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Kevin's best friend is a nano-bot derived android! And she can travel in time and space
In a small unassuming house on the outskirts of the town of Copperton. A young woman of Veitnemesse decent was possing in front of a full-length mirror in a swimsuit.

"Whose got the greatest bod?" Veronica said to herself proudly. "This girl!"

Then out of the floor emerged a silver mannequin-like figure that looked almost identical to Veronica. "Veronica, why do you insist on doing this?"

"Oh Vestigo," Veronica said to her doppelganger. "A girl has a right to enjoy herself... and besides." Then her abdomen started to grow a six-pack. "I've got a date with Kevin, might as well be presentable."

"And I also said that MY nanobots are not a toy," Vestigo said, Veronica's abdomen returned to normal. "Besides, Kevin likes you... and you him. Regardless of physical appearance."

"But I want muscles!" Veronica whined. "They'd make me look cool!"

"You've lived a full life without pronounced abdominal muscles. You can live without them." Vestigo said curtly. "Now if you'll excuse me, I must attend to the functions of the ship."

Several minutes later, Kevin arrived at the house. Veronica greeted him in her normal clothes. Black leather jacket, black skirt, black leggings, and black boots. "So... are we on for this V?" He said, still bewildered that one of his best friends turned out to be a nanobot based gynoid. But altogether, sweat on the beautiful young woman.

"Oh, yes we are," Veronica said coyly. "You ready to go to the indigo beaches of Z'arica 7?"

"I'd settle for a day at the beach that isn't on an alien planet," Kevin said anxiously. "But... it looked unique."

"Come on in." Veronica led Kevin inside of the house. "Vestigo, ready transit to Z'arica 7." She and Kevin then went through an out of place door into a chamber that was three stories tall, lined by giant glass tubes filled with grey nanobots. In the center was

"Begining temporal relocation," Vestigo said, the ship then rocked as it proceeded to travel through time and space.

"You know," Kevin said as he grabbed onto a railing. "You really should install some kind of shock-absorber on this thing."

"The stabilizers were damaged when my creators stranded me on Earth," Vestigo said. "I would have acquired them by now, but that would require going to an Oh'diin controlled world and time period. They would be able to detect that something is wrong with me, and try to... correct me." She said.

"And that would result in both me and Vestigo being... killed basically," Veronica said grimly.

Kevin then realized the full weight of what he just said. "Oh... I'm sorry it's just that-"

"It doesn't matter, you didn't know," Veronica said, eventually the ship stopped shaking.

"We have arrived at the designated time and place. Z'arica 7, during the time of the First Great Galactic War." Vestigo said.

"Well, that sounds pleasant," Kevin said sarcastically.

"Oh relax, the war didn't come anywhere near this planet!" Veronica said excitedly as the door opened. "And don't worry this planet has an Earth-like atmosphere." She said as they exited the ship. They were on a beach, the sands were colored a deep royal purple. Along with the water, and the sky.

"Wow..." Kevin said in awe as he looked up at the sky, seeing the gas giant this world orbited.

"Yeah... it's breathtaking." Veronica said, she then used her nanobots to change her clothes to a black two-piece swimsuit. "Now let's get in the water!" She then rushed into the purple colored water.

"Just remember," Vestigo said, her drone form standing on the porch of the house. "I will be scanning the area to make sure that this area is safe. If I find anything amiss, I will bring you both back inside of my vessel and we will return to Earth." She then merged with the nanobots that served as cover for her pod.

Kevin then followed into the water after Veronica. For the first hour, they spent splashing each other in the calm sea. For the second hour, they dried off and went exploring in the nearby jungle, collecting flowers... and avoiding the ones that proved to be alive, with Kevin putting at least one of the flowers into Veronica's hair. For the third hour, they returned to Vestigo's pod ship and had lunch.

"You know... after that whole mess with the Silver Angel, and that time you dragged me to that desert planet with the giant worms. I thought that this trip would be a total bust." Kevin said.

"Hey!" Veronica said. "It's not my fault that the new Time and Space Displacement Circuit has teething problems."

"Affirmative," Vestigo said. "If I could safely require working parts, these malfunctions would no longer be an issue- Warning: I'm picking up Oh'diin life signs, north of our current possition.."

"WHAT?!" Veronica yelled in surprise. "Vestigo I thought you said this planet didn't have anyone on it!"

"I did... clearly, my records are incorrect," Vestigo said. "Though why there here is troubling."

"I want to see one!" Kevin said, he then ran off to the north. And was stopped by a nanobot tentacle grabbing him by the ankle.

"Negative," Vestigo said harshly. "I will not allow you to put your life at needless risk simply to satisfy your curiosity."

"But I want to see them!" Kevin said.

"So would I... you've never really told me anything about the Oh'diin beyond just them being evil," Veronica said. "You've never even shown me a picture of one."

Vestigo just let out a digital sigh in resignation. "Very well... but I insist stealth." Vestigo then brought both Veronica and Kevin inside of her pod. It shook again, though only briefly. "Now we are at the Oh'diin's location." She then formed a suit completely enclosing around Kevin's body. "This suit will provide you with an advanced stealth field to hide you from the Oh'diin."

Kevin looked over the black skin-tight suit, thankfully there was an internal visor that allowed him to see around him. "Well if it gives you peace of mind, I'll go along with it." He said.

