afternoon tea.”

*Smile* *InLove2* *CupcakeY*

“Mummy, did you know that earwigs live twice as long as dragonflies?”

“Is that right…careful, you’re getting marmite on your hoodie...Don’t rub it with your sticky fingers, it’ll stain worse.”

“Did you know ladybugs live longer than earwigs?”

“And did you know you shouldn’t wipe your hands on your jeans? Use a napkin.”

“Ladybug, ladybug flyaway home; your house is on fire and children are gone.”

“I’ve always thought that to be such a cruel sentiment.”

“Is it still snowing outside?”


“Do Ladybugs like snow?”

“I wouldn’t think so.”

“What about snowmen?”

“Very much so,”

“When you’re finished playing drafts, do you think you could help me build a snowman?”

“Only if you finish all your milk,”

“Can I pretend it’s from the Milky Way?”

“If it helps you drink it, yes.”

“That’s way cool…I love you Mummy.”

“I love you too Anthony.”

*SnowMan* *SnowMan* *InLove* *InLove*

(500 Words)
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