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Here's chapter 3 from Another Small Bang, that will bring everyone plenty of good laughs
Hurricane Ready

         There were actually 21 names total on the 2017 national hurricane list, which turned out to be a very active hurricane season over the past few years. Especially when it came to the names of these super storms that some of my co-workers also have. That is unless your name is Ammanda, and spelled with two M's, however there were plenty of other co-workers who's name made the big list this time around. First on that list there was hurricane Irma, which is actually Boo Boo's given birth name. Nobody will ever argue the fact that Boo Boo drives a forklift like an out of control category five hurricane. Especially when Boo Boo is running to push a big red emergency stop button after she drops an entire dumpster into a running trash compactor. The next storm, named after a co-worker, that came along was good old hurricane Nate. However the real life Nate was especially quiet about his hurricane namesake, hoping that it wouldn't end up being a big news story in reality.

         Jose was also on the list, but he wasn't the least bit happy about that. He says that he never gave the creators of this list his permission to use his name, and they should remove his name immediately. Jose was just being difficult and it's not like he's the only person in the world with that name. Finally on this famous list there was hurricane Tammy. The real life Tammy Whammy, unlike Nate or Jose, was actually very excited to finally see that her name made the official national hurricane list. She waited along time and for many long years for this big opportunity in life, however sadly it doesn't look like there will be enough hurricanes this year to get to her name on the list. One name that didn't make the hurricane list was that of little Henry. However little Henry never had a problem with making an appearance just like a hurricane.

         Speaking of little Henry whenever he's busy now he just simply tells people, "I'm working here!" After all nobody would want to interfere with that sort of thing in life. Little Henry is simply just making widgets, and it's not like he's involved with trying to discover a cure for cancer. Getting out to the job on time for little Henry is another story. It seems that little Henry has to stop and talk to every single person on his way out to the job. It's just like he's falling out of a tree and hitting every single branch on his way down to the ground. One day little Henry told everybody that he finished his job in record breaking time. What actually happened was it turned out that the battery in his watch died and all it was is his watch stopped working. A lot of people really wonder how little Henry got this job. For little Henry to get this job, instead of a traditional interview, little Henry simply had to complete an obstacle course in a very gracious set amount of time. To prepare for this obstacle course little Henry watched American Ninja Warrior twice a week on television, which believe it or not wore him out.

         Short people like little Henry are always cranky when they are hungry. It's most likely because they are closer to the ground. Lunchtime is always interesting at the widget factory. Some folks brown bag it with a bagged lunch of a couple of PB&J or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. There are other co-workers who bring children's meals like a happy meal with smiley faced potato bites. You'll find those in the break room who are eating genuine Texas toast made by the New York bakery for lunch, which is really crazy. One thing you never want to do is ask little Henry what he's having for lunch. The last time I asked him he said he was eating imported food. It turned out that it was nothing more then imported Italian brick fired pizza crust, which was how the manufacturer worded it.

         One interesting past-time that little Henry likes doing is removing all of the labels off of the can goods when he first gets home from the grocery shopping. I made the mistake one day of asking him why he does that, and he told me so that it would be a surprise what he is going to have for dinner that night. Little Henry said he also likes to guess what he's going to have for dinner. After all just like a broken clock even little Henry can be right twice a day. In closing another thing that you never want to ask little Henry is if he has a cold. The last time I asked he responded why. When I said it was because his nose was running, he quickly replied that his nose can't run because it's attached to his face.

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