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Here's chapter one from Another Small Bang, that will bring everyone plenty of good laughs
Just another Small Bang

         There have really been a lot of co-workers who wanted to see yet a third book written and published about the former Widget factory. After I wrote my first two E-Books "The Small Bang Theory" and "Echo's of a Small Bang" I was a little skeptical about starting a third book. However, stories did keep coming in with more of Stinky and Little Henry's adventures that still had plenty of good laughs. So what the heck, let's go ahead and start our third journey with Little Henry's many different back up plans.

         Just like in the past Little Henry was just aimlessly hanging around in the front of his house. So as Little Henry's buddy Stinky was walking on by he felt he had to ask, "Why are you waiting around here Henry?" Little Henry said, "I'm waiting for my family to get here from out of town." Stinky smiled and said, "They have already landed Henry." Little Henry smiled back and replied, "Very funny, that saying is as old as back in the day when Pluto was just a pup." Stinky said, "Did you go out last night to eat at that new restaurant?" Little Henry replied, "Yup!" Stinky said, "How is that new restaurant?" Little Henry said, "I had a very interesting waitress who was always there for me." Stinky said, "How's that Henry?" Little Henry answered, "She told me that she'll always be with me in spirit, even when she's off somewhere else arguing with another customer or waitress." Stinky said, "Interesting waitress, and how is your family getting here?" Little Henry said, "They are actually supposed to arrive really soon by car. At least that is plan A." Stinky scratched his head and said, "What if plan A doesn't work?" Little Henry said, "If plan A doesn't work then there are another 25 letters to work with."

         The conversation continued with Stinky saying, "I would be very interested in hearing about all of these different back up plans." Little Henry said, "Let's just wait a moment for plan A to work." Stinky said, "Alright then, I'll wait here with you Henry." Little Henry said, "Why do you want to hang around here Stinky?" Stinky said, "I want to meet your sister, and see what she looks like." Little Henry said, "My sister looks just like me, but she doesn't have a mustache." Stinky replied "That's too much information Henry." So our two heroes stood patiently on the sidewalk looking up street in the horizon for a familiar car.

         After waiting for a while Stinky finally had enough of the nonsense and said, "Henry it's now time for one of your other 25 brilliant plans. What exactly are they?" Little Henry said, "We saw plan A Already isn't working so well. So plan B is Being here for them when they pulled up in their car. Plan C is Calling them up to see where the heck they are at. If they don't answer any of their cell phones then plan D is Dealing with waiting a little bit longer for them."

         Gathering his thoughts Stinky said, "Okay Henry I get it. You have made up a plan to go with every single letter of the English alphabet." Little Henry said, "That is correct." Stinky said Okay then what's your plan F, and plan G?" Little Henry said, "Plan F is Focusing on their arrival, and plan G is Getting my family here at a good time," Stinky said, "Very good then. What's your plan L, M, and N going to be?" Little Henry said, "Plan L is Looking around back for them. Plan M is Making sure that I didn't miss them, and plan N is Never giving up."

         With no end in sight to this interesting talk Stinky replied, "This is unbelievable. Okay Henry what is Plan P?" Little Henry said, "Plan P is Peeking around the other corner to see if they have arrived yet." Stinky said, "What's your plan S Henry?" Little Henry said, "Plan S is Staying around until they get here." Stinky said, "Don't tell me plan T is for the Twilight Zone television show." Little Henry said, "No." Stinky said alright what is plan W?" Little Henry said, "Plan W is Waiting some more." Stinky said, "It will be interesting to hear what you came up with for plan X." Little Henry said, "I couldn't figure out one for good old plan X."

         Finally taking a deep breath Stinky exclaimed, "Then I guess you couldn't figure out one for plan Z either Henry." Little Henry said, "No plan Z was easy to figure out." Stinky said, "Okay Henry what was your plan Z?" Little Henry said, "After the first 25 different plans didn't work out plan Z was simply to go inside, lay down on the bed, and catch some Zzz's, because by now they aren't showing up." Stinky said, "That's okay Henry. After thinking about it I really didn't want to see your identical twin sister with or without a mustache."

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