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by Paul
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Fantasy · #2219105
Stella has a problem with her friend.
         “Hey, Stell, ca’mere!”
         “How many times do I have to tell you, my name is STELLA, not Stell. I hate that nickname, in England it’s a pen for sheep. I am NOT a sheep!”
         “Okay, okay, I’ll try, but, look here, I found a secret passage!
         “How do you know it’s secret?”
         ”Well, duhh, I found a lose pin in that candle holder thingy and when I took it out this panel popped open. It’s a passage and it was hidden, so secret! Get it?”
         “God, you think I’m as dense as you. It’s called a Sconce, not a candle holder thingy.”
         “Dense? Whatever. Let’s take a look, there could be treasure!”
         “Sometimes I think you quit growing up around 12.”
         “What're you talking about, I’m 22?”
         “I know what your age is, it’s your mind I’m talking about.”
         “But… ohh never mind, let’s check it out!.”
         “Barry, I am not going into that spider and probably rat infested dark place.”
         “Ca’mon, Stell… a, it’ll be fun.”
         “You go right ahead, I’m not. I’ll probably still be here when you decide a treasure hunt was a bad idea.”
         “Okay, but you’ll be sorry if I find a pile of money or jewels and I don’t give you any. Wait here, I’ll go get the treasure and show you.”
         “Uhh… kind of chillish in here.”
         “Huh… okay, whatever, back in a flash with the cash.”
         “You'll see… GAAAHHH… crap…WHAT THE… EEEEEEE…”
         “Whoah, you came back in a hurry. Where’s the cash?”
         “It looked like a library, but all there was left is shredded paper. A couple spider webs got me and when I turned the light up a foot wide spider jumped at me with dripping fangs!”
         “God! Foot wide? Dripping fangs? What childish, fear driven fantasy.”
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