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Feeding time.
Contest: SCREAMS!!!
Prompt: Alone At Last
Word count: 768

She embodies the bright light of the sun, and yet I am drawn to her. Drawn to her hazel eyes as soft as they are fierce. Drawn to the faint dip in her right cheek. Drawn to the subtle curve in her plump lips as she turns the page of her book. Drawn to the smooth caramel skin wrapped around her long slender neck. The blue veins mapping out the way to her heart entrance me. Her long ankle-length flowing blue dress swaying in the wind beckoning me closer to her. I am fixed on her, Mrs. Amelia Rose. I close my eyes and inhale her entire essence. Oh, does it call to me, the sweet scent of naivety. She glides across the bridge with her book as if one with the air. I follow her.

Through the park she goes, encompassed in her book, oblivious to me and my desires. I watch from the shadows, memorizing her heartbeat. Her heart is beating through me like a symphony drum. Deep and amplified. Hypnotizing me further. Breathing in the scent of purity. My favorite. From tree to tree, I hide from her waiting for my chance. My chance to glide my fingers across the velvet skin of her neck. Impatient for a taste, my skin goes pale. Her steady breathing lulling me forward. I follow her.

She settles on a park bench, closes her book, and gazes into the sunrise. The world is my shadow now. I creep out of my hidden observatory, slithering closer to her. She senses me. I feel her heart racing, sense her inner panic. But I am quick and transcend in the darkness. She rubs the nape of her neck and looks around, but no one sees me until I am ready to be seen. I’m not ready yet. One last lingering look into her depths before the panic overwhelms her. I breathe in deeply, reveling in the scent of her lifeline. With her heart beating in hyperdrive, she jumps up and makes a break for the street. She’s ready. I’m ready.

I know she can feel me growing closer and closer to her. She looks back, no one is there, certainly not me. Too easy. When she turns back around to the path in front of her the path is blocked. She becomes an instant statue rivaling the most magnificent of greek artistry. Her hazel eyes are full of knowing fear. I breathe her in, drawing closer still. Close enough to touch nose to nose. I pull in her gaze further, intensifying her fear. She knows who I am, and that excites me. She knows what I am capable of, and yet she is standing perfectly frozen for me. Her terror so great she may as well stand in wet cement with her head tilted aside, waiting for me to divulge in the sweet aroma she emits. An aroma that seeks its prey and traps it in a manipulating twist of wills. I embrace the will of the darkness. I am at home in the will of the ominous forces that created me.

The bolting pulse in her neck breaks the gaze. Her bulging veins hypnotize me. Closing in, I softly caress her ears with my words. “Alone at last.” Her eyes grew even bigger still, I pulled back, my smile revealing my macabre intentions. I circle around her, curious. I guess a part of me wishes she would run. She doesn’t. I release my fangs from their cage and she finally takes a step back. Then another step back and another. I stalk steadily forward, looming over her. She turns to run and I am there. Again, she turns a different direction and she is yet again nose to nose with me. Panting, she stops, clearly planning her next move. I let out a breathy laugh, amused she thinks she has a chance. It only makes the chase more fun.

Before she has a chance to move I move in. I sink my teeth into her soft skin, piercing her veins. Her skin tenses, but she makes no sound, merely an asphyxiated gasp. I close my eyes and let her flavor marinate. I pull her closer to my body and drink in more of her. With one last breathy gasp, her body melts in my arms. I squeezed her tighter, pulling into her body, completely withdrawn in her essence. I drank more and more of her delicious fear and purity. I drank and drank until I had my fill. I dropped her there on the ground and laughed as I dipped back in the deep shadows.

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