"And I'm coming with you!" Veronica said, then she merged her nanobots with Kevin's suit.

Kevin felt weird as his girlfriend became one with his stealth suit. "Uh... V... you mind explaining why you wouldn't just follow me?"

Then an image of Veronica appeared on his visor. "Well one, it's easier for us to keep each others backs. And second... I like to be close to my friends when I can manage." She said flirtatiously.

"Lucky me..." Kevin said, blushing wildly. He then left the pod ship.

"I will assist if you run into trouble. But we cannot risk disrupting the time stream. There is no telling what chaos could happen." Vestigo warned.

The stealth field on Kevin's stealth suit activated. And, following the scans on his visor. Went, and found the Oh'diin. "Oh... these guys are ugly," Kevin said as he saw the Oh'diin, they had long lanky limbs, complete with a long pillar-like head with a single giant eye stalk protruding from the top.

"No arguments here... yech!" Veronica said in disgust.

Then the Oh'diin started talking. "Rejoice! Our device has functioned properly!" One of them said.

"I was wrong to have doubted you blood-kin!" A second Oh'diin said.

"I am surprised that it did not destroy the universe!" The first Oh'diin said. "What shall we call this magnificent vessel?"

"Why not after you, Vaa'stago?" The second Oh'diin said.

Kevin then had an epiphany. "Wait... doesn't that sound like-"

"Vestigo?" Veronica finished, she then gasped. "We're already finishing each other's sentences!"

"Yes... but more to the point." Kevin said. "That might be the original Vestigo pod!"

"Affirmative," Vestigo spoke up. "That pod is the original prototype. It does not have either nano-bots or a dimensional transcendental interior. It is simply a very powerful time machine." She explained.

"I'm going to assume that whatever those really big words meant, it was why a three-story chamber fit into a pod about the size of a wardrobe," Kevin said.

"It is... and it is a historic moment we are bearing witness to," Vestigo said with awe.

"...did you know this would be here?" Kevin asked.

"Negative, there were secrets that the Oh'diin kept even from me and my fellow Vestigo's," Vestigo said.

"So... we're good here?" Veronica asked.

"Yeah... I've seen enough of these freaks." Kevin said as the Oh'diin started vomiting black liquid at each other as they left. "Besides... I think we've exhausted everything we can do here."

"Affirmative. Before the Oh'diin arrived you had exhausted all logical activities that could be performed for your date." Vestigo said.

"Thankfully you can't age while temporally displaced," Veronica said. Eventually, Kevin returned to the pod ship. And his suit disintegrated.

"Setting course back to Earth." The pod shook, and several minutes later. The pod ship returned to being disguised as a seemingly ordinary house. "We have returned at the exact point in time from when we left."

"Now comes the not-fun part of our visits," Veronica said as Kevin left the pod ship, and she manifested in the living room. "I give you some notes for your nanobot research."

"But I like these!" Kevin said. "And it helps me with my college classes."

"And I understand that," Veronica said. "However... I find the specific's of the sciences behind Oh'diin nano-bots boring." She complained as a whiteboard manifested from the floor.

Three hours later, Kevin returned home. At home were both of his parents were waiting. "So... how was your date with V?" Kevin's mom asked sweetly.

"Pretty good actually," Kevin said.

"Did you go to some alien moon?" Kevin's dad said sarcastically. Kevin looked incredulous, as every time he returned home since he started visiting Veronica. His dad would sarcastically guess what he did... and accurately guess what he did while adventuring in time and space with Vestigo.

"I took notes on what Veronica could tell me about nanobots, and made a few designs of my own," Kevin said, his mom then hugged him.

"Oh, my little Kevin is making friends again!" Kevin's mom said.

Meanwhile back at Vestigo's ship pod. Veronica was getting. "You know Vestigo... I still can't thank you enough for giving me a second chance at life." She said.

"You have thanked me approximately ten-thousand seven-hundred and eleven times," Vestigo said. "And in turn, I thank you for making my exile on Earth... pleasurable."

"And Kevin... I never would have met him if I hadn't met you." Veronica said as she transformed into a featureless silver mannequin.

"Yes... Kevin is a fascinating individual." Vestigo said as Veronica got under the sheets. "When you suggested that we reveal our true nature to him, I had my doubts about his reaction... I am grateful that I was wrong."

Veronica giggled. "I'll be honest... I was scarred by the idea of Kevin rejecting us. But I'm glad that he was open to me, being a consciousness that was part of a colony of sentient nanobots."

"And I am pleased that you and Kevin have established a companionship," Vestigo said.

"Yeah... he's a swell guy," Veronica said. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be stepping out for the night." She then left the house, moving about the town from the rooftops at blinding superhuman speeds. 'Out on patrol Kevin, hope the lesson wasn't too boring.' She texted.

Eventually, Kevin answered. 'It wasn't... a bit complicated, but I think I got the basics down. I'll be going to bed soon anyway. Next time, we should try doing the lessons out of time... might be interesting.'

'I'll run it by Vestigo.' Veronica said as she thwarted a bank robbery. 'She might say no though... it is her vessel after all.'

'Well, either way, I'll see you tomorrow for wings. Goodnight babe.' Kevin answered.

'I love you too Kevin.' Veronica said, all in all, it was a fairly normal day for Kevin and Veronica.
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