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this years easter with the covid virus
In a blink of an eye everything has changed
Easter 2020 the world is not the same
Disease and death are in the news
Schools have closed, empty pews
caught off guard, who is in control?
Fear and uncertainty take their hold.
Business close, jobs are few
Money dries up, times are new
Boarders are closed, curfews in place
People in their houses, or hiding their face
Theories abound, lots of fake news
Leaders trying, to impose their views
Man sits back and tries to understand
Is this the work of gods hand?
The message is clear, we want more then what we need
god help us learn, to lose our greed
The simplicity of life was not enough
Balancing it all had become very tough
Time to sit quiet and hear the small voice
Keep life simple, we all have a choice
What was important, is now something new
The world is seeing a different view
Back to normal I pray we never go
Running back and forth , to and fro
The things we took for granted have been taken away
We miss our friends and family
Freedom is limited we do what we're told
Hoping that the virus doesn't take hold
We have all the answers if we listen close
Who do you, trust the most?
Happy Easter , easy words to say
The bunny or the egg, which ever you may
Christ died on the cross the reason for this day
Although you have the choice to trust whom you may
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