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Here's chapter six from Another Small Bang, that will bring everyone plenty of good laughs
The Little Blue Easter Egg

         Little Henry didn't just get to be weird with age, it all started off a long time ago in his youth during his younger years. A long long time ago little Henry was really little, and his little buddy Stinky was nowhere as stinky as he is today. Little Henry and Stinky grew up together in the same neighborhood and went to the same schools together. They both started their first day of school at the newly built Gunpowder elementary school way out in the boon docks of the county. That first year they spent just about as much time in the classroom together as they did the principal's office. That first year of school sailed on by for the two buddies, and before they knew it Easter time rolled around.

          The two boys did everything together. This included every activity from opening Christmas presents to Easter egg hunts. As every Sunday both families went to church together, and on this particular Easter Sunday there was the annual Easter egg hunt prior to the church service. When the Easter egg hunt was concluded both of the boys got oversized Easter baskets. They could look at them, but they couldn't start eating any candy out of the baskets until after church. The smart set of parents weren't going to take any chances with little Henry or stinky having a sugar infused rush going on in the middle of a church service.

         Dressed in their Sunday best both Stinky and little Henry had planned and conspired to go to the restroom at the same time, and play hooky from church. Once out of the eyesight of their parents they ran past the restrooms and straight out the back door. Both of the boys ended up out in the parking lot, and neither of them knew what they were going to do. Then it happened. Both boys saw an elderly man in a nice suit and a top hat over by some bushes on the side of the parking lot. They saw him reach into one of the bushes and pull something out. He then motioned to the boys to come on over.

         Stinky and little Henry ran on over to the gentleman as fast as they could. When they got over to him they were both out of breath. He smiled and said, "I found a little blue Easter egg, that someone must have lost during an Easter egg hunt." The boys watched as he slowly opened his hand to reveal a small lightly colored blue egg. Little Henry said, "It's one of those little candy whoppers in the form of a candy covered chocolate Easter Egg. It must have been missed by everybody in the Easter egg hunt" Stinky said, "I don't know about that Henry." Little Henry said, "I know it is. I have a few of them in my Easter basket next to my Brach's jelly beans, and Little Peeps. A matter of fact Hershey's makes those little candy eggs."

         The two boys argued back and forth for a few minutes while the gentleman looking confused still held onto the little blue egg. Stinky was convinced that it wasn't a piece of candy and little Henry was positive that it was a candy egg. It seemed that nothing was going to stop this argument, when all of a sudden little Henry grabbed the little blue egg from out of the man's hand and threw it into his mouth. Both the surprised man and stinky stared at little Henry as he crunched it up between his teeth. Little Henry knew right away when he bit into the crunchy little egg that it wasn't candy. Stinky said, "Well Henry, how did it taste?" Little Henry replied, "It was slimy, silky and buttery with a crunchy shell on it. That wasn't candy." The old man said, "That's because it was a robin's egg you silly boy." Stinky was laughing as little Henry was spitting it right back out as quickly as he could into the bushes. The action was really getting ready to start as both sets of parents came out the back door of the church in search of their children.

